Electric vehicle transportation solution

Providing Electric Vehicle Transportation Solution to Everyone

We bring you an electric vehicle transportation solution to experience a nature-friendly ride.

For Companies Having E-Taxi Business

For Companies Having E-Taxi Business

Convert your brick-mortar shops into a digital eCommerce platform to increase your customer base in remote areas as well.

For Startups Operating in Transportation

For Startups Operating in Transportation

Invest in highly trending electric vehicle transportation service which also protects the environment.

For Transportation Companies Looking for Upgrade

For Transportation Companies Looking for Upgrade

Upgrade your transportation solution by including an option of the electric taxi at an affordable rate to remain in the trend.

Solution Overview

A holistic solution for electric vehicle transportation comprising rider comfort, affordability, and environmental protection.

User App

Let users book the ride by notifying the nearby taxi drivers, with an easy and attractive user interface to provide them a comfortable ride.


Secure Login

Allows the user to securely log in and save account for e-taxi booking. It also integrates with other modules to get real-time updates and navigation details.

Seamless Bookings

Displays ride details like driver’s name, OTP for the ride, arrival time, ETA, etc.

Real-Time Updates

Projects all the ride details on the app screen including shortest route, driver location, ride fare, and availability of the driver.

Notification Alerts

Sends pop-up messages to the user regarding discounts, payment details, change in route if any, and pick up and drop location.

Emergency Alert

Helps you dial emergency contact during the ride in case of discrepancy or urgency.

Driver App

A driver module to receive bookings from the customers and to display the other details like scheduled rides from the dispatchers.


Ask drivers to fill all their details like vehicle number, model, license number, etc.to register themselves in the app.


Displays all updates and features on the app screen apropos to the ride. It comprises details about the driver, location, and passengers for a comfortable transit.

Distance Indicator

Displays the estimated distance that can be covered in the remaining battery percentage. A low battery percentage will automatically restrict the driver from accepting longer rides.

Start/End Trip

This showcases the details about the starting point of the trip until the dropping location.


Shows the shortest distance from the pick location till dropping point on the driver app module. This helps to avoid bad roads, traffic and signals to reach the destination as early as possible.

Trip Details

Displays an overall log of every trip including the name of the rider, ETA, pick-up location, drop-off points, navigations, etc.

Nearest Charging Station

Allows the driver to spot the nearest charging station through GPS navigation to keep your vehicle charged and running.

Emergency Alert

Allows the driver to make important calls in case of an emergency.

Admin Panel

A one-stop module to manage every trip every day.


Displays all the key metrics for the reference. It also shows the features after logging into the account.

Driver Management

Sends notification on the rider app and driver app, both about the destinations and its details.

Passenger Management

Shows key details of the rider and tracks the booking changes if any.

Trip Details

Documents the details of every trip carried since the beginning of the service, along with a log of every pick and drop locations.

Trip Tracking

Tracks every minute details of the ride-booking, ongoing trips, and trips completed.

Dispatcher Panel

The panel takes care of ride scheduling, ride changes, ride cancellations, tracking the drivers on duty, tracking EV location and details after ride completion.

Request Management

Manages the customer request for drivers and helps send them booking requests in a particular area.

Track Driver

Tracks and manages the drivers and their availability in different locations.

Generate Bookings and Feedbacks

Shows real-time car booking from the customer’s end and logs the details as the ride proceeds.

Create a Guilt-Free Nature-Friendly Transportation Solution.

Key Features

Hassle-free Bulk Bookings

Our event transportation management solution will help you with the bulk booking of luxury cars for your most awaited guests.

Real-time Updates on all Modules Simultaneously

The solution is well integrated among its modules to provide real-time updates about the minute changes as well.

Live Maps

The modules provide live navigation updates to all its users with the easiest and the fastest route to the destination.

Welcome Last Minute Changes

The app accepts the last minute changes from the users, as per their convenience to make the ride comfortable.

User-Friendly Interface

The app provides an easy to navigate and operate modules for each user which is designed keeping a minimalistic approach.

Security and Privacy

Complete care of security and privacy of the attendees is our utmost priority which is delivered par excellence in our event transportation management app.

Why Choose Our Electric Vehicle Transportation Solution?

Get your application tailored to the unique needs of Event Transportation Management Transit and packed with powerful features and integrations.

Fully Customizable

Customize your event transportation management app to meet the specific needs of VIP guests.

Robust Booking Engine

The solution offers a highly scalable and reliable transport booking experience for customers.


Our design team has thoughtfully created intuitive touchpoints for all the customers.

Service and Maintenance

Help our clients with an end-to-end solution to deploy the event transportation management software.

Payment Gateway Support

We support all popular payment gateways with the option to integrate new ones as per the business requirements.

Implementation & Launch

We build a customizable app model for private and government organizations to create their own version of the event transportation management app.

  • Requirement Analysis

    Understand and create an execution plan based on the client’s requirements.

  • Payments Integration

    Built-in support for popular payment gateways with new integration support.

  • Notifications Integration

    Push notifications, email, and SMS alert set up.

  • Analytics Integration

    Support for integration with popular analytics platforms.

  • Deployment Choice

    On-premise or cloud deployment option as per the business requirements.

  • Security Compliance Check

    Full data security audit to meet regulations and compliance standards.

  • App Store Submissions

    Successfully publishing the apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Launch a dedicated and expert technical support for the smooth operations

Implimentation Launch


An indicator in the solution displays the battery capacity that helps decide whether the driver should accept the ride request or not. A fleet telematics system is integrated with the solution which aims to monitor vehicle health, fuel efficiency, and route information. Besides, communication algorithms are designed to tackle the bad network coverage.

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