Event Transportation Software Solutions for Seamless Logistics

Smart Event Transportation Software System Designed for your Events

We provide you with an event transportation management software to eliminate all the hassle of transporting the attendees in an event.

Sports Events

Arrange seamless transport for the players/guests so that all they have to worry about is their game.

Award Ceremonies

Organize ideal transport for all the celebrities across the world by providing them with top-class luxury cars.

Corporate Events

Bring in your company’s guests to the venue with an event transportation automation solution in style and comfort.

Concerts and Shows

Make your judges, performers, and celebrities feel at home with your highly accurate and secure event transportation solution.

Special Events

Make all special events like weddings and engagements memorable, with a perfect event transportation service.


Arrange the best transportation service for important national and international press conferences.

Event Transportation Solutions

Experience seamless event logistics through Mobisoft's innovative event transportation software systems, granting you complete flexibility to curate meaningful travel experiences for attendees, participants, and event planners, simplifying transport operations effortlessly

Elevate Guest Experience with Event Transportation Solutions

Rely on our vip transportation system tailored to your event needs and facilitate easy accessibility, mobility, and a better experience for your guests.

  • Enable a secure and smarter way to register online and transform the booking experience.
  • Let them access the real-time event venue, routes, ETA, other ride details and book the journey anytime, anywhere.
  • Allow your guests to add any special instruction while booking or creating a journey request and support their travel choices.
  • Update them about the scheduled/ongoing rides and venues via sending notifications.
  • Protect the contact details of the VIPs by masking their contact numbers.
  • Allow raising a concern in case of any discrepancy or emergency during the ride.
  • Operate efficiently to serve as per your guests' priorities and enable safer journeys.

Enhance Chauffeur Experience with Event Transportation Software Systems

Realize your fleet management objectives through a custom VIP transportation software system, ensuring chauffeurs are informed about dispatch-assigned rides. Support event organizers, visitors, VIPs, participants, and team members at the venue with an efficient online booking system.

  • Simplify chauffeur registration with event transportation automation system, seamlessly implementing shift-based duties and providing essential information related to allocated rides.
  • Easily manage your fleet by allowing chauffeur to view the real-time booking details.
  • Let them recognize the shortest route to reach the destination, bypassing signals, traffic, and bad roads using the live map.
  • Get all the geo-location-based status updates like shifts, journey updates, histories, etc.
  • Streamline your booking system workflow to enhance fleet efficiency.
  • Allow them to call for an emergency in case of any last-minute issues.

Automate Operations with Event Transportation Software Systems

Maximize event transportation solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, tools, and seamless integrations to optimize every aspect

  • Capture the actionable insights of each event to maximize the operational efficiency through a live dashboard
  • Manage your fleets effectively by planning the trip for the guests and updating the driver about the pick-up and drop details.
  • Simply manage the essential details of your attendees, drivers, vehicles, journeys, and track any last-minute changes.
  • Manage a virtual boundary for your specified geographical area for better transparency and higher operational efficiency.
  • Monitor and track your vehicles in real-time. Log the details of every trip that is carried out along with its first pick-up and last drop-off for the event.
  • Optimize every aspect of event transport utilizing advanced technologies, tools, and integrations

Enhance Dispatch Efficiency with Mobisoft Infotech, Your Trusted Event Transportation Company

Take control of your entire event transport operations seamlessly with our event transportation software systems – manage ride scheduling for guests, assign rides to drivers, adapt to last-minute changes, and monitor vehicles, real-time locations, and driver behavior.

  • Manage multiple travel requests for each guest through an online booking system.
  • Create instant travel booking for your guests and provide accurate ride details.
  • Schedule the future ride in advance and ensure continuity of transport operations.
  • Display entire trip details in real-time on a map along with managing emergency situations efficiently.

Cutting-edge Event Transportation Automation Software

Mobisoft Infotech, as event transportation technology providers, combine technology with comfort, class, and care to deliver top-notch transportation for your event attendees.

Success Story


Showcasing successful management of transport operations for a prominent sports championship in the USA.

sucess stories

Choose the Right Mode of Transportation for Your Event Needs


Coach Bus

Luxury Car or Limousine

Business Van or SUV

Mini Bus


Value Proposition

Establish a reliable transport automation system for any event, utilizing Mobisoft Infotech, your trustworthy VIP transportation company’s advanced technology platform. Our solution is crafted to efficiently manage transportation logistics, diminish administrative workloads, automate critical processes, centralize communication channels, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Whether you're organizing a corporate function, a special event, or a VIP gathering for a transportation company, our platform guarantees smooth coordination and elevates the overall experience.

Hassle-free VIP Bookings

Our event transportation management solution will help you book luxury cars for your most awaited guests.

Live Dashboard

Get up-to-the-minute insights into your transport activities, track key metrics, and optimize the performance of your event transportation management system.

Live Maps

The innovative solution provides live navigation updates to all its users, with the easiest and the fastest route to the destination.

Security and Privacy

Our in-house team is dedicated to safeguarding your data as well as to complying with security standards and regulations.

Technology & Transport Expertise

Our profound knowledge, experience, and collaborative approach in delivering innovative event transportation solutions make us an ideal partner to advise you on your event transport needs.

Your Power BI Consulting Partner

As a Event Transportation Software Company, Here’s How We Can Improve Your Event Transportation Services

We believe in delivering efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable event transportation solutions by capitalizing on digital technologies. We can help you to:

Build an innovative and cost-effective transport automation system tailored to your event needs.

Equip your event planning and operations team with systems that deliver measurable outcomes.

Enable engaging and secure transport booking experience for your guests.

Develop highly intuitive designs and effective operational processes for immersive user experience.

Explore our other Digital Solutions

Discover our advanced, cost-effective, safe, and secure transportation solutions with higher return on investment.

Optimize Your Event Transport Operations with Our Best-in-class Event Transportation Software Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Certainly. Our event transportation management software incorporates route optimization features aimed at minimizing environmental impact. By efficiently planning transportation routes, it significantly contributes to sustainability objectives by reducing carbon emissions and overall environmental footprint.

Yes, our software is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different events. Whether it's adjusting schedules, accommodating varied locations, or integrating different transportation modes, our event transportation automation software offers comprehensive customization options to align with your event's specific needs.

Our software places a paramount focus on security and data privacy. We implement robust encryption measures to protect data both during transmission and storage, ensuring utmost confidentiality. Access controls, including role-based permissions and multi-factor authentication, are integral in our software to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, regular security assessments and audits are conducted to proactively identify and address potential vulnerabilities, in compliance with stringent data privacy regulations. Further, our event transportation software is designed with privacy-by-design principles, giving users control over their personal information.

Our software offers versatile deployment options such as, Cloud-based deployment (SaaS) for its flexibility and scalability On-premise deployment for greater control over infrastructure Hybrid models combining both approaches, Mobile app deployment for convenient on-the-go access Seamless integration with existing event management systems for enhanced collaboration. The choice of deployment depends entirely on your organization's specific requirements and operational preferences.

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive training programs tailored for event organizers and transportation staff. Our training sessions can be offered both onsite and online, covering various aspects such as software navigation, feature utilization, administrative functions, and customization options, these training sessions are supplemented with self-paced learning resources like manuals, video tutorials, and FAQs.

Yes, our software seamlessly supports managing multiple events concurrently. Each event can be individually configured within the system, allowing for customized settings, distinct routes, and logistics planning. This ensures that event organizers can efficiently coordinate transportation logistics for diverse events, maintaining a high level of control and adaptability across the board.

Absolutely. Our event transportation software offers robust support for different passenger privileges. Understanding that events often involve various attendee categories, each with unique transportation needs, our software allows for the creation of distinct passenger profiles and privileges. This enables organizers to tailor transportation services based on attendee types, whether it's VIPs, speakers, or general attendees, guaranteeing a personalized transportation experience for all attendees.

Yes, we offer white-labeled event transportation software that can be completely customized to reflect your brand identity. This customization ensures a seamless and consistent experience for your stakeholders. Showcasing the software under your brand name, logo, and styling, you can enhance brand visibility and create a cohesive and branded environment for users interacting with your custom event transportation system.