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Security Agencies

Security Agencies

Automate your patrolling operations by optimizing security activities and mitigate the risks associated with manual supervision.



Uphold your premises with QR code-based patrolling technology that monitors end-to-end security management operations in real-time.


Government Organizations

With such digital security tracking software, Government agencies and other official bodies can carry out their patrol tour tasks efficiently.

Combining Versatility with Technology

Mobisoft has wide-ranging expertise in determining proof-of-presence for your sentinels with its security guard checkpoint system that performs versatile patrolling operations with the power of technology.


Our digital patrolling software is designed to streamline guard tour operations and offer utmost security to all types of organizations, locations, and property owners.


The platform has the potential to successfully record maintenance checks and undertaken tasks to maximize the scope of security staff efficiency.


The platform offers dedicated assistance to report any untoward incident immediately. Functionalities like adding pictures and detailed description notes are an add-on.

Leverage Feature-rich Guard Patrolling

Take a comprehensive look at your patrolling operations and make them a value-adding service for all the stakeholders. Be it generating QR codes or scanning the checkpoints, our mobile guard patrolling software is fully loaded with intuitive features.

Security Guard


Security guards need to just fill in a few details and avail the benefits of an easy on-boarding process. This process eliminates all the paperwork and helps the security personnel to get oriented with the technology.


Verifying the identity of the security guards is much easier with this handy smart patrolling solution. Login from any mobile device is permitted alongside offering complete access to the platform with specific credentials.

Comprehensive Patrolling

Guards can access a comprehensive list of existing as well as upcoming checkpoints. This information is processed in real-time and helps to keep a check on all the checkpoints of the premises.

QR Code Scanning

The patrol management system helps guards to scan QR codes of the respective checkpoints. Location names and scan timings are automatically passed on to the site administrators ensuring efficacy.


The security workforce can have detailed insights into the checkpoints completed and missed. All the patrolling details can be analyzed to decide the right course of action and boost future security operations.

Guard App

Site Admin


On-site administrators can easily verify their identities and login with the provided credentials. The platform offers complete provision for programmatically retrieving, creating, and updating details.

Manage Security Guards

Maintain security guard management standards that promote consistent monitoring of patrol and the security workforce. Gauge gaps in performance and also round up other shortcomings on-site with our digital technology.

Create QR Codes

Site admin gains the ability to generate QR codes. The mobile software makes them responsible for creating any amount of QR codes with unique IDs that can be used as checkpoints at the site/premises.

Activate Checkpoints

The activation of each checkpoint with its particular QR code is prioritized with necessary information related to the location, QR code ID, etc. This keeps a check on the security guard’s exact location and patrol timings.

Guard App

Web Admin


Witness seamless flow of live data and manage all the patrolling processes within a few clicks via a robust admin panel. Keep track of your site admins and manage security guards in real-time with specific charts and statistics.

Manage Site Admin

Web admins can make the most out of our smart patrolling solution by assigning dedicated site admins for each premise. Easily search for a particular site officer, delete accounts, or add site admin information with our solution.

Manage Security Guards

Onboard your security workforce with a few clicks and collate information with ease. Collect information related to security personnel like personal details, contact details, and site information to ensure complete transparency and monitoring.


Achieve complete transparency across end-to-end patrols by generating automatic in-detail reports. Gather and analyze information related to scanned, missed, and completed checkpoints on a regular basis.

Guard App

Experience enhanced security at your fingertips.

How Scanning Works in Patrolling

Our mobile patrolling software technology is backed by high-end digital scanning capabilities that enhance your security guard tour operations like never before.

  • Automate all your patrol management operations including capturing checkpoints details, monitoring guard tours, managing site/premise, etc.
  • Establish a self-scanning ecosystem that stimulates round-the-clock security guard management efficiency.
  • Gather details of every checkpoint with higher accuracy and successfully avoid the risks of errors or forgery.
  • Generate QR codes, allocate them on strategic points with a simple activation process ensuring that each location fulfills your monitoring requirements.
Guard App

Why Choose our Patrol Management Solution?

From educational institutes, real estate organizations, financial companies, public transportation services, cleaning & maintenance services, manufacturing facilities, and warehouse departments, our software caters to all.


Our mobile platform is created to scale with your premises. You can continuously augment your patrol tours and increase productivity.


We offer an affordable online security guard tracking software that saves time and helps you operate through your mobile devices.

Easy to Use

No special training, knowledge, or management expertise is needed to handle the digital patrolling software and use its features.


Implementing our smart patrolling solution provides you the needed visibility across any checkpoints and locations within the premises.


Geofencing and QR code scanning facilities of the digital security guard monitoring software make it more accountable and reliable.


No involvement of any kind of clunky hardware is needed. Our mobile patrolling technology is light in weight and requires less storage.

Manage your security staff anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

The patrol management system is a smart patrolling software solution designed to secure private as well as business premises by tracking patrolling operations in real-time. It helps to optimize patrolling routes via GPS, QR codes, NFC tags, etc.

The mobile patrol management software system can be used by any edifice that extends security guards within the premises. These include apartments, private/government organizations, security guard companies, educational premises, hospitals, etc.

The checkpoints used in patrol management software solutions are based on modern digital technologies that include GPS, Geofencing, NFC, QR codes, etc. Digital scanning also plays an important role in optimizing checkpoints.

The patrol management system enables your premises to promote digital security by reducing manual supervision and offering automated monitoring, missed/completed/future patrolling updates, real-time reports, etc.

Indeed, a smart patrol management software solution can be used by multiple guards via their smart devices. This software is easily accessible from multiple locations within the premises.

Secure your premises with a smart patrolling solution

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