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Use SlateOne to collect real time intelligence about employee skills development.

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SlateOne - An Enterprise Learning Intelligence System

SlateOne is a solution which helps organizations collect real time intelligence about employee skills development and use it for better training and optimal resource management.

How it works

The platform intelligently aggregates and collects skills based information about employees from all sources- internal and external - to the organization, arrives at a skill score and provides a mix of both traditional and social learning experience to improve the skills.

What problems are we solving?

Problem #1: "Measuring the training results and attributing it to skill improvement". The challenge that L&D managers face is to find out quantified results of their training effectiveness. SlateOne addresses this problem by capturing data from internal and external influences on an employee, gives importance to the parameter and arrive at a base score, and thereafter every activity and training is measured along with the feedback in their score. An improvement of the score is a measure of the improvement of the skills.

Problem #2:"Increasing productivity, Resourcing, and the constant pressure the talent management group works with to keep the productivity high with the current workforce". The ability to see and understand the real capabilities and skills within the organization and putting them for the right role is always a big problem. SlateOne now offers real time comprehensive information about resources to help the resourcing manager address this problem effectively.

Problem #3:"The problem of plenty". There are just too many kinds of platforms that the L&D and other function are exposed to. SlateOne acts as a single information layer, which collects relevant intelligence from all these systems to present usable information to help the manager plan better training.


Invite employees to connect their external and internal profiles for a comprehensive skill score and the best learning management systems software

Encourage an informal environment by using engaging tools to improve score learning management systems software

Use this real time score for better training and employee engagement skill management system software

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