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About Mobisoft

Mobisoft Infotech is a mobile, web and cloud based solutions provider that brings forth innovative mobility solutions to resolve business problems that in many ways has opened new doors of sales strategies.

It has helped in creating unique and better ways for salespeople to engage and sell to their customers, while increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and streamlining the process through mobility.

About Mobisoft


NASA Space Health Challenge

NASA Space Health Challenge and National Space Biomedical Research Institute Winner, 2014

KEANE AWARD for excellence in e-Lawyering

KEANE AWARD for excellence in e-Lawyering, 2014

CES Best Energy Monitoring App

Best Energy Monitoring App at Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas, 2012

Houston Business Journal 2014 Fast 100 Company

Awarded 8th Fastest growing company by Houston Business Journal, 2014


Case Studies

Selling More with Mobility Solution

Mobile solutions have the potential to create dramatic benefits for a sales organization. Effective planning and then executing a strategy that is focused on the sales representative and customer experience through alignment with existing process, methodologies and technology, is critical to help drive success.

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Discipline Building Solution for the Sales Team

Me2b is a self development tool for success that nurtures discipline among professionals to transform their goals into reality.

The solution has been built keeping behavior science at it's core to impact corporate habit building through analytics and customized tracking. It features pre-configured libraries, reminders, competitions, manager support, and also runs on personal choice and focus.

Midtown Athletic Club

Sales Automation Solution for Fitness Club

The solution has been essentially built for Midtown Athletic Club to remove all system dependencies making the entire sales process centralized and automated.

It manages the many heads of the system such as membership management, lead management with a host of features to add. Checking the trainer’s credentials, taking a virtual tour of the place, signing the contract, convenient payment options, membership card generation, are a few to name. | Distribution Enterprise

OPAL Mobile

Sales & Maintenance Service App Tool for Precision Door

Precision Door is an organization in the business of overhead garage doors. The organization operated its servicing business through traditional telephone calls and toll free number route for long.

To enhance the efficiency and promptness of its servicing team, it went for a custom build app for its servicing team. The Mobisoft Infotech team helped the transition from the conventional system to the tablet.

Catalog Pulse

Helping Remote Sales Team to Exhibit Product Information

Professionally showcase product presentations, videos, and brochures, and ensure everyone has the most current marketing materials

  • Spend less time looking for the right product information.
  • Have more engaging sales conversations.
  • Access any type of sales collateral online or offline.
  • Be more productive before, during, and after a sales conversation.

Lindquist Steel

Superior Service Solutions for the Tooling and Metal Industry

  • The Lindquist Steels’ “Tool Steel Selection Guide” represents an easy to use reference guide for tool makers, engineers, tool designers, and anyone interested in the proper selection and utilization of tooling materials.
  • The purpose of the app is to help better serve the tooling & metal industry in selecting the best material possible for each individual job.
  • This app has generated roughly 12% of total sales.

SalesForce Integrations

PB already enabling the Salesforce platform with global Dedup technology, as well as the Geolocation. Proven for scalabilty, flexibility and quality of results.

MI brings industry experts for specific technology integrations to deliver best of Mobility driven solutions. MI partner Pitney Bows powered the delivery of Salesforce Dedup:

Duplicate Alerts Prevention module is currently in Beta stage with selected few customers including ADP.

With Salesforce SalesCloud the foundation, MI partnering with Pitney Bowes to ensure the absolute best integration potential, both from performance and relationship perspectives.

PitneyBowes Dupes

SalesForce Integrations

Users always used to rely on apps on the AppExchange to prevent the creation of duplicates, but Salesforce itself didn’t offer any tools to prevent the creation of duplicates… until now. Announced in the Admin Zone, Dedupe will allow admins to define matching rules and set alerts to warn users when they’re creating a possible duplicate.

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Mobisoft Thank You Thank you for the presentation opportunity ADP team.