list of mobile app marketing services by mobisoft infotech

App Marketing Is Essential For App Success

Apps are now an integral part of our daily everyday lives, with people using them for all kinds of needs from entertainment to education. As of July 2017, there are 2.2 million mobile apps in Apple’s App Store and 2.8 million apps in Google’s Play Store. There is a lot to choose from. You could get an idea of the competitive nature of the mobile app landscape.

The success of a mobile app is immensely dependent on the app marketing strategy you implement. Most of the successful apps have been following a robust marketing strategy from the get go. App development is just not enough. Mobisoft’s mobile app marketing services will enable you to create a profitable business out of a mobile app with a tailored and efficient app marketing strategy.

Our Services

An end-to-end mobile app marketing solution for businesses and startups to improve app discovery, increase organic app installs, build engagement and more.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Get a comprehensive app marketing plan with a detailed approach to launch, promote and monetise your app.

Mobile App Store Optimization

Increase your search visibility and gain more organic downloads with our data-driven app store optimization services.

Press Release & Social Media Services

Improve app discovery and enhance brand recognition through PR releases, social media campaigns and more.

Paid Ad Campaigns

Generate more downloads and app installs by running targeted Google’s Universal App campaigns and social media ads.

Mobile App Analytics

Build a solid app marketing plan that is backed by valuable data about user insights, behaviour and more.

User Engagement & Retention

Leverage mobile app analytics and other metrics to improve user engagement and retention strategy.


app store optimization mobisoft infotech

App Store Optimization Services

Increase app store discovery and boost organic app installs through data-driven and innovative optimization techniques for app store searches.

Mobile users are constantly searching for new apps with generic queries like photo editing app, news app, etc. App store optimization becomes essential if you want your app to be surfaced for such searches and catch the attention of potential users. We have built expertise and understanding of both app stores to formulate a unique and proven ASO strategy to organically boost app discovery by getting your app top rankings in the app store search results.

Our ASO Service Highlights

  • Well-formed ASO strategy

    In-depth analysis to chalk out a clear and concise app store optimization strategy for your app.

  • Robust Team & Toolset

    An experienced team using comprehensive ASO tools to offer the best results for your investment.

  • Data-driven Approach

    Leveraging data and metrics to implement, test and iterate on a plan quickly for optimized results.

  • In-sync App Indexing

    We implement app indexing together with other ASO techniques to drive app traffic from search engine results.

App Store Optimization Benefits

Grow your app audience organically and cost-effectively by optimizing your app’s store listings for keyword searches.


Improve rankings in app store search results.


Improve app awareness through increased visibility.


Grow your mobile user base organically.

65% of apps are found through search. Are your apps optimised for it?

Customers these days have a lot of apps to choose from. Searching in app stores is still the primary way to discover new apps. Getting your app store listings optimized for user queries is a powerful strategy to improve discovery and increase app installs.

app marketing strategy mobisoft infotech

App Marketing Strategy

Turn your app into a success story with an impactful mobile app marketing strategy that is result oriented and personalized to your business needs.

Our Approach

  • Analyzing the competition
  • Defining your key marketing goals, KPIs, and metrics
  • Thoughtfully choose the right app marketing channels for you
  • Understanding and communicating your app’s value proposition
  • Developing a proper understanding of your target audience
  • Determining potential market and categories that are relevant to your app
  • Create an app launch plan that is timely
  • Providing actionable analytics data and drive continuous optimization
press release and social media services mobisoft infotech

Press Release & Social Media Services

Amplify your brand and mobile app to a much bigger audience through media outreach, forums, review websites and social media channels.

Our Approach

  • Branding building efforts to gain competitive advantage
  • Create tailored content for each social media platform
  • Reach out to blogs, publications and influencers
  • Create a tailored targeted media list
  • Securing app reviews across all relevant verticals
  • Engaging potential users through multiple social media channels
mobile app analytics mobisoft infotech

Mobile App Analytics

App analytics is at the core of our app marketing services and enables us to better optimize your app marketing plan and deliver efficient results

Our Approach

  • Setting up analytics for your app ( Mixpanel, Segment, Google, Flurry, Firebase etc.)
  • Generating insightful reports to drive the entire marketing strategy
  • Personalizing the marketing efforts for your audience
  • User acquisition analytics by channel
  • Defining and measuring key metrics like daily active users, session duration, etc
  • Optimize paid app campaigns with analytics data
paid ad campaigns mobisoft infotech

Paid Ad Campaigns

Paid user acquisition campaigns on Google and social media platforms like Facebook to drive more installs that are fully managed by our app marketing team.

Our Offerings

  • Universal Ad Campaigns by Google Adwords
  • Search ads for Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad
  • Leverage Facebook’s powerful app marketing ads and tools
  • Ad copy writing and more for maximum ROI
  • Combining paid ads with ASO
user engagement andretention

User Engagement & Retention

We use effective mobile engagement techniques, leverage personalization to better engage users, retention campaigns to unlock app’s success.

Our Approach

  • In-app messaging for contextually relevant messages
  • Engaging latent users with push messaging and alerts
  • App onboarding analysis and improvement
  • User rewards strategy
  • Deep linking apps
  • App localization
  • Social media and content share strategy
  • User segmentation and targeting

Technologies We Use

We use a robust and thoughtfully chosen toolset and technology stack to smartly execute an app marketing plan.

Our ASO process

Benefit from our comprehensive app store optimization process that perfectly aligns with the overall app marketing strategy for best results.


Optimizing title

We create a title that is descriptive, concise and gives a good idea to the user as to what the app is about


Keyword research and optimization

Building the right keyword set to target and optimize for that involves competitor keyword research as well


Optimizing app description

Our professional team of content writers will write a description that is meaningful and persuasive


App icon design

Our designers will create a unique logo/ icon that strengthens your app branding and is easy to identify


App localization

We localize everything about your app listing from keywords, language, app name, description, app screenshots and more


Screenshot creation

Eye-catching and creative screenshots of your app’s main screens so that potential users caneasily visualize how your app works


App reviews and ratings

Submitting app to important review websites, promoting through blogger community, video reviews and more


App landing page creation

A dedicated webpage focused on your app to establish a web presence and reap numerous other benefits


App indexing

Getting your app indexed to get them surfaced for both public web searches and personal on-device content