Robotic Process Automation Services

RPA Development Services

Mobisoft helps you implement new ways of streamlining niche processes and expanding the automation horizon to drive higher productivity using our custom RPA services.

RPA Consulting Service

We help you unlock the real value of automation in your enterprise by understanding your business objectives and existing processes. Our team guides you throughout your automation journey - from reviewing your business landscape, understanding problems, exploring automation opportunities, formulating a roadmap, finalizing tools, right platforms, and optimizing repetitive processes.

RPA Consulting Service

RPA Integration Service

Our team of certified RPA professionals aims to define various ways to remodel your entire business ecosystem, leveraging the process automation platform. We assist you in integrating your workflows with software bots, virtual agents, other automation tools and applications like ERP, CRM, and CMM with an automation-first mindset. This helps instill automation across your business domains, enhancing productivity, and operational efficiency.

RPA Integration Service

Custom Automation Solutions

We help you create customized, high-functioning, and secure robotic process automation solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. Our services emphasize simplifying, streamlining, and automating your entire business process leveraging advanced RPA technologies like AI and ML. We design, propose, develop, test, and launch custom automation software solutions that enable you to have a centralized system to manage your workflows effectively.

Custom Automation Solutions

Desktop Automation Service

Our RPA team lets you build an innovative and highly secure automation solution that streamlines data-intensive and repetitive business processes from your desktop. We help you simplify your manual tasks, such as logging into websites, file transfer, data scraping, extraction, email automation, GUI automation, and other routine tasks using desktop automation bots.

Desktop Automation Service

RPA Support & Maintenance Service

At Mobisoft, we provide end-to-end support services for your RPA-enabled automation product. Our team monitors the performances of software bots, automated systems, and manages your RPA project, ensuring process continuity. Our other support and maintenance services include software upgrade, change management in your business landscape, training your workers to achieve intelligent automation at scale across your business verticals.

RPA Support & Maintenance Service

RPA Managed Services

We add value to your business by managing your entire automation journey. Our team continually investigates errors, monitors and tracks the key metrics, resolves issues, and deploys patches to ensure your RPA processes run efficiently. Our team of RPA professionals focuses on setting up a successful robotic process automation platform to maximize your business efficiency.

RPA Managed Services

Our Expertise

Process Automation

Automate a range of recurring business processes and activities so as to minimize costs and increase operational efficiency.

Intelligent Document Recognition Development

Classify various structured/unstructured documents in the correct categories or formats and retrieve them for business purposes.

Data Processing

Leverage our RPA expertise to perform data processing tasks smarter, like data editing, validation, analysis, etc., and reduce data exceptions.

Image Processing

Add intelligent data capture functionality, including OCR, Barcode recognition, Optical Mark Recognition, etc.

Data Extraction Technology Development

Build automated data extraction software that enables you to extract data from multi-source and improve the data extraction process.

Web Scraping Automation

Automate the manual tasks to extract website data, including website logging, testing, filtration, transfer, etc.

Screen Scraping Automation

Capture the data from the screen for data migration and integration by implementing screen scraping tools with 100% accuracy.

Attended and Unattended Automation

Add automation capabilities - attended as well as unattended, depending upon your business process requirements.

Automate Your Desktop

Automate your data-intensive and recurring desktop tasks by leveraging our custom desktop automation solution.

GUI Automation

Take advantage of intelligent GUI automation, one of the supporting tools of the RPA software solution to automate repetitive tasks faster.

Mainframe Automation

Respond to new market demands by integrating new applications and architectures to existing mainframes and improve customer service.

Excel Automation using RPA

Experience countless automation opportunities with Excel and manipulate Excel data accurately with RPA-enabled Excel automation processes.

Currency/Exchange Rate Processing

Get the latest updates on daily currency exchange rates by leveraging RPA capabilities and continuously monitor the fluctuating rates.

IT Management using RPA

Automate the IT processes of your business and manage your various physical and virtual IT resources using the RPA platform.

RPA Tools we use

Your RPA Implementation Partner

At Mobisoft, we strive to accelerate your automation journey by integrating RPA tools and technologies. Leveraging the expertise of our certified robotic process automation developers, and consultants, we analyze the opportunities for automation and help you to create highly scalable RPA solutions that improve operational efficiency.

How it works

Our experienced RPA professionals follow a step-by-step robotic process automation project methodology by integrating interconnected technologies to manage and scale your operations while enabling you to accelerate automation.

Step 1


  • Understand business requirements, issues, & project scope
  • Gain insights into the ongoing processes
  • Identify the automation opportunities

Step 2


  • Define the scope of the project
  • Formulate automation strategy
  • Finalize technology, platform, team, etc.

Step 3


  • Implement digital solutions
  • Streamline processes
  • Establish the right operating model

Step 4


  • Full-fledged automation
  • Assessing the performance
  • Reports to gain real-time visibility

Key Industries We Serve

Discover how our robotic process automation services can improve the productivity of your industry.

Banking & Finance

Automate your strategic planning process, work reports, and transaction operations.

Healthcare & Insurance

Improve patient experience, automate repetitive tasks, and digitize the healthcare operating system.

FMCG & Retail

Optimize your entire retail operations, including supply chain, in-store planning, finance, marketing, etc.


Transform operational processes, improve communication, and enhance the quality of customer service.

Public Sector

Add digital capabilities, maintain visibility over operations, increase speed, accuracy, and modernize processes.


Speed up your product innovation, streamline core processes, and increase customer engagement.

Automate Your First Process Using the UiPath Platform

Automate Your First Process Using the UiPath Platform

Mobisoft helps you deploy the best practices that automate your complex and repetitive business processes using UiPath. Simplify your automation journey through UiPath and drive tangible business results in a short time.

Check out Our UiPath
Consulting Services Offerings

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation Services

Easy deployment options

With low-code development, employ software bots instantly and automate your niche processes, reducing anomalies in the production.

Higher productivity

Get rid of manual errors, reimagine your business model, and automate more work with RPA bots boosting productivity.

Faster business ROI

Scale digital workforce with automation, complete repetitive tasks in lesser time, focus on value-added activities and get proven ROI.

Address issues

Solve complicated operational problems with the help of powerful assistants developed through RPA tools and advanced automation technologies.

Our RPA Services Let You Achieve,

  • Higher scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Great accuracy
  • Resilience
  • Cost reduction
  • Accelerated transformation
  • Better management
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