Custom Telemedicine Solution Suitable For All Healthcare Providers

Manage the multiple aspects of healthcare operations on a single platform.

Hospitals and Healthcare Centers

Hospitals and Healthcare Centers

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes

Create a more personalized experience and improve patient outcomes with telemedicine software for hospitals.

Clinics and Individual Practitioners

Clinics and Individual Practitioners

Offer Physician Video Call Consultation

Reduce your patients’ in-person follow-ups and help them connect with your physicians virtually through a telemedicine app.

Accelerate Medical Testing Process and Boost the Productivity of Your Healthcare Workforce with Digital Scanning Technology

Restructure the entire medical testing process - easily capture patient data such as patient ID, clinical notes, specimen data, and link to correct the patient record, export, or print the captured data via email using smart devices only.

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  • Scan any barcode or QR code on specimen collection tubes safely and without any error.
  • Get rid of manual data entry of medical tests and patient data.
  • Easy to integrate Scandit proven digital scanning technology in our HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution.
  • Streamline as well as simplify testing process either in-house or on-field with a mobile scanning app.
  • Capture, collect, and store data via smartphones in the patient record.
  • And a lot more to assist your healthcare team.

How It Works?


Requests on-demand consultation with a doctor (video, audio, or text).


Serves the patient’s needs online via the chosen channel.

Platform Admin

Administers all appointments and transactions happenings via the platform.

Booking doctor appointments online

On-demand Doctor Consultations Made Seamless

A well-built patient-provider relationship is the foundation for advanced patient care and reducing primary care costs. Telemedicine app development solution enables patients to see their doctor and leverage the expertise of specialists remotely.


Patients can easily sign up with their email or phone number and get started with the app.

Native Apps

The patient app is available for both Android and iOS devices, offering a very smooth experience.

Browse Doctors

Patients can search, select, and secure appointments with doctors based on location, disease, specialty, and ratings.

Doctor's Profile

View doctor’s qualification, certifications, reviews, and specialty. Patients can also mark them as favorite.

Book Appointments

Patients are able to view the doctor’s availability and book appointments accordingly.

Video Consultation

Patients can connect with the provider through two-way video communication.

Audio Consultation

An easy-to-use voice call option for patients to get connected with providers for consultation.

Secure Messaging

Patients can chat with the provider to check their health status in real-time.


A dedicated section for patients to access all their past appointments and the transactions.

Review and Ratings

Patients can select doctors based on real reviews and ratings provided by other patients.

provider App

Harness Technology to Help Millions of People Have Healthier Lives

Telemedicine software development helps providers strengthens relationship with existing patients and expand their patient base. It allows physicians to connect with the patients remotely and provide care.

Seamless Onboarding

Doctors can easily get started by signing in with email or phone number.

Create Profile

Doctors can add their experience, availability, qualifications, contact details, and testimonials within the app.

Manage Appointments

Doctors are able to view their entire schedule in one place. They can also add appointment manually and set a reminder on the go.

Manage Patients

Providers can view the list of their past and upcoming appointments with the activity records.

Appointment Reminders

Know who is requesting for appointment and reply accordingly from the app with multiple interaction options available.

Update Availability

Providers can set the availability calendar for appointment type and update available time slots for the selected date.

Share Prescription

Create prescription using a predefined form such as medicine name, medicine time, and share it with patients via email.

Integrated Billing

Doctors can charge and collect payment from patients after their remote visit.

Answer Queries

Providers get an opportunity to have continuous engagement with the patients by answering their queries from the app itself.

Monitor Feedback

Doctors can view patients feedback, get some useful stats, and improve their online practice.

admin panel

Make Quality Consultation and Medical Service Available to All

We empower you as the platform manager to view and control all aspects of the telemedicine operation and get custom integrations as per your specific requirements.

Powerful Dashboard

Get a bird's eye view of your online hospital with key stats and numbers like active engagements, patients, and providers.

Doctor/Provider Management

Manage registered doctors and healthcare providers and help them with technical support.

Patient Management

View and manage the details and updates from patients.

Reporting and Analytics

Get key insights into your telemedicine platform such as popular doctor categories and app installs.

Appointment Management

View all the booked, canceled, and completed patient-provider engagements.

Calendar View

View appointments for all the doctors in a visual layout on a calendar.

Notification Management

Configure notification settings for patients and providers to keep them updated.


Do More with Additional Features and Integrations

Check out the list of optional/premium features that you can get with custom telemedicine app development solution and benefit from depending on your business needs.

Video Session Recording

Both patients and providers can record their video sessions for future reference.

Multi-user chat

Integrated chat-functionality to allow providers to talk to patients or other physicians in real-time.

Treatment Notes

Healthcare providers can add progress notes, treatment, and evaluation for each session.

EHR Integration

Providers can document patient encounters, record audio/visual notes and digitally attach them to the patient’s health record.

Prescription and Medication Tracker

This feature allows providers to track the prescriptions and medication offered by them to certain patients.

Pharmacy Database

Healthcare providers and admin can easily access the Pharmacy Database from the telehealth system.

Digital Health Records

Securely upload, store, and share health reports and records with the doctors for better health assessment.

Personalized Patient Feed

Patients have a dedication section as a central hub to view updates from doctors, their medical records, and other health information to stay informed.

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Learn how we helped our client build a novel telemedicine solution

Telemedicine startup case study
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Provide Quality Online Healthcare Services To People of All Categories

Old lady in village

Rural Population

Help people from rural and far-off areas get remote health services without spending on physical medical infrastructure and doctors.

Woman on wheelchair

Physically Disabled

Empower people who find it physically challenged to make a personal visit to a doctor or hospital.

Make Healthcare Accessible And Affordable With A HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Platform

We help you take the first step towards your own telehealth business and make quality healthcare available to everyone.

Key Benefits Of Our Telemedicine Software Solution

Our open source telemedicine platform comes with several key advantages that make it suited for diversified client needs.

White Label & Customizable

A fully branded app with the option for new features, integrations, and enhancements as per your requirements.

Save Time & Money

Our telemedicine app developers will help you get started quickly with your idea.

Your Own Model

Building a telemedicine app can be done in multiple ways and we work with you to build it the way you want.

HIPAA Compliant

All information shared and stored within the system is fully encrypted as per HIPAA requirements.

Native Experiences

The solution includes native telemedicine apps for iOS and Android for a seamless experience.

Amazing UI/UX

The app and the web admin panel have been thoughtfully designed for an intuitive experience.

Go Global

We provide support for your preferred payment gateways with multi-currency support for global reach.

Robust & Scalable

We have used a powerful technology stack for a highly scalable telemedicine platform.

Full Support

We will work closely with you from finalizing the solution requirements to post-launch support.

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