Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution

Deliver Unmatched Commuting Experience to Your Team

Designed to make the commuting experience safer, secure, and hassle-free, our comprehensive airline crew transportation solution aims to transform the face of personal mobility for aircrew and other airline staff while minimizing the impact of sudden schedule disruptions.

Line Personnel

Pilots & co-pilots, flight attendants, reservation clerks, airport check-in and gate personnel, and security guards


Airline operations agents, admin support staff, dispatchers, and other team members responsible for scheduling aircraft and flight crews for the main aircraft

Maintenance Team

Flight engineers, maintenance, repair, and overhaul personnel, aircraft technicians

Sales & Marketing

Airline ticket agents, reservation sales agents, service agents, and other personnel involved with advertising, cargo sales, and customer service.

A Unified Solution for Effective Airline Crew Transportation

We work with airline companies to reimagine crew experience when it comes to their mobility - enabling more seamless ground transportation to improve productivity so you can focus on strategic business operations and grow your business.

For Airlines

Automate Airline Crew Scheduling and Achieve Operational Excellence

Utilize our scalable airline crew transportation solution to boost aircrew transportation efficiency with real-time visibility, simplified management, and improved decision-making.

  • Design transit programs that work as per your schedule, route, and budget.
  • Dashboard, KPI, and reporting portal to have complete visibility of your team, booking, costs, timing, routes, pricing, and more.
  • Access and manage all the data related to your crew and other support staff
  • Manage the data of your cabin crew roster, including duties, working hours, hotel costs, and unexpected trip changes.
  • Track ongoing trips, employee time-off, and the real-time status.
  • Create predefined routes for your team and enable a reliable travel experience.
  • Create or cancel any ad hoc transport requests for sudden transport needs.
  • Interactive modules to announce any news, updates, and delay instantly.
  • Calculate the transportation expenses. Generate bills, invoices, and reports, and manage expenses.

For Airline Crew

Rely on our comprehensive transport management system tailored to address your team’s mobility needs and enable easy accessibility, mobility, connectivity, and experience.

  • Enable a secure and smarter way to register online and transform the booking experience.
  • Inform crew members about flights, hotel stay, and trips via a well-optimized roster.
  • Let your team access the airport/hotel/pre-defined venue, routes, ETA, and other ride details, and book the journey anytime, anywhere.
  • Allow your team to add any special instructions while booking or creating a journey request and support their travel choices.
  • Update them about the sudden changes, rides, and venues via push notifications.
  • Protect the contact details of your team by masking their contact numbers.
  • Allow raising a concern in case of any discrepancy or emergency during the ride.
  • Operate efficiently to serve as per your team’s sudden schedule and enable safer journeys.

For Drivers

Enhance Chauffeur Experience

Achieve your fleet management goals, keeping chauffeurs updated with scheduled rides and your team’s transportation needs with our online booking system.

  • Make the registration process easier for chauffeurs and show shift-based duties and other information related to allocated rides.
  • Easily manage your fleet by allowing the chauffeur to view the real-time booking details.
  • Let them recognize the shortest route to reach the destination, bypassing signals, traffic, and bad roads using the live map.
  • Get all the geo-location-based status updates like shifts, journey updates, histories, etc.
  • Streamline your booking system workflow to enhance fleet efficiency.
  • Allow them to call for an emergency in case of any last-minute issues.

For Fleet Operator

Take control of your entire aircrew transport operations from planning to execution - schedule the ride on behalf of your team, assign rides to drivers, respond to last-minute changes, track vehicles, real-time location, and driver behavior.

  • Manage multiple travel requests for each team member through an online booking system.
  • Create instant travel booking for your team and provide accurate ride details.
  • Schedule the future ride in advance and ensure continuity of transport operations.
  • Manage your fleets, bookings, and vehicles used to schedule crew transportation
  • Display entire trip details in real-time on a map, along with managing emergency situations efficiently.

Making Every Step of Your Team Seamless With Our Comprehensive Solution

Delight your team with a personalized commuting experience. Our state-of-the-art airport crew transportation management solution lets them travel effortlessly wherever and whenever they desire as per their daily schedule, route, and time.

First-mile, Last-mile Transit

Let your crew members reach directly to the desired location, i.e., let them travel back and forth from the airport to the hotel, enabling direct pick-up and drop-off.

Region-to-region/Intercity Ride

Provide exclusive crew transportation services by enabling region-to-region rides with our solution, i.e., inter-city rides to reach a different airport.

Scheduled Airport transfer

Schedule or reserve a ride for your aircrew or the entire team with our custom airport transfer app to reach a scheduled airport base and simplify their commute.

Approach Aircrew Mobility in Multiple Forms

We function as an extension of your airline operation team by helping you digitize your airport ground crew transportation operations and automating transfers through the selected mode of transportation.


Coach Bus

Luxury Car or Limousine

Business Van or SUV

Mini Bus



Introduce a new commute option for your team and improve their productivity while staying on schedule. Mobisoft’s airport crew transportation management solution allows you to facilitate stress-free commutes for your employees, reduce travel times, and optimize your transportation operations.

Stay on schedule and achieve operational efficiency

Keep crews on schedule in spite of sudden changes in schedule, thereby reducing crew-related flight cancellations or delays

Minimize time needed to respond to sudden transportation changes

Eliminate employees’ commuting stress and improve their productivity

Reduce costs related to parking space or leasing vehicles

Add perks of transportation to recruit and retain employees

Let’s Work Together and Promote Stress-free Commuting for Airline Crew

We help you take control of your team transportation tailored to the needs of passenger airlines, cargo airlines, and cruise lines while improving daily airline operations.

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