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Start Pedaling With On-demand Bicycle Sharing Apps

Bicycle Solution To Easy Commute

Solution To Easy Commute

Solve the daily commuting problems successfully

Let your bike sharing app be the solution to traffic congestion issues for daily commuters.

Bicycle Solution Ideal Business Model

Ideal Business Model

Provide accessibility to the commuters or app users

Create value for your customers and get maximum ROI with our precise solution.

Bicycle Solution Refined-Service

Refined Service

Offer convenient and prompt bike sharing services

Increase the quality of your services for riders to get dockless bikes at their convenience.

Dockless Bike Sharing Apps

Bike Sharing Apps: Solving The Last Mile Problems

Today, it’s quite difficult for people to arrive at their destination on time using a public transport, so they choose to walk down or take an auto or a cab. Using it daily can be expensive sometimes. So, in order to solve this last mile problem, on-demand dockless bike sharing apps are providing convenient and cheap access to bicycle based commute and are here to stay. Mobisoft Infotech will help you create a novel bicycle sharing technology platform for solving this last mile problem. It can help people cover a short distance without waiting. By working in the on-demand dockless bike segment and launching mobile apps, you can cater to the growing market opportunity.

Mobisoft Infotech, with a deep domain expertise in on-demand apps development, can help you launch your own bicycle sharing app by offering an end-to-end technology solution that’ll be tailored as per your business needs.

How It Works?

Let Riders Enjoy Their Environment-friendly Commute

Locate the dockless bike in the nearest area

Scan the QR code unlock and start the ride

Manually lock and click end ride once finished

Park anywhere in an approved site

Bicycle Solution Rider App

Finding A Nearby Bike Made Easy

Let the riders find their nearby dockless bikes of their locations so that they don’t have to go far and rent a bike.

Easy Sign up

Riders can easily get started by using mobile-number and email for signing up.

Easy Unlocking

Option for riders to scan the QR code given on the bicycle after signing in to unlock.

One-click Locking

Users can manually lock the bike and click end ride on the app once the ride is completed.

Flexible Parking

The bike sharing app allows riders to park their bike any of their roadside parking circle.

Advance Booking

Riders can book their ride in advance with on-demand dockless bicycle sharing app

Help & Support

Option for riders to refer in-app FAQs and contact service help desk when needed.

Notification & Alerts

Users will receive important updates during and after their rides via email, SMS, push notifications, etc.

Hassle-free Payments

Riders can opt for secure in-app payments using one of many payment choices.

Ratings & Feedback:

Users can share their feedback on their riding experience post the ride is completed.

Bicycle Solution Admin panel

Easily Manage Your Bicycle Sharing Service

Our white label bike sharing system provides you a comprehensive admin panel to manage complete platform

Admin Dashboard

A customizable screen to create, view, & edit all the aspects of on-demand dockless bicycle sharing app.

Manage Requests

Admin can view and assign the booking requests made by the bicycle riders.

Manage Bicycles

Admin can keep a stock of the available bicycles, total number at a particular location, and more.

Track Bicycles

Option to seamlessly track the location of all the bicycles in real-time.

Manage Riders

Admin can manage the complete database of all the bicycle riders, and update their data anytime.

Manage Promotions

Admin can offer discounts and promo codes to increase app engagement.

Manage Notification

Option to configure notification settings and messages for the email, push, and SMS channels.

Manage Tariffs

Set bicycle riding rates based on distance, time and other taxes.

Manage Reviews

Option to view feedbacks given by riders to analyze their experience.

Reporting and Analytics

Get useful insights, stats, and key metrics to make data-driven decisions and grow your business

Bicycle Solution optional feature

Enhance Your Bicycle Sharing Services

Equip your app with cutting-edge features and take your business to a next level with on-demand dockless bike sharing app development

Web-based Bookings

Make it convenient for riders to book via web whenever they want.

In-app Chat

Add a direct communication channel between bicycle seeker and bicycle sharing service providers.

Refer & Earn

Promote your bicycle sharing app by offering referral rewards to riders.

Customer Support Integration

Integrate with popular third-party support systems to handle all queries.

Want to Build Your Own On-demand Smart Bicycle Sharing Platform?

Get started with dockless bike sharing app development to build a smart, affordable, and environment-friendly app.

Key Highlights Of Our Bike Sharing App Solution

We want to provide the benefits on on-demand technology to the bicycle sharing service providers to let them stay ahead.

White Label & Customizable

Complete white label solution with your business logo, branding, and option for custom features and integrations.

Pre-built Solution

A ready to deploy bicycle sharing app solution for a faster implementation, saving valuable time and money.

On-Premise Deployment

We will host the entire platform on your private cloud instance to give you full data ownership and control.

Robust and Scalable

The enterprise-grade technology stack is rigorously developed for high reliability and option to upgrade as per your needs.

Global Solution

Our comprehensive solution supports multi-currency and languages, and can be customized to support different countries.

Hassle-Free Payments

Our integrated solution supports multiple payment gateways and easy addition of new one as per your preference.


The entire system is thoughtfully designed to offer an intuitive experience for all the bicycle seekers.

Onboarding Support

We will provide you an end-to-end support to ensure a seamless deployment and launch of your bicycle sharing platform.

Implementation & Launch

We will work closely with you to consult and customize the solution specifically for you.

  • Understanding Your Needs

    Our solution sales team gathers the complete requirement.

  • Payments Integration

    We will assist you in integrating your preferred payment gateways.

  • Notifications Integration

    We will fully integrate SMS, push notifications, and email alerts into your solution

  • Analytics Integration

    Become data-driven and leverage the benefits of built-in analytics features.

  • Server Setup And Backup

    Our app developers will set up a private server for your solution deployment.

  • Security Compliance

    Full data security audit to meet the necessary compliance standards.

  • Publishing Your Apps

    We will successfully launch your app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We will always be there to help and ensure smooth operations of your business.

Bicycle Solution Implimentation launch

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