Leverage Power of Digital Solutions to Reshape Transport Operations

Educational Transportation Software Solution by Mobisoft Infotech

K-12 Schools

Adopt Advanced School Transport Management Platform

Efficiently manage school bus transport by providing safe and secure student transport experience through better governance and enhanced brand value.

Educational Transportation Software Solution by Mobisoft Infotech

Educational Institutions

Digitize Daily Transport of Your Staff and Students

Make your institutional transport activities like routing, scheduling, driver, and vehicle tracking efficient by incorporating digital transport solutions.

Educational Transportation Software Solution by Mobisoft Infotech

Transport Providers

Automate The Business Operation and Create Your Transport App

Deliver consistent and cost-effective transportation solutions to your clients by planning, managing, and controlling the daily transport activities.

Redefine Entire Educational Transport Experience Through Digital Solutions

Better transport experience to students, parents and transport providers

Streamline your daily travel plans, routes and maintain the transport data

Capture and analyze the transport data securely with our scalable solution

Monitor and track your entire transport operations anytime

Transparency in communication with all the associated stakeholders

Maximize the value of your resources with robust technology

Eliminate duplication or human errors and automate the process

Unlocking Insights from Real-Time Educational Transport Solutions

The all-in-one transport management software bundled with various unique features and configurations.

Quick Access

Access the complete transport data, including daily routes, stops, trip timings, and compare planned vs. actual routes.

Notifications and Alerts

Receive timely updates in case of any change in route or service interruptions or any unlikely events.

Secure Platform

Secured login process permits registering only staff and legal guardians of the students to use the app.

Native User-Friendly App

A flexible and user-friendly interface of the app enables the users to enjoy seamless transport experience.

Effective Communication

Communicate directly with the bus driver, school management, or any authorized person regarding daily school bus transportation management.

Student GPS Tracking

Get a complete insight into the location of your child and their estimated time of arrival, while staying informed about the last-minute change.

Enhanced Student Safety

Strategically planned routes, GPS technology, and already allocated bus stops keep the student transport management system safe.

Payment Modes

Pay for school trips via multiple payment modes like credit card, debit card, or other digital wallet platforms.

Time and Cost-Efficient

No more waiting at the bus stop or phone calls to a driver, get prior alerts of vehicle arrival - timely or untimely.

Help Desk Support

Convenient support services by the help desk to address and resolve your transport-related queries.

Data Management

Add, edit, and manage the data of the user - students, staff, transport managers, drivers, vehicles, bus stops.

Real-Time Data Access

View and monitor live vehicle status, student boarding or de-boarding status, driver details, and vehicle speed.

Data Control Rights

Create multiple user profiles; assign individual rights to access relevant data and manage the transportation effectively.

Route Planning and Optimization

Analyze route scenarios and calculate cost-efficient routes; create, modify, and plan the optimal routes.

Route Scheduling

Easily schedule routes by assigning service time for each route based on the distance to predict actual travel time.

Instant Notifications

Receive and send Instant notifications of route updates, vehicle or driver status, or any unlikely events.

Trip Tracking

Track and monitor the entire trip from a single device to locate and view the resources with GPS technology.

Safe Student Transport

Well-planned routes and integrated tracking solutions enable safe and reliable student transport.

Comprehensive Reporting

Create customized reports like actual vs. planned routes, vehicle utilization, route costs, payments, and receipts.

Financial Management

Calculate the transport expenses. Generate invoices, bills, collection reports, receipts and manage finances.

Cross-Platform Integrations

Connect with third-party integration for smooth transport operations like Emails, Maps, Multiple Payment options.

Trip Requests and Approvals

Manage the operations smoothly as and when received trip requests, changes in route or bus stop, and payments.

Interactive Chat Modules

Immediately communicate any announcement or news via chat, sharing a photo, audio modules to all the users.

Delay Management

Notification and SMS alert to students or parents due to unlikely delays or small disruptions during a trip.

Create Geo-Regions

Create boundaries around vital geographical areas of your transport operations.

Data Management

Access and manage all the data related to transportation such as students, institutions, vehicles, drivers, attendants, and routes.

Route Scheduling

Create and manage the complete transport schedule for each student. Create daily trips in and outside campus.

Communication Module

Communicate any change or cancellation or delay related to schedule, route, or bus stop.

Real-Time Bus Updates

View and Track the real-time vehicle location, speed, parking, on-going routes to ensure safe transportation.

Manage Drivers

Add, edit, remove and manage all the details related to drivers like total trips, distance, schedules, vehicles, and payment.

Vehicle Maintenance

Maintain vehicle data like vehicle condition, insurance, fuel, pollution, odometer, any damages caused.

Customized Reports

Get trip reports like total distance traveled, the time required to travel, driver, and vehicle allotment.

Financial Management

Calculate the trip cost, vehicle fuel and maintenance cost, driver or attendants’ payment details.

Third-Party Integration

SMS, email, and Map integration facilitate effective communication and make trip operations cost-effective.

View Assigned Trips

View daily routes and schedules, decide pick-up and drop-off points in advance and manage the entire trip.

Pick/Drop Details

Get detail trip bus stops, bus timings, distance, number of students of each vehicle for daily schedules.

Push Notifications

Send notifications to the users about the bus pick-up and drop-off time, bus stops, and delays.

Effective Communication

Keep app users, and transport authorities notified in the event of vehicle breakdown, unlikely incidents.

Easy Navigation

Decide new routes, pick up and drop-off points, expected arrival time and delay time at each stop.

Safe Student Ridership

Mark student attendance while boarding and deboarding process. Follow planned routes for a safe ride.

Comprehensive Reporting

Automatically generate the reports of the trip, including trip time, distance traveled, routes followed, and a number of students.

Trip Costing

Calculate the entire trip cost comprising the number of students, routes, bus stops, total time, and distance traveled.

Reimagine Outcomes with the Advanced Educational Transportation Solutions

Let us combine our efforts to make educational transport operations flawless by implementing leading-edge technology solutions.

What Makes Us an Elite Transportation Technology Partner

Rely on our extensive transportation solutions tailored for the education industry to improve student safety and transport productivity.


Delivering tailor-made solutions that reflect your stunning brand name and logo to create a sufficient recall of brand value.


Keeping safety as a core element for the riders by leveraging digital solutions for convenient mobility.


Implementing cutting-edge technology architecture to optimize scalable transportation platform.


Building a platform that enables the users to interact with associated riders or authority at the click of a button.


Providing apps considering multiple user roles like Parent App, Driver App, Institution and Transport Manager App.


Strategically deployed the right people, technology architecture, and processes, make this solution more accessible.

Implementation & Launch

We build a customizable app model for private and government organizations to create their own version of the educational transportation software solution.

Requirement Analysis

Understand and create an execution plan based on the client’s requirements.

Payments Integration

Built-in support for popular payment gateways with new integration support.

Notifications Integration

Push notifications, email updates and SMS alerts setup.

Analytics Integration

Support for integration with popular analytics platforms.

Deployment Choice

On-premise deployment of the taxi-hailing solution for full data control.

Security Compliance Check

Full data security audit to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards.

App Store Submissions

Successful listing on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Support & Maintenance

Launch a Dedicated and an expert technical support for the smooth operations.

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