Field sales software and sales rep tracking app by Mobisoft Infotech

Transforming Field Sales Across Industries

Our field sales management software is customizable and flexible enough to empower field marketing and sales reps across verticals, from medical reps to insurance agents.

Pharma sales rep with customer

Pharma Manufacturing
& Distribution

Enhance Medical Rep Productivity

Simplify marketing and sales for your medical representatives by equipping them with a powerful field sales app.

Insurance agent with the customer


Assign and Track Daily Targets

Improve lead capturing, task allocation, customer service delivery and other tasks for your on-field sales agents.

Automobile sales agent with customer


Boost Sales Across Retail Touchpoints

Empower your field agents to market and sell products more efficiently by leveraging sales rep app features like e-cataloging.

How It Works?

A simple, smart and secure solution to enable field sales transformation for your digital enterprise.


Field sales reps use the app to get their daily target and task details.


You get a 360° view of all field sales activities from your back office.


Collect, analyze and leverage the data for actionable insights.

A Comprehensive Field Sales Automation Solution

Get an on-premise deployment of our field sales software solution with a feature-packed app for sales reps and a powerful web panel for admins.

Field sales rep app by Mobisoft Infotech

The perfect companion for your mobile workforce.

Branded mobile apps for your field sales and marketing teams that provide them with all the information and tools they need to perform their jobs with confidence. The apps enable constant connection and data flow between your back office and the agent in the field.

Native Apps

Seamless UI/UX and blazingly fast performance on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Task Dashboard

Field reps can view their daily tasks right on the app home screen and plan accordingly.

Location Sharing

Capture real-time GPS coordinates of your field employees and supervise more accurately.

Geo Attendance

Field reps can check-in for work from anywhere on the field along with location validation.

Visit Reporting

Field reps can record visit outcomes and follow-up tasks right from the app.

Expense Manager

Simplified employee expense reimbursement process with digital claim submissions.

Create Orders

Field agents can instantly take new orders from your customers on the field.

Custom Forms

Allow your field team to capture all sorts of data using customized form fields.

Mobile CRM

Easy access to the list of prospects and clients from a dedicated tab in the app.

Alerts & Reminders

Keep your field reps always up-to-date and on track with timely notifications.


Digitize sales pitches and presentations to your prospects with rich multimedia content like digital catalogs.

Reporting & Insights

Get the best out of your field team by providing them with useful KPIs.

Field sales management software by Mobisoft Infotech

Get complete control over your field sales activities.

Our field sales software solution enables field managers to run and optimize operations by leveraging real-time information and clear operational visibility of their field team. You can individually set targets for different reps and monitor their progress and performance from a central dashboard.

Powerful Dashboard

A thoughtfully designed web panel to manage all aspects of any field sales operation.

Job Scheduling & Dispatching

Create and assign tasks to your field agents using intuitive dispatch workflow.

Real-time Monitoring

Know the location of every field member along with the key activities being performed by them.

Order Management

Capture and manage all orders taken by your field agents from a dedicated section.

Invoicing & Payments

Track invoice payment status for the orders your customers have placed with the sales reps.

Client Management

Maintain a list of all our prospects and clients with key information and latest updates.

Field Force Management

Maintain a list of all our field agents with key information and latest updates.

Inventory Management

Keep your product listings up-to-date for your field agents to promote and sell easily.

Expense Management

Streamline expense approval and reimbursement workflow for your field agents.

Reporting & Analytics

Drill into detailed reports for all the tasks performed by your field team.

Some advanced features of field sales software solution by Mobisoft Infotech

Do more with additional features and integrations.

Get more from our fields sales app solution by incorporating advanced features and integrating with other software systems and tools. We can build custom features based on the unique requirements of your field sales operations.

Chat & Collaboration

Communicate and share information with your field sales reps in real-time with the in-app messaging feature.

Mobile POS

Field agents can collect payments for orders and pending invoices using the mobile POS feature.


Make your field sales operations a bit playful and boost performance and revenues.

Offline Mode

Let your field reps work seamlessly even in remote areas with a poor internet connection.


Powerful integrations with third-party software and other back-office systems.

Mobile Learning

Add a sales training module in your field sales app to empower your agents with useful knowledge.

Workflow Automation

Create predefined rules and business logic to automate task assignments to your reps.

Reap the Benefits of Digital Field Sales

Increased field sales productivity

Better customer experience

Full field sales

Higher sales
and leads


New revenue

Want to digitize your field sales operations?

As a leading digital transformation partner, we are excited to offer our field
sales automation solution to you.

Flexible Enough to Automate Other Field Operations

The underlying sales rep tracking and management technology used by our field sales app solution can be applied to other field operations as well.

Home cleaning service agents

Home & Local Services

Truck fleet on road

Fleet & Asset Tracking

Survey and data collection guy outside the house

Data Collection & Surveys

Field inspection agent

Verifications & Inspections

POS payment in store

Payment Collection & mPOS

Factory agent doing a safety audit

Safety Checks & Audits

Servicing and repair tools

Servicing & Repairs

Why Choose Our Field Sales Software Solution?

A few good reasons that make us a great choice to digitize your field sales operations.

On-premise Deployment

The entire solution will be hosted on your private IT servers for greater control, customization, and security.

Branded & Customizable

You will get fully branded apps for your sales team with customizations possible if required.


A highly competitive price make it one of the most value for money field sales software solutions.

Powerful Integrations

Expand the solution’s capabilities by connecting with third-party software systems.

Actionable Analytics

Built-in analytics into the solution to give you and your team useful insights based on data.


Support for non-English languages to meet the preferences of your team.

Robust Technology

A carefully chosen technology stack that provides high scalability and reliability.

Dedicated Team

Our technology team will work closely with you to seamlessly get the solution up and running.