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Custom Trucking App Development For On-Demand Logistics

logistics startups

Logistics Startups & Aggregators

Create A Uber For Trucking App For Shippers And Carriers

Seamlessly connect shippers to truck drivers and carriers with a Uber Freight like app development solution.

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Trucking & Freight Businesses

Automate Truck Dispatch Operations And Fleet Management

Increase efficiency, acquire new customers and improve profitability with our app based truck dispatching system.

Packers and Movers

Packers & Movers

Provide End to End Shifting Solutions On Mobile

Make it simple and hassle-free for users to move their stuff around, all from a branded mobile app like Uber Freight.

Solution Overview

A mobile first logistics management software solution serving carriers, drivers and shippers.

Passenger App Mobisoft Infotech

Finding A Truck Made Simple

Your shipping customers will get branded native iOS and Android apps to book, manage, track and pay for their shipments with ease.

Shippers can simply provide their pickup, destination and package details and request a quote, schedule a delivery and more with your trucking business app.

Your shipping customers get real-time tracking feature for their packages and know exactly where their shipments have reached.

Shippers get push notifications via the app for new quotes, delivery confirmation, driver arrival, successful package delivery, emergency alerts and more.

Provide your customers with proper bills and invoices mailed to them on successful delivery, and get paid online.

Get the feedback about your service directly from your customers. They can rate their service experience and help you with valuable inputs.

Driver App Mobisoft Infotech

Get Requests On The Move

Native apps for your truck drivers to receive and manage booking dispatch requests from you or the customers directly and do a lot more.

Drivers will be alerted for new shipping requests and choose to accept or reject them on the go.

Drivers will get navigation and route suggestions to quickly pick up the shipment and drop it at the required destination without any hassle.

Drivers can take a picture of the bill of lading, sign it and send it for approval, all from the truck driver app.

Drivers can let the owners and shippers know about any emergency situation like vehicle breakdown, package damage, etc.

Notify drivers on new updates, payments, reviews, etc. and help them with their issues.

truck dispatch panel by Mobisoft infotech

Manage And Dispatch Shipments

You as the owner/ transporter/ aggregator will get a feature packed admin panel to manage all aspects of your app powered logistics and trucking business with custom integrations and features as per your business needs.

Shipments requested will be routed directly to your drivers or you can assign them yourselves from a dedicated truck dispatch module. View past, current and upcoming requests.

Add driver information, view activity and performance, settle payments and more from the driver panel.

Add all your trucks and freight vehicles, track them, view usage, maintenance updates and more from your custom trucking business software.

Keep a database of all your shipping customers, add new customers, create requests, raise invoices, notify them and more.

Get useful insights, stats, and key metrics to make data-driven decisions and grow your business with a custom-built truck dispatch system.

Losing Money On Half-Empty Trucks?

Get extra shipments and better truck utilization with a custom-built Uber Freight like app and truck dispatch software solution tailored to your needs. By leveraging technology your business can achieve much higher operational efficiency, better service, and happier customers.

“Uber For Trucking” App And Dispatch System

We want to bring Uber like on-demand technology to all trucking businesses along with some key advantages.

White Label & Customizable

Your white label trucking app is fully branded for you and open to new features, enhancements, and integrations.

Pre-built Solution

A turnkey trucking business software solution that can be implemented quickly, saving valuable time and money.

On-Premise Deployment

We will host the truck dispatcher software on your private servers to give you full data ownership.

Smart Allocation

Carry multiple loads in a single truck trip by getting matched to shipments going the same way.

Robust and Scalable

Our solution will enable you to receive and fulfill as many shipment orders as you want without any glitches.

Global Solution

Run your shipping and trucking business in multiple countries with multi-currency and language support.

Hassle-Free Payments

Get paid for shipments from clients preferring different payment gateways with our integrated solution.

User Friendly

The entire truck dispatch system delivers an intuitive experience for both shippers and carriers.

Onboarding Support

We will fully assist you in adopting our trucking software and ensure that you get maximum ROI.

Implementation And Launch

We will work closely with your business to understand what you exactly want so that we can deliver a tailored truck dispatch software solution.

  • Understanding Your Needs

    Comprehensive requirement gathering by our trucking solution sales team.

  • Payments Integration

    Let us know your preferred gateways and we will integrate them for you.

  • Notifications Integration

    Push notifications, SMS, and email alerts are integrated into your solution.

  • Analytics Integration

    Become data driven and take advantage of built-in analytics features.

  • Server Setup And Backup

    Our truck app developers will perform the server setup for you.

  • Security Compliance

    We will keep you onto the right side of security. No worries here.

  • Publishing Your Apps

    We will get your apps listed on Apple and Google Play stores.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We will always be there for help and ensure your business runs smoothly.

truck dispatch software system screens by Mobisoft Infotech

Full Feature List

Explore the wide range of features our truck dispatcher software solution has to offer. Our experienced truck app developer team can add the features, integrations, and enhancements you want.

Simple Registration

Getting started for your shipping customers is easy with email and social login options.

Browse Vehicles

Shippers can check trucks near them on a map and browse their specifications.

Enter Details

Shippers can provide the pickup and drop locations, load details, instructions, etc.

Fare Estimates

Shippers can get estimated fare for their delivery based on distance and other details.

Request Quote

Your customers can request a price quote directly from you and make an informed choice.

Schedule Bookings

Customers can choose the right date and time for their package to be picked up.

Alerts & Updates

Shippers will get notified for successful bookings, driver and truck details, and more.

Manage Bookings

Customers can manage all their requests in one place and request help when needed.

Track Shipments

Customers will be able to track the trucks in real-time, giving them full confidence.

Billing & Payments

Shippers will get a proper bill on successful order and can pay online from the app.

Rate Driver

Get feedback about your service directly from your customers.

Web bookings

We love to provide options like a web interface for shippers to manage bookings.

Help & Support

Customers can read in-app FAQs and share support ticket when needed.

Simple Registration

Drivers can provide their basic details, upload documents and get started.

Get requests

Drivers will start getting new requests on their app and serve your customers.

Manage Requests

Drivers can manage all their past, current and upcoming requests in one place.

Shipper Details

Drivers can view pickup and drop details after they accept a request.

Freight Details

Drivers can know more about the load they have to transfer and prepare accordingly.

Route & Navigation

Drivers can view the complete trip route and navigate easily to their destination.

Take Bill Photos

Drivers can click and upload the bill of lading, sign it and send it for approval.

Report Emergency

Get updated when your drivers run into some kind of emergency and provide help.

Performance And Payments

Drivers can track payments and view feedback from the dedicated truck driver app.

Secure Login

Admin and dispatchers can securely access their browser based panel.


Get key operational metrics, reports, and numbers at a glance.

Manage Drivers

Keep driver information, take actions, settle payments, and more.

Manage Dispatchers

Have a team of truck dispatchers to manually assign shipments to drivers.

Manage Trucks

Keep an up to date list of the fleet for tracking, maintenance, usage and more.

Manage Shippers

Maintain a robust database of your customers, view bookings and more.

Manage Tariffs

Set shipment rates, base fare, rate per km, per unit weight and other details.

Send Notifications

Notify customers and drivers for important updates on their apps.

Trip Logs

Keep a record of all the past, ongoing and upcoming trips in one place.

Billing & Invoicing

Manage all bills and invoices, generate new ones, track status, etc.

Service Settings

Manage vehicle categories. good types, routes, rates, and more.

Panel Settings

Make configuration changes to your panel to suit your specific needs.

CMS Features

Manage app content, FAQs, T&C, about page, banners, ads, etc.

CRM Integration

Connect your customer database to a CRM system and manage them better.

Customer Support Integration

We can plug into popular support systems to help you better handle issues.

In-App Chat

Add a feature to allow shippers, drivers, and carriers to talk to each other over chat.

Bidding System

Set up a bidding marketplace to connect shipper to the optimal truck.

Web Bookings

Your customers will also have an intuitive web interface to create and manage their bookings, track shipments, and more.

Referral Rewards

Shippers can claim free discounts/credit by sharing their referral code with others.

RTL Language Support

Cater to a global and varied customer base by supporting their local tongue.

Competitive Pricing

We offer a cost-effective Uber for trucking app development solution tailored to your needs.

One Time Cost

Get a competitive quote to build your custom trucking dispatch software solution.

Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust enterprise grade technology stack to power your truck dispatch software solution.

Uber For Moving Solution For Your Unique Idea

We believe that our Uber for trucks dispatch software solution can also be put to use for new and interesting use cases for moving stuff around. Below are a few ideas to start with.

tow truck

Tow Trucks

Provide towing and roadside services on-demand for people in need on the push of a button.

cargo truck dispatch

Courier Services

Launch an on-demand courier app for customers to conveniently request package pickup and delivery online.

Cargo van mobisoft infotech

Cargo Vans

Start a Uber Freight like cargo delivery business by managing and dispatching requests online.

Order Delivery Mobisoft Infotech

Parcel Delivery

Businesses/retailers can provide doorstep delivery to buyers using their transportation resources.

Garbage collection Mobisoft Infotech

Garbage Collection

Municipalities can manage their garbage vans through an app powered truck fleet management software.

Truck Operator Mobisoft Infotech

Moving On-Demand

If you have an idea for moving anything on-demand, check out our Uber for trucking dispatch software solution.


Logistics and transportation companies can gain a host of benefits like higher operational, getting more shipments, avoiding empty trucks, reducing costs, increasing revenue, better fleet management and tracking, getting paid faster and much more by adopting our Uber for trucking app development solution. Best of all, the entire app powered truck fleet management software is customizable and fully branded.

Absolutely. We are fully open to working with you on your specific solution requirements and delivering a white label trucking app and dispatch solution.

We already have a pre-built trucking dispatch software and app system and will help you get started as quickly as possible.

Feel free to contact our dedicated sales team and get more details. We are waiting...