How It Works?

A comprehensive yet simple solution to create, deliver and track your learning & development programs.

Course Upload

Centrally manage your video-based training program.

Mobile Delivery

Deliver it with an amazing mobile experience.

Real-time Tracking

Track progress with advanced analytics for each learner.

Serving Training Needs Across Industries

Achieve your training goals faster by leveraging our custom app powered mobile learning solutions.


Sales Enablement


Safety & Compliance


Product Knowledge


Employee Onboarding


Software & Systems Training


Process Training


Customer Service


Equipment Handling

Simple Yet Smart Mobile Learning Solution

We offer a customizable mobile LMS system that will help you successfully run your training programs.


The central hub for anywhere, anytime learning.

Deliver and track your training programs in a highly effective manner with rich video-based mobile course content. The learner app has been designed to make the training experience fun and engaging with customization options as per your training program needs.

Native Experience

The learner app is available for both iOS and Android devices for a native learning experience across devices.

Smart Resume

Learners can quickly resume from where they left watching their video lesson, right from the home screen.

Gamified Experience

Boost engagement, encourage competition and inspire users to learn daily with points, leaderboards, and real reward system.

Learner Notifications

Inform participants about any newly added video or nudge them to complete a pending lesson with timely push notifications.

Offline Learning

Allow users to securely download the video content on their device and access it when offline or with a poor network connection.

Learner Dashboard

Users can track their progress for the assigned courses, check leaderboard and redeem their points in exchange for real rewards.

Interactive Assessments

Back the learning videos with follow-up micro assessments that are fun and engaging to take for the learners.

Video Recommendations

Personalized lesson recommendations for app users based on their view watch history.


Deliver bite-sized video lessons for better knowledge retention, more engagement, and better outcomes.

Smooth Video Playback

The app is focused on video content and offers all the necessary playback features for an amazing video learning experience.

Request Course

App users can suggest new lessons/topics they want to learn more about to the admin from the app.


Train your people. Measure results. Drive growth.

A powerful web-based admin panel for training managers to easily add and organize training courses, manage access, segment users and track performance at individual and group levels.


Get a high-level view of your training programs with contextual metrics for engagement, performance and learner outcomes.

Content Management

Easily upload all your video training material and organize them into courses/lessons for easy browsing.

User Management

Add your users individually, mass import them or allow them to register themselves by sending them invitations through SMS or email.

Segmentation & Grouping

Segment your users into groups and teams and target them with personalized training content.

Learner Analytics

Track progress for very learner individually with detailed insights, automated progress reports, and live activity feeds.

Course Analytics

View metrics at course/video level like the total number of participants, video views and total watch time.

Manage Assessments

Create and add assessments and track scores, progress and completions for each learner.

Manage Rewards System

Gamify the entire learning experience for your learners with real rewards for successful course competitions, achievements and more.

Manage Notification Alerts

Set up notification content and display rules for the learner’s app like sending a notification for new video upload.

Security Measures

Keep your training data secure with restricted access, 2-factor authentication for app login and other security protocols.

Reap the Benefits of Anywhere, Anytime Training

Improve sales productivity

Enhance product knowledge

Boost employee engagement

Deliver excellent customer service

Run a successful L&D program

Extend your learning approach

Ready to discuss mobile learning for your organization?

Our Learning Solution Fits Every Industry

We enable you to successfully deliver your industry-specific training programs on mobile.





Transportation & Logistics




Why Choose Our Mobile Learning Solution?

Here a few good reasons to choose us as your mobile learning solutions provider.

Data Security

Custom security measures like data encryption, access control and 2-factor authentication in place to safeguard your training material across devices.

Custom Branding

Launch your mobile learning app with your organization’s branding, custom assessment types, rewards system and more.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy the solution either on-premise or on your AWS/Azure cloud instance.

Robust Content Management

Easy to use admin interface to manage and organize all your training videos.

Reporting & Analytics

Track progress for every learner individually with insightful metrics like watch time, assessment scores, engagement and more.


Connect the platform to your existing content repository, LMS or other applications for maximum ROI.


Support for non-English languages to run your training program in the language your learners are comfortable with.

Mobile First/Video First

Our platform is designed for the modern learning experience that is delivered via mobile devices with video micro lessons.