iOS Engineer (2-5 Exp)

Full Time

Mobisoft is looking for passionate engineers who are efficient problem solvers with a penchant for creativity. Our team comprises of leaders who work in unison with the team, besides sharing a great camaraderie with one and all. We wish to have someone who is excited to join such a culture. At heart we are hard-core geeks, passionate about technology and the incredible value-adds it brings in our lives. We would like to have aboard someone who is as passionate as we are!

If the profile interests you, here are listed some credentials for the ideal candidate.

Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and maintaining iPhone and iPad application
  • Estimate the work efforts at varied levels and entail in design evaluation, determining the architectures, lay-out and style controls
  • Connect client application with various back-end technologies
  • Work in coordination with developers in designing architecture and implement designing strategy
  • Collaborate with people in other disciplines for the production and delivery of project deliverable

Experience and Skills required

  • Must have 2-5 year of experience in developing apps for iOS
  • Must be familiar with COCOA framework
  • Knowledge of Objective C and SQLite is a must
  • Understanding of web development concepts such as REST and SOAP web services, and how to access them from iOS Objective C Code is a prerequisite
  • Possess experience in developing social and location aware applications
  • Experience of developing apps for varied platforms like Blackberry, Android, Symbian is an added advantage
  • Hands on experience on use of the latest iPhone SDK 5
  • Prior experience in web technologies such as JEE or PHP or .Net is an added advantage


Why embrace the Mobisoft culture?

Mobisoft believes in employee strength and we work towards their growth in order to become a successful and huge giant in the mobile app business domain. Bestowing members with a culture that would augment their progress is thereby a priority. Needless to mention we do not take the hiring process lightly. If you think you fit in the role as defined by us, help us know you better.

You aspire to

  • Become a part of a leading edge mobile app design and development firm
  • Witness an informal, flexible and social work culture
  • Employ your talent to help manage the many office operations
  • Become a part of a dynamic team and discover more from the best ingenious minds

You are competent of

  • Multi-tasking in a growing and fast-paced environment
  • Demonstrate efficient operations competencies with ardent attention to detail
  • Produce superior quality work using excellent judgment with little supervision
  • Coordinate through the many channels and means of communication
  • Contribute and create an impact towards the quality of work environment
  • A go-getter with quick learning capabilities

You take inspirations from

  • Brilliant teammates and thorough leaders of a dynamic workplace
  • Technology, enhancement and innovation
  • Benefits and compensations
  • A great culture

Enclose a cover letter along with your resume when you submit your job application

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