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We Offer Complete Automated Solution For Mobile,Web And Desktop Applications.

Smartest Way To Test Your Apps With Our Test Automation Services

More than half of all software projects fail to meet objectives or suffer significant schedule and budget slippage because defects are discovered too late. All these factors combined result in a high percentage of "Defect Leakage" in the production line, resulting in poor customer satisfaction and less ROI from the product.

Test Automation Services can address these problems and provide a mechanism to consistently repeat a test procedure and verify application results. It can be effective both for regression testing and during development.

At Mobisoft, a software automation service company, while implementing test automation, we don't just build automation scripts. We focus on creating end-to-end test automation solutions life-cycle that ensures high-quality software products.

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We Help You To Make Your Application Bug-Free In The Most Efficient Way

Our Testing Team Offers Automation Testing Service For:

Mobile Test Automation Service

Automated Unit Testing is integral

Web Test Automation

Automated Unit Testing is an integral

What We Do?

  • UI Automation Testing Services
  • We as a software automation testing service company can achieve complete integration testing for the web and mobile projects by implementing UI Automation Testing. We offer Selenium testing services too. For web projects, we use Selenium (for testing services) Web Driver and for iOS projects we use iOS Automation Framework which is provided by Apple.
  • Automated Load Testing for web services and Stress Testing
  • We provide load testing web services. For Automated Web Apps Testing web applications and REST APIs, it's important to prove that the system will scale and will work without problems under heavy production load. Automated Load Testing and Stress Testing can be used to ensure that the production deployment will scale to the promised level. For this, we use Apache JMeter Testing tool to create parallel workloads from multiple clients using Amazon EC2 Cloud infrastructure.
  • Automated REST API Testing
  • REST Web Services have become an important part in modern applications. It's important to make sure that REST API interfaces are not broken as the project progresses and new changes are introduced. We provide Automated REST API testing services, which can ensure that all the APIs can be tested frequently to ensure that they are working properly.
  • Automated Test Data Creation
  • For valid automation testing services, it's also important to have a valid test data as input. Intelligent and automated test data creation mechanism help you create a useful data for testing.The well-designed testing data allows you to cover all possible test cases and boost the productivity of your product.
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Automated unit testing plays the major role when it comes to business logic intensive and functional code. For multi-tiered MVC applications, we suggest automation testing for the Service Layer and Data Access Layer. For these 2 layers generally, 100% code coverage can be achieved. With proper mocks, the Controller layer also can be tested with automated unit tests. Automated Unit Testing is an integral part of continuous integration and delivery.

Automation Testing Process

Our Automated testing framework is methodological, cost-effective and ROI driven. Our QA team gets involved from the initial requirement analysis phase and continue to work with the development team until the product goes live.

Assessment Phase

  • Platforms and technology stack
  • Devices and browsers (Required diversity)
  • Complexity of UI and business logic

Planning Phase

  • Identify type of testing of the selected areas
  • Identify the testing approach
  • Selecting and Installing tools

Automation & Process Optimization Phase

  • Evaluate suitable framework
  • Script preparation

Execution Phase

  • Automated test suite
  • Capturing results
  • Review and analysis

Test Review Phase

  • Pass/Fail by test case
  • Test summary report


At Mobisoft we use the appropriate automation testing tools that will benefit your project in long run. We use tools that integrate easily with your product, supporting the latest methodologies in mobile app development.

Test Automation Maturity Model

The need of the hour is comprehensive Mobile Test Automation service Maturity Model. Our maturity model not only answers requirements of customization and flexibility. But it is also relevant in today's complex delivery structure.

Manual TestingAutomated Testing-BeginnerAutomated Testing-AdvancedAutomated Testing-Matured FrameworkScriptless Test Automation

No Automation in Testing 100% manual Testing.

Resource intensive. This process is not scalable due to time and budget constraints, especially when testing is to be done for multiple times for frequent releases.

Basic level of Automation. Focus is to automate UAT test cases through scripting methodologies. Initial Time to automate is very high.

Automating complex scenarios becomes difficult due inadequate skills and time constraints.

Any change in the application during this phase becomes unmanageable.

30% - 40% of coverage for automated executions. Reusability and maintainability increases productivity.

Need for independent manual testing team still exist.

Test Automation development and maintenance is dependent on skilled resources, increasing operational cost.

Mature framework scales across applications.

Maturity is framework allows calling across for higher level of reusability thereby allowing entry level engineers to script and maintain easily.

However manual test engineers can not directly contribute to automation.

Script less framework with extremely intuitive GUI can scale across complete QA team, test automation tools, development technologies and any complex situations/scenarios.

Highest level of maturity and ease increases efficiency and reduces maintenance experts can also automate. Focus on test coverage increases. insuring maximum ROI.


Hire Test Automation Engineers

Get access to the dedicated test automation engineers from India at lesser costs that you would otherwise pay for and a custom delivery solution that works best for your business projects.

Why Us?

Web/Mobile Test Automation Service is all about identifying and preventing defects in the software.

  • Independent, specialized testing department with experienced professionals, proven processes and tool specialists.
  • We help the clients in automating end-to-end deployment. It speeds up the process as well as makes it reliable.
  • Qualified testers holding certifications such as CSTE, ISTQB, CSQA, and CMST.
  • Fully transparent process and adhere to international standards.
  • Ensure considerable savings in time, cost, and operational expenses for our customers.
  • Flexible delivery models based on the testing needs of clients, globally.
  • Continuous integration allows every check-in to be verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early. We help our customers build an environment where CICD practices provide seamless coordination between dev and test teams.
  • Onsite, offsite and hybrid (onsite and offsite) delivery for outstanding results at reduced costs.

Automation Testing Benefits

  • Quality application at an optimum cost
  • Accelerates release cycle
  • Increases customer confidence and app usability
  • Increased market coverage and devices
  • User environment simulation
  • Automation testing improves accuracy
  • Mobile test automation service offers upgradation and testing software is reusable.

Realistic Expectations

In certain projects, achieving 100% automation test coverage is an unrealistic goal. Hence, it is extremely important to set the realistic expectations in advance.

  • Every test case cannot be automated.
  • Benefits of automation is received only after several cycles of test execution.
  • No immediate Return On Investment (ROI) can be expected.
  • Record and playback helps minimally in test automation.
  • No available tool in the market supports all the systems and GUI objects.