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Custom Doctor Appointment Booking Software

A white label doctor appointment app development solution for hospitals and clinics looking to automate and streamline patient appointment bookings

Salon Appointment Scheduling App Development Mobisoft Infotech

Hospitals & Health Networks

Hospitals & Health Networks

Launch Your Branded Hospital App

Hospitals can get numerous benefits by having an online patient scheduling software solution.

Doctor Appointment Booking App Development Mobisoft Infotech

Doctors & Clinics

Never Miss A Patient Appointment

Ease down the appointment booking process for patients by providing them a seamless mobile app booking interface.

Scheduling App For Clients Mobisoft Infotech

Startups & Aggregators

Launch A Doctor Appointment App Platform

Connect doctors and patients together with a feature-rich and customized app like Practo or Zocdoc.

Why Launch A Medical Appointment Scheduling App?

Rather than keeping your patients hanging on the phone for minutes, prepare your hospitals and clinics for the clickable future.

Benefits For Clinics
No Phone Tagging
Lower No Shows
Efficient Staff & Workforce Management
Launch A Medical Appointment Scheduling App
Benefits For Patients
Book From Anywhere Anytime
No Last Minute Surprises
No More Missed Appointments

Solution Overview

A feature rich and comprehensive medical appointment scheduling software solution to deliver fast and reliable appointment booking experience to patients.


A custom home screen that shows the most relevant information upfront.

Add Doctors

Create a profile for each doctor in your clinic/hospital with relevant information.

Manage Patients

View all the registered patients in your app and manage their details.

Appointment Reminders - Patients

Automatic appointment reminders to your patients to reduce no shows.

Appointment Reminders - Doctors

Automatic notification alerts to your doctors to keep them ready for incoming patients.

Manage Appointments

View all the booked, cancelled, and completed appointments.

Manual Assignments

Manually assign new appointment requests to your doctors and staff.

Reschedule Appointments

Manage last minute rescheduling requests from patients with reschedule feature.

Calendar View

View appointments for all the doctors in a visual layout on a calendar.

Actionable Analytics

Get useful insights on peak hours, most valuable patients, doctor efficiency, and more.

Easy Registration

Patients have the option to register directly with their email id or phone number.

Browse Services

Patients can search doctors by criteria like proximity, specialty, consultation fees, and more.

Doctor’s Profile

View doctors’ details such as name, reviews , speciality, fees, business hours, and more.

Pick A Time

Option to view and book an available time slot.

Save Appointment

Patients can save the date and time of appointments in the calendar.

Favorites / Saved Doctors

Patients can select their preferred doctors and set them as favorites.

Review and Ratings

Patients can select doctors on the basis of real reviews and ratings.

Notification Alerts

Patients get updates for all important events via push, email, and SMS channels.

Appointment History

Dedicated section to access all the past and upcoming appointments.

Patient Profile

A dedication section for patients to add their personal information and medical history.

Native App

Doctors get their own dedicated app to view and manage bookings on the go.

Appointment Requests

Doctors can view their appointment requests and type, all at one place.

Appointment Reminders

Doctors get reminded on the app for upcoming appointments.

View Patient Details

View details of the patients along with their uploaded health documents for consultation.

Manage Appointments

Option to view status of all the appointments and add new time slots for immediate patient scheduling.

Cancel Appointment

Doctors can cancel an appointment by mentioning reason, if unavailable or have another emergency.

Share Reports

Doctors can send patients’ reports directly to their app along with the prescription.

Track Earnings

Doctors can keep a track of their earnings on a daily or monthly basis.

Appointment Bookings Web App

Offer your patients a web app as an additional booking channel.

Admin Dashboard App

Doctors can view their appointment requests and type, all at one place.Admin Dashboard App

Online Consultation

Video calling feature for on-demand consultation.

Medicine Ordering

Provide patients the option to order the prescribed medicines from the app.

Lab Appointments

Feature to schedule lab appointments from clinics and diagnostic centers.

Ask Health Questions

Patients can post health related questions and receive answers.

Prescription Photos

Doctors can share prescription photos with their patients post consultation.

Set Medicine Reminders

Reminders for patients to take medicines, drink water, and other suggested actions.

Informational Resources

Feature to browse a health articles and tips from medical experts.

Let Your Patients Schedule Appointments With You, Anytime, Anywhere

Accepting and managing appointments via phone calls or in-person is time-consuming and inefficient. Let us empower your clinics or hospital with a custom medical appointment scheduling software to make your appointment booking process online and seamless.

Why Choose Our Medical Office Scheduling Solution?

Along with the rich feature set, there are several other key advantages of having a medical or clinic appointment scheduling software.

Branded & Customizable

Get a customized app and branded interfaces for patients, doctors, and clinics as per your organization’s brand.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliant scheduling solution to ensure your patient privacy every time they make an appointment through the app.

Third Party Integrations

Built-in support for additional third-party software and APIs to extend the functionality of the solution.

Intuitive User Experience

Get user-friendly interface for each stakeholder in your doctor appointment scheduling software.

Robust & Scalable

The solution is built with a robust technology stack and can scale easily.

Dedicated Support

Our doctor appointment app developers will provide end-to-end support to deploy the solution for your business.

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Absolutely. Our solution can also work for aggregator and marketplace models. You can launch a feature-packed mobile app platform like Zocdoc for people in your area to book appointments at nearby clinics and hospitals.

Contact us for medical office scheduling solution.

Yes. You can have a clinic appointment scheduling software that you can use to receive patients appointments online and manage them efficiently. This will significantly save your time and enable you to attend more patients.

Contact us for clinic appointment scheduling software.