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Life at Mobisoft

Technology is our staple

Technology is a staple at MI. We eat, love and worship this T. In fact it is this T that keeps us lean, mean and agile to take on the dynamics of mobile app development.

Growth is in-built

Learning and growing are the pre-requisites to success at MI – both for the company and the crew. Competency, capability and performance is recognized for its worth, whether you are a new member or a salt and pepper veteran. MI crew members get to roll up their sleeves and work on bleeding edge technology. Every member gets to work on projects that push his limits, challenge him and grow him professionally.

Empowered crew

MI is an equal opportunity employer. A flat structure and two-way lines of communication make work goal-oriented, smooth and easy. Decision- making and client-interface are not the prerogatives of the seniors. We believe in an empowered team and transparency in project goals. Every member of the crew is actively involved in the feasibility study, architecture design and client interactions.

Training is a regular practice

The second T we obsess about is training. Training is a part and parcel of every MI crew member’s life. Planned training programs and impromptu ones are year-round regulars here. Technical training is complemented with business communication skills through fun workshops and exciting competitions.

What you can expect at MI

A typical Mobisoft year is spiced with project kickoffs, knowledge enhancing development cycles, app launches, entrepreneurial games, knowledge sharing sessions, communication workshops and company outings.

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