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Uber for Truckers  |  Truck Dispatching Software Solution

Mobile App Based Solution For Logistics And Transport Service Providers

Our On-demand logistics solution helps logistic, transport and movers businesses to automate their business process, reduce operational costs and gain customers.

Truck Booking Software Mobisoft Infotech

App For Shipper/ Sender/ Customers

We provide mobile app solution for trucking Industry that will automate the business process, and will help to grow your business and achieve customer satisfaction

  • Native truck application development for iOS & Android
  • Secure Authentication
  • Mobile number verification
  • Select drop off location – set location on map view or set location manually
  • See estimated time of truck arrival
  • Two tap booking
  • Cash and card payment option
  • Booking cancellation
  • Track the truck dispatch app location on map
  • Auto fare estimation and calculation
  • Alerts - Push notification, email alerts, SMS alerts
Mobile_Truck_App Mobisoft Infotech Transportation Logistics

Optimum Driver Engagement

The truck software also runs as an app for driver service and helps truck companies keep a check on their business with no manual efforts. Communication happens between the vendor, dispatchers and driver app, which is easily monitored from your office thus making it a leading truck dispatch app for drivers.

  • Native truck application development for drivers on iOS & Android
  • Secure Authentication
  • Dashboard with driver account details.
  • Locate themselves over Google map
  • Secured individual Driver profile with image, Email Id, phone number, driving license and truck details
  • Mandatory to activate the GPS upon login.
  • View all requests
  • Accept / Decline job requests
  • View trip details - date, time, locations on map, shipper details
  • Start and End trip
  • Google navigation to pick up location and drop location
  • Settings
Taxi Web Admin Panel for Owners Taxi Mobisoft Infotech

Smart Web Interface To Monitor Business

Owners have complete control over truck drivers, trucks, dispatchers, and transactions carried over within the territory thus making it the best apps for truck drivers. They have rights to block/unblock, add/edit any user anytime.

  • Secure Authentication
  • Dashboard - quick summary and statistics
  • Manage customers
  • Manage drivers
  • Manage trucks
  • Manage requests
  • Manage transactions
  • Reports - Access and extract Account report and total earnings at a glance.
  • Manage site settings, SMTP mail settings, SMS templates, Social networking site settings, Payment gateways and settings
Truck Web Admin for Dispatcher Dispatcher Logistics Mobisoft Infotech

Web Interface For Manual Dispatching

The smart dispatcher panel allow dispatchers schedule trips, take phone bookings, assign trips to drivers, take recurrent bookings, track truck locations, track payment and send auto-generated fare receipt via email after completion of the trip. There are very meager chances of losing out on orders through these communication channels on this apps for truck drivers.

  • Secure Authentication
  • Company Logo displayed.
  • Dashboard
  • Real Time Updations in Dashboard.
  • Real Time tracking on map
  • Phone bookings
  • Assign trips manually
  • Manage vendors' trucks
  • Manage vendors' drivers
  • Configuration - Assign truck and manage assigned truck
  • Access and extract trip transaction details which are completed, cancelled or rejected.
  • Access and extract Account report and total earnings at a glance
Truck Mobile App Implementation And Launch Mobisoft Infotech

Smart Way To Manage The Whole Process

Manage the whole process by assigning trucks and managing assigned trucks. Access and extract trip transaction details, account report and total earnings at a glance.

  • Secure Authentication
  • Company Logo displayed.
  • Dashboard
  • Real Time Updations in Dashboard.
  • Real Time tracking on map
  • Phone bookings
  • Assign trips manually
  • Manage trucks
  • Manage drivers
  • Configuration - Assign truck and manage assigned truck
  • Access and extract trip transaction details which are completed, cancelled or rejected.
  • Access and extract Account report and total earnings at a glance
Advanced Truck App Features Mobisoft Infotech

Implement And Go live!

These essential tasks are also part of our comprehensive solution of our truck dispatch software.

  • Understanding the business specific requirement
  • Design implementation as per the branding guide
  • Rule engine customization for fare calculation, cancellation etc
  • Analytics Integration
  • Push Notification setup
  • Email service setup & integration
  • SMS service setup & integration
  • Additional Payment gateway Integration
  • Production server setup and deployment
  • Quality check
  • Security compliance check
  • Database and Server backup provision
  • App submission to Apple & Android marketplace
  • Support and maintenance

Why Truck Dispatch Software

The cost of repositioning an empty container is almost as costly as moving a full container. Our truck dispatch solution is cost-effective, improves visibility across entire supply chain and prevent trucks to move while empty.

Manage Your Trucking Business Smartly With Our Truck Dispatch Software!

Transportation Industry

Our online truck booking Software features a rich set of functionality.

  • Complete fare history
  • Capture signature on bill of lading (e-sign)
  • Rate drivers
  • Manage truck dispatch
  • Real time status of your fleet and jobs
  • Manage vehicles, drivers, vendors, customers
  • Assign routes/ jobs to drivers
  • Arrival and departure information at each stop/ job site
  • Job instructions, deliveries on the mobile
  • Native truck application development for iOS and Android
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Targeted freight information sharing
  • Push notification, SMS and Email alerts
  • Freight tendering service (chance to accept or reject freight quotation in evaluation process)
  • Select drop off location Freight details (type of load, pickup and drop-off location)
  • Mobile Workforce Dashboard
  • Map with routes for delivery and real-time traffic information
  • Automatic and manual truck dispatch
  • Booking cancellation
  • Multi language support
  • Cash and card payment option
  • Receive real time proof of delivery
  • Communicate with drivers
  • Check available trucks on map and their location

We Provide You

We provide mobile app solution for trucking Industry that will automate the business process, and will help to grow your business and achieve customer satisfaction.

Support Services Mobisoft Infotech

24/7 support

Our team includes app developers who maintain regular communication with your company providing assistance and solving issues

  • Support via phone, email and skype
  • Online demo and user manuals
  • Online training sessions
  • Video guide
Open to Customization Mobisoft Infotech

Customized service

We offer you personalized service by designing and developing app using your own custom design and business requirements that best fit your business process

  • Design, App and Backend customization
  • Business rule engine customization
  • Deployment
 Best Pricing Mobisoft Infotech

Best Pricing

We offer price keeping in mind the budget constraints of small and mid-sized organizations. Price is set as per your business requirements for your app

One-time price for implementation or Monthly subscription

Get A Complete Control
Over All Aspects Of Your Trucking Business

Our solution provides instant access to drivers, dispatchers and customers with cutting-edge
technology that’s user-friendly, economical, fast and secure

Specialized trucking Trailers

Flatbed truck

Dry Van and Enclosed Trailers

Box trucks

Tow trucks

Packers and Movers


Refrigerator truck

Tanker or Tank truck

Dump truck

Multi-Stop trucks


Mobile Application


Android SDK, Android Studio, Java 7, Sqlite


xCode, Objective-C, Sqlite, SWIFT

Server Backend

J2EE (Jersey framework), HTML, Postgresql, gis, Restful web servies, Java sockets

Supported Payment Gateways & Mobile Money, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Square, Orange money, Moov money, Airtel money, mPaisa


SMS Alert: Twilio Email Service: Mandrill Map and Geolocation services: Google Map, place search services, distance calculate services


Amazon EC2 for application and DB deployment Amazon S3 for storage


SSL certificate for Admin panel and web services Token based authentication for API access No credit card information saved on our servers

Development Environments

Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, Android Studio

truck app architecture Logistics Solutions Mobisoft Infotech
  • Mobile Wallet Integration
  • Driver to Customer chat
  • Driver to Admin, customer to Admin chat
  • VOIP calls driver to customer
  • Zonal setup for operating region setting
  • Different fare for different city
  • Waiting time calculation and charges
  • Membership Rewards Program

Why Mobisoft For Truck Dispatching Solutions?

The trucking industry is on the verge of shifting to a whole new paradigm
with the integration of mobile app.

  • Specialised and Experienced team in building complex GPS solutions
  • High quality, easy to use interfaces
  • Truck dispatch solution offers high return on investment
  • Detailed app testing process
  • Providing hosted solution
  • Flexible and scalable technical architecture
  • Providing customized solution with flexible pricing model
  • Fully automated system and real time tracking solution
Truck App Development Solutions Mobisoft Infotech

Book Your Demo Now and Get Started

We help transform your business with our unique mobile truck booking app and compete against other apps like GoShare, Cargomatic, Dispatcher, Trucker tools and Trucker Path Pro.


Yes. This app solution is suitable for all the truck businesses - small, mid or large size. If you have plunged in an all new business in the ever green field of transport, then this app can prove to be one of the turn key for your business.

This application does not require any extra hardware or equipments. All you need is a Smartphone with internet connection. It offers a high-tech working environment with anytime anywhere login facility. This app can easily integrate with your transportation business.

We currently work on a 6-8 weeks turnaround time to complete the entire process right from app development to its deployment. Nevertheless we also undertake work on stringent deadlines.

Project specific code is specifically developed to achieve the functionality of the application. Client shall own the copyright of this product once the client agrees on the terms of the company to buy truck dispatch app.

Before you invest time and money towards expensive GPS equipment for your trucks, consider the following:

  • Can it provide real-time location on a dashboard?
  • Can it provide route tracking (bread crumbs)?
  • Can it provide proof of deliveries?
  • Can it provide communication with the driver? Or do you need to invest in radios for the cab?
  • Can it provide navigation to the destination?

Pricing structures is implemented based on a fixed cost to create the app and monthly maintenance charges depending on the number of trucks integrated with this app solution. Apart from this if there are any add-ons in terms of additional features are charged on hourly basis. For any additional information and to know about the standard features and it’s pricing, get in touch with us.

Project Planner
Use our project planner to estimate the deliverables and pricing for your product needs.