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nemt dispatch software solution overview by mobisoft infotech

Streamline Your NEMT Services

Our cloud-based non-emergency medical transportation software solution can help transform your NEMT business.

nemt dispatch software benefits increase efficiency mobisoft infotech

Increase Efficiency

Achieve more with our NEMT dispatch software

Seamlessly receive patient transportation requests from hospitals and dispatch it to your NEMT fleet network.

nemt dispatch software benefits reduce costs mobisoft infotech

Reduce Costs

Save money by embracing NEMT technology

Digitize your medical transportation operations with a powerful NEMT software system for better ROI.

nemt dispatch software benefits improve service mobisoft infotech

Improve Service

Deliver a seamless medical transportation experience

Increase the reliability of your NEMT service for patients and caregivers to get reliable rides.

Solution Overview

A feature rich and comprehensive NEMT software solution to deliver fast and reliable medical transportation services.

nemt software solution admin panel by mobisoft infotech

Central Hub for NEMT Operations

Powerful dispatching, scheduling, billing and client management tools for medical transportation companies.

Equip your NEMT fleet with a feature-rich driver dispatch app and seamlessly assign jobs and track progress in real-time.

Automatically assign new service requests to nearby vehicles, schedule trips for clients with manual mode, plan routes for drivers and more.

Add new hospitals, clinics and medical transportation clients, edit information, search request history and more.

Create a dispatcher profile with selective access to the panel features and add multiple users to manage operations for you.

Get useful insights on your medical transportation service operations to make data-driven decisions.

nemt software solution driver app by mobisoft infotech

Make Your NEMT Fleet Truly Mobile

Native apps for your NEMT driver network to receive new pickup and drop requests either directly from the client or your manual dispatchers.

Your drivers will receive new dispatch requests in real-time for quick response and prompt service fulfillment.

Drivers can collect customer/nurse signatures at the patient pick up for trip acknowledgement.

Google Maps powered navigation feature for drivers to make seamless pickups and drops.

An in-app emergency button that can be used by drivers to inform the admin and relevant authorities when a situation demands.

Drivers can access their trip history, upcoming trips, ratings, earnings and more from a dedicated section in the app.

nemt software solution hospital admin panel by mobisoft infotech

Simply Patient Transportation Requests

Enable healthcare providers to easily book rides for their patients and staff from a centralized dashboard

The dashboard is easily accessible via any modern browser for the hospital management to book rides for their patients and staff.

Patient privacy is protected before, during and after each trip that providers requests to and from their hospital or clinic.

The dashboard can be used to book both real-time rides or schedule patient transportation for a later time.

Providers can be confident about their patients’ safety and with real-time trip notifications and any emergency alerts.

Generate automatic invoices for your hospital clients that they can view and pay from the panel itself.

nemt software solution patient interface by mobisoft infotech

Keep Patients in the Loop

Patients are notified via SMS alerts on any trip booked for them that includes the driver details, expected ETA and tracking URL.

Patients will receive text messages for all updates without needing to have an app.

A ride tracking link will be provided to the patients to track their medical taxi on a map.

You can get the SMS personalized with our NEMT company name, add your logo to the tracking page and more.

Allow patients or their caregivers to rate your NEMT transportation service experience from a feedback page.

Patients can connect with their healthcare provider or medical transportation service by using the provided contact details.

Serve Modern Day NEMT Needs

NEMT companies need to digitize their operations to meet the growing demand from healthcare providers for reliable medical transportation services for their patients. We can help you achieve that with a robust NEMT dispatch software solution.

Why Choose Our NEMT Solution?

Besides the rich feature set, our solution offers several key advantages for NEMT service providers.

Branded & Customizable

Offer branded interfaces for drivers, healthcare organizations, and patients to highlight your company brand.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is kept intact for every trip providers book for their patients to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Third Party Integrations

Support for additional third-party software that adds features on top of the base NEMT software.

Intuitive User Experience

Our design team has built user-friendly interfaces for each stakeholder in the NEMT system.

Robust & Scalable

A robust technology stack to build a scalable NEMT solution for your medical transportation business.

Dedicated Support

End-to-end support to deploy and integrate the NEMT software with your existing workflows.

Full Feature List

Our non-emergency medical transport software solution offers a robust feature list with customization options as per your business needs.

Easily Accessible

The web-based admin panel for NEMT providers is accessible from any modern browser.


A customizable dashboard screen that highlights all the important metrics in one place.

Manage Trips

Track all trip requests, manually create and edit new trips, track trip progress and more.

Manage Drivers

Tight integration of the driver dispatch app with the central admin system.

Manage Fleet

Add vehicle information to the system, track their availability, maintenance, etc.

Manage Clients

Add and manage your clientele for NEMT services from the client management section.

Dispatch Module

A robust dispatch module to manually or automatically assign new trip requests to drivers.

Manage Notifications

Configure notification settings for drivers, providers, patients and your team.

Manage Categories

Manage NEMT vehicle categories - ambulances, vans, cars, sedans, etc.

Set Pricing

Setup pricing for each category based on distance, time and other parameters.

Setup Hospital Panel

Configure the dashboard for your clients to ensure easy bookings and management.

Billing & Payments

Generate digital invoice for your clients and share it with them via mail.

Accept Payments

Manage payments for your business and drivers from the payments section.

Reporting & Analytics

Get useful stats and operational insights to facilitate data-driven decision making.

Native Apps

Your NEMT fleet will get native Android and iOS apps for best performance.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can go online/offline by using the availability toggle button.

Real-time Requests

Drivers receive new patient transportation requests in real-time on their app.

Nurse/Patient Signatures

Drivers can collect customer/nurse signatures at the time of patient pick up.

Route Navigation

Google Maps powered navigation for drivers to make seamless pickups and drops.

SOS Button

An in-app button that can be used by drivers for emergency alerts.


Easy access for drivers to their trip history, upcoming trips, ratings, earnings and more.

Provider Dashboard

Your hospital partners get a dedicated panel to request rides from your service.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is protected before, during and after each trip.

Seamless Scheduling

Providers can book real-time rides or schedule patient transportation requests.

Digital Invoices

Your NEMT customers get billed for their service usage in an organized manner.

Online Payments

Providers can settle bills for their service usage by making online payments.

Patient Tracking

Providers can track their patient rides on a map and receive important updates.

Patient Alerts

Patients receive SMS alerts for all updates without needing to have an app.

Patient Feedback

Patients can rate their transportation service experience from a feedback page.

Vehicle Choices

Your provider clients can pick the most appropriate vehicle as per the patient needs.

App For Admins

We can build a mobile app interface to manage your NEMT service on the go.

App For Providers

Offer your hospital customers with a mobile app for making bookings on the go.

Third Party Integrations

Supercharge your NEMT scheduling software with additional software tools.

Technology And Solution Architecture

Our non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software is built on a robust technology stack that is customizable as per your business needs.

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