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Let us work together to integrate the physical and digital worlds for a connected future.

Harness The Power Of IoT With Us

We enable Device Manufacturers, IoT Platform Providers and Enterprises to exploit the full potential of connected things with value-based IoT services and solutions.

Device Manufacturers

IoT Platform Providers


Our IoT Expertise

We offer end to end IoT services and solutions from helping businesses identify the potential applications to implementing custom solutions for them.

IoT Consulting

Strategize your way to an IoT driven enterprise with Mobisoft’s IoT consulting services. We facilitate evaluation of your organizational IoT readiness, roadmap creation, use case definition, solution blueprinting and the go-to-market strategy.

IoT App Development

We offer novel IoT application development services with tight integration of hardware and software technologies for superior performance. Our custom IoT apps harness the power of connected devices and empower enterprises with next-gen IoT products.

IoT Testing

Our IoT experts ensure that the hardware and software work great together to deliver a truly connected experience. We have the required knowledge to provide comprehensive and affordable IoT testing services.

Data Analytics

Unleash the full potential of real-time data collected from your connected devices with applied analytics and machine learning. By leveraging powerful analytics engines, we can deploy near real-time analytical intelligence closer to IoT devices.

IoT Integrations

Our team performs robust backend engineering to securely connect with devices via industry standard protocols. From middleware platform integration to M2M communications, our team is well-versed to do it for you.

IoT Extension

We can turn existing hardware into smart IoT-enabled devices by assisting you with sensor selection, quick prototyping, full-stack software development, security protocols implementation and firmware updates management.

Our IoT Technology Stack

We build IoT solutions with an industry-leading technology stack that is carefully chosen as per your application requirements.

IoT platforms

  • - Azure IoT Hub
  • - AWS IoT Hub
  • - Samsung ARTIK
  • - Seebo


  • - Bluetooth
  • - NFC
  • - RFID
  • - Wi-Fi
  • - LAN

Hardware & Sensors

  • - iBeacons
  • - Raspberry Pi
  • - Microcontrollers
  • - Arduino
  • - Eddystone beacons
  • - OBD devices
  • - Miniature Boards

Protocols & Standards

  • - TCP
  • - CoAP
  • - MQTT
  • - RESTful Service
  • - OpenIoT
  • - HomeKit
  • - Thread
  • - Nest
  • - MODBUS
  • - Brillo

Our Industry Specific IoT Solutions

Unlock the value of a connected ecosystem with our custom IoT solutions for various industries.


We offer custom connected vehicles and telematics solutions for the automotive industry to help them chalk out and deliver the most effective connected vehicle experience.

  • Fleet tracking & management
  • Driver safety solutions
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance alerts
  • Infotainment solutions


We offer IoT development services for the digital healthcare industry to enhance patient care, elevate provider productivity and enable startups to bring connected medical devices and wearables into the market.

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Connected medical devices and wearables development
  • Smarter care coordination
  • Hospital asset management

Smart Home & Workplace

We offer companion app development for smart devices like air conditioners, lights, speakers, etc., to accelerate device automation technology in both homes and offices.

  • Device control mobile apps
  • Voice apps for popular assistant platforms
  • Device data collection, management and analytics


Deliver connected retail experiences with retail IoT solutions by Mobisoft. We enable you to leverage sensors like beacons to create a more compelling in-store shopping experience.

  • Interactive digital signage screens
  • Connected mobile shopping applications
  • Sensor-based asset tracking
  • Beacon-powered apps


We can enable manufacturers to realize digital transformation by tapping into the data generated across the manufacturing value chain through the power of connected things.

  • Production asset management and maintenance
  • Manufacturing operations management
  • Field services optimization
  • Access control and safety solutions


Leverage IoT systems to manage energy distribution with real-time precision, build energy efficient building systems, offer smart lighting solutions and so much more.

  • Smart building energy management
  • Smart lighting
  • Fault detection
  • Connected heating and air conditioning systems
  • Smart metering solutions

Learn How Khushi Baby Is Leveraging Healthcare IoT For Social Impact.

Khushi Baby News Mobisoft infotech
Google Home App Developments Mobisoft Infotech

Google Assistant App Development

We build conversational apps for the Google Assistant through the Actions on Google developer platform so that you can reach your users on Assistant powered devices like Google Home smart speakers, smartphones, appliances and more.

Alexa Skill app development Mobisoft Infotech

Amazon Alexa App Development

With Alexa and the Smart Home Skill API, our developers can build Alexa Skills to let customers control their connected devices from tens of millions of Alexa-enabled endpoints like Amazon Echo and deliver an amazing voice experience.

How We Propel Your Connected Journey?

We enable your business to be IoT-enabled with a tailored process that is specific to your industry needs.

iot solutions by Mobisoft Infotech

Case Studies

Check out our diversified portfolio of web projects from SaaS platforms to custom web portals.

People Power, Smart Energy

​​Remote energy monitoring and controlling IoT app solution.

Khushi Baby, Healthcare

mHealth and wearable health integration for social impact.

Feasty App, Retail

Real-time and instant restaurant deal conversational app platform.

SensoDX, Healthcare

Mobile app enabled diagnosis solution using programmable bio-nano-chip (p-BNC) technology.

Our Clients

Enterprises and brands we have helped succeed with our technology services and solutions.

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