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HIPAA Consulting Services for Organizations That Conduct Healthcare Transactions Electronically

We protect your organization from costly HIPAA violations by navigating you through compliance requirements related to privacy, security, breach notification, omnibus, and enforcement rules. HIPAA compliance is required for the following entities.

Healthcare Providers

Includes all providers of services such as hospitals, physicians, diagnostics, MCOs, etc.

Health Plans

Includes individual or group health plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, care insurers, etc.

Business Associates

Includes third-party administrators, CPA firms, payers clearinghouses, etc.

Healthcare startups

Includes healthcare technology startups dealing in telemedicine, online pharmacy, etc.

Our HIPAA Consulting Services

Enabling you to have a secure system in place to improve healthcare informatics and achieve HIPAA IT compliance goals.

HIPAA Regulatory Compliance Consulting

We help your organization achieve regulatory compliance by developing and implementing an actionable roadmap suitable to your needs. Our team provides strategic guidance on improvements as well as establishing an ideal framework to comply with HIPAA.

Security Auditing and Testing

We analyze the current state of security in your organization, including identifying the security loopholes, testing the security aspect, and reviewing the security document. This helps us in tracking the effectiveness of security measures and creating a new policy.

Security Risk Assessment Planning

Our team of HIPAA compliance consultants evaluates the security information, identifies critical assets, threats, and vulnerabilities impacting your organization. This helps us to eliminate unnecessary security threats by establishing a risk assessment plan.

Security Assessment Test Design

We help you uncover the potential vulnerabilities by initiating assessments aligned with HIPAA implementation. Also, employ a multifaceted approach for testing security control design to identify deficiencies and develop recommended mitigation strategies.

Disaster Recovery Plan Development

Our professionals assist you in the reconstitution process, from assessing system damages, addressing gaps to strengthening your breach response business capabilities by developing and implementing an effective disaster recovery plan.

HIPAA Policies & Procedures

We help you in implementing best practices to protect your PHI. We help you execute effective policies and procedures within a fraction of time to meet the HIPAA requirements related to privacy, security, notification, and enforcement rules.

Technical Testing Services

Our talented team of security experts improves your organization’s overall state of security by identifying system weaknesses through conducting various assessments such as vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, breach penetrations testing, etc.

Case Study

Learn how we helped MyHouseCall to build a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.


HIPAA Compliance Consulting Approach

We focus on identifying and correcting deficiencies by providing meaningful guidance that helps you achieve HIPAA compliance goals.


Understanding the business processes and identifying all the possible risks in the operating environment.


Determining the severity of risks on business processes, performing a gap analysis, and estimating the cost.


Conducting a series of tests to check security threats, vulnerabilities, or risk exposures to your business.


Providing risk management solutions to mitigate and control risks based on HIPAA compliance assessment results.


Monitoring the risk management system of your organization to ensure business continuity.


Our Deliverables

Our team creates comprehensive documentation of the entire assessment process - from defining the project scope, potential risks, remediation plan, to project accomplishments.

An executive summary of risk analysis

A document on security guidelines

A report on PHI database and logs

An actionable roadmap for risk management & remediation

A document on HIPAA compliance policies and procedures

A defined list of technical guidance & HIPAA compliance checklist

Reasons to Leverage Mobisoft’s HIPAA Consulting Services

To ensure confidentiality and availability of ePHI

To ensure your organization is fully compliant with HIPAA

To keep you protected from HIPAA violations

To transform a major vulnerability into a valuable asset

To meet the challenges of growing interoperability

To help organizations test the effectiveness of control measures

To provide full visibility into your organization’s highest risk or exposure

To help your organization maintain cyber resilience

Safeguard Your Protected Health Information with our HIPAA Consulting Services

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