The demand for recipe box delivery platforms across the globe is on the rise since the past few years. This is turning out to be a quite effective source for the people who love cooking fancy, fresh, exotic cuisines in their kitchen. It is also a time-saving option that brings all the required ingredients at your doorstep, along with the recipe for the meal you chose. It thus saves the customer from going to different stores, collecting, and selecting the fresh ingredients. Besides, ingredients that are packed in the recipe box are well-measured and limited, which saves the wastage.

The first recipe box service was started in Sweden in 2007. With raging popularity and acceptance among the people, the service was adopted by many companies around the world later.

The Cookaway is one such unique meal-kit delivery service in the UK that offers healthy and crafted recipe boxes at their doorstep, with a recipe card.


To build customer experience, and automate the operation using technology.


Platform with a few easy and quick steps to let the users place their orders for the personalized recipe box. Now, the client could choose from the variety of menu in the recipe box from different regions, including Italian, Indian, and Healthy. Besides, several other cuisines will also be launched soon for the users to savor.

Each type of recipe is given by experienced chefs who are experts in their niche. Moreover, the user could now customize the cuisine based on the type, and ingredients from vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The solution would also allow the users to exclude some of the ingredients that they do not need.

It also gives an option to include add-ons such as wine, desserts, or side dishes. Once the user would finish adding items to the cart, he could easily checkout and make the payments.

The Cookaway is one of its kind platforms in the UK, giving it an edge over its competitors. Besides, the platform and the service are rated with 5-stars by 100% of the users.

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