Advanced Smartphone-based Scanning Solution For Businesses of All Sizes

We offer a quintessential mobile scanning solution that replaces expensive and dedicated infrastructure with fast, small, light, and portable scanning software that can be easily accessible through a smart device.


Barcode Scanning

Extract information from one or more barcodes from a single scan and process a much faster scan and reduce manual errors.


QR Code Scanning

Interpret information, display images, and other 2D objects from web pages, print media, and smart devices.


Text Recognition Scanning (OCR)

Read any alphanumeric code, regardless of text size, style, font, or color, and extract useful information.

Our Additional Offering

Keyboard Wedge

Scan using your keyboard only. Just add a barcode scanning button to the keyboard and turn it into a smart scanner.

ID Scanning Software for Smart Devices

Instantly scan identification document data of users, customers, employees, and clients using smart devices.

Barcode Scanner SDK for OEM Devices

Integrate barcode scanning software into devices having a camera or image feeds, and capture data accurately.

Key Features and Capabilities of Our Solutions

Multi-Code Scanning

Capture multiple codes from a single device at once and save your time.

Any Device Compatibility (BYOD)

Instantly scan and store objects using any device of consumers or employees.

High-Speed Response

Rapidly capture objects within a minute, giving a spontaneous response to the user.

GS1 Complaint

Get up-to-date information and interaction with objects with our GS1 compliant software.

Tough Code Handling

Our solution can quickly scan damaged, tiny, glare, or torn codes.

Multi-Code Recognition

Easily recognize, capture, and validate multiple codes from a single device at once.

Wide Angle Alignment

Accurately scan horizontally or vertically aligned objects from any angles.

Low Light Management

Easily scan objects placed in challenging conditions like low light or contrast.

Long-Distance Resolution

Instantly handle and scan objects at a distance with our super faster scanning solution.

Turn Your Smartphone into A Scanning Solution

The solution is designed for enterprise-grade scanning having optimum scan speeds, higher accuracy, and scalability support. Integrate high-performance scanning software solution in your existing system. Add a new level of acceleration and efficiency to workflows and processes across various industries

Mitigates Redundancy

Affordable and Impactful

Improve Efficiency

Mobility - Anytime, Anywhere

Easy and Dynamic

Instant Process Tracking

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Instant Error Tracking

Mitigate Human Error

Increases Brand Engagement

Explore the Possibilities of our Scanning Solutions for Multiple Use Cases

Mobisoft provides a host of scanning solutions for various industry verticals - in the office or a building, warehouse, production floor, or off the field.

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