DevOps Automation Services

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Combining the DevOps approaches, best practices, CI/CD processes, and transformative digital capabilities, we facilitate more effective ways to manage all aspects of your software development. Our DevOps engineers have proven expertise in DevOps and automation, DevOps architecture, DevOps infrastructure automation, DevOps automation testing, configuration management, deployment, continuous integration & continuous delivery (CI/CD), cyber security, and cloud migration.

Reap the Benefits of Our DevOps Automation Services

  • Speed up the process of building, deploying, monitoring, and delivery of your software
  • Create a collaborative culture with transparency, shared responsibility, and trust
  • Leverage the best DevOps automation tools for the whole team and manage unplanned work
  • Implement your own disaster recovery plan and ensure instant availability of DevOps services
  • Secure and stable environment with automated deployments
  • Out of the box DevOps solutions and services to complex problems

Our World-class DevOps Automation Services

Our profound knowledge, experience, and technical expertise in DevOps automation can help you simplify your DevOps transformation journey. We can help you at each stage of development and help you grow.

We help businesses in automating deployment processes across diverse environments. Our DevOps automation engineers allow you to launch new features and functionalities in your applications more quickly while managing CI/CD pipeline.

Accelerate the process of software building, testing, and deploying with our DevOps automation services and reduce errors or risks of deployments. Our certified DevOps engineers use cutting-edge DevOps automation tools for rapid deployment even in a complex IT infrastructure.

  • Automated installation, configuration, and setup of various types of servers
  • Package and deploy web applications using Docker containers
  • Deploy containerized applications in Kubernetes and other container-based services such as Amazon ECS, Amazon Fargate, Google Cloud Run, etc.
  • Manage and orchestrate serverless infrastructure
  • Automated deployments of various databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.
  • Autoscaling using Amazon auto-scaling groups
  • Traffic division across servers utilizing Amazon ELBs (Elastic Load Balancers)
  • Application modernization, fixes, and feature updates
Deployment Automation

Bridge the gap between your dev and ops teams through CI/CD pipelines. Continuous integration allows every source code check-in to be verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems at the earliest.

Our DevOps automation engineers help businesses build a collaborative environment where CI/CD practices provide seamless coordination, management, and maintenance of each configuration at each stage using an intriguing suite of automation tools.

  • Continuous integration with Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines, Azure Pipelines and other similar tools
  • Infrastructure as code using Terraform and Cloud Formation
  • Git server setup and management
Continuous Integration & Configuration Management

We provide deployment services to ensure that the architecture is highly available, scalable, and optimized for cost & performance. To achieve these goals, we provide the following measures:

  • Cloud orchestration and automation
  • Containerization strategy & architecture
  • Multi-zone and multi-region AWS deployments
  • Amazon Security groups and ACLs for secured network
  • Encrypted database and volumes
  • Traffic division across locations using Amazon Route53
  • Periodic database backups
  • Log management
  • Monitoring & production support
Deployment Services

Our DevOps automation engineers incorporate security into DevOps workflow using various automated testing tools. By proactively adopting testing and security principles, we help businesses focus on application risks along with the security issues and help them reengineer their operations. Our other DevOps test automation services include the following:

  • Penetration testing of the application
  • Testing automation
  • Load testing
  • Access control in AWS environments
  • Security, identity, and compliance
  • Managed access control logs
Testing and Security

Scalable & Reliable DevOps Tools and Other Technology Stack We Use


  • Jenkins
  • BitBucket Pipelines
  • Azure Pipelines
  • AWS Code Build
  • Kubernetes 7
  • Docker and Docker registries
  • Maven
  • Selenium
  • SonarQube


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • MS SQL Server

Configuration Managemen

  • Chef
  • PuppetLabs
  • Ansible

Code Management

  • BitBucket
  • GitHub
  • GitLab

System Monitoring

  • Amazon Cloud Watch
  • DataDog
  • Zabbix
  • Nagios


  • JUnit
  • TestNG
  • Selenium
  • Jmeter
  • Blazemeter

Content Delivery Networks

  • Amazon CloudFront
  • MaxCDN
  • Cloudflare

Applications & Web Servers

  • Tomcat
  • Apache
  • IIS


  • Bash Shell
  • Ruby
  • Perl
  • Python

Cloud Service Providers

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Digital Ocean

Technology Partners

Cloud Consulting for Powering Digital Transformation

Cloud Consulting for Powering Digital Transformation

Taking a consistent and fresh approach to bringing the most out of your cloud transformation journey. We help businesses tap the full potential of the cloud, optimize IT environments, automate functions, build cohesive teams, and expand virtually while eradicating inefficiencies of operating models. Our cloud DevOps consultants can help you launch innovative products and services with the right mix of industry know-how, technology stack, best practices for cloud transformation, and cloud engineering capabilities.

Explore Our Latest DevOps Projects with Big Brands


A HIPAA compliant platform to streamline and scale home-based medical care to individuals with multiple chronic conditions designed using tech stacks like Maven, Jenkins, and AWS cloud.

Global Sporting Event Transportation

Developed a secure and highly scalable cloud-based event transportation automation solution for the prestigious tennis tournament using AWS, Jenkins, and Maven with 24x7 support.

Recuro Health

Designed a HIPAA compliant digital healthcare solution using BitBucket Pipelines and MedStack to offer in-person proctoring and virtual proctoring services to healthcare professionals, and business associates.


A HIPAA compliant CI/CD setup designed to manage premium medication adherence data and related workflows using Google Cloud Serverless Platform (Google Cloud Functions).

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Extend your team with our talented DevOps automation engineers to build scalable digital solutions. With our DevOps consulting services, you can streamline the DevOps tasks, improve cross-functional collaboration, and move ahead to achieve your business goals faster.

Web Performance Matters!

Web Performance Matters

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