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Tinder App Screens Mobisoft Infotech

Anything Can Be A Swipe Away

Create unique Tinder style apps to connect individuals, discover content, buy products, explore events, find jobs and what not.

Tinder For People Mobisoft Infotech

Tinder For People

Connect Individuals In Tinder Style

Create matchmaking apps for people with similar interest, communities, groups, friends or Tinder clones.

Tinder For Shopping Mobisoft Infotech

Tinder For Shopping

Swipe Right To Buy Stuff

Make e-commerce apps more fun and engaging to use with Tinder style thumb swipes to choose products to like or buy.

Tinder For X Mobisoft Infotech

Tinder For X

Your Unique App Idea Like Tinder

Create a Tinder for jobs, events, parties, dogs, baby names, places, networking, polling and more.

Solution Overview

Get the core features of the Tinder app with our your custom enhancements on top of it.

Tinder Swipe Gestures

Provide the familiar and popular Tinder like gestures for selection.

Social Connect

Easy profile creation by pulling information from Facebook and Instagram.

Rich Profile Builder

Create an attractive profile with pictures, text, personal details and more.

Search Filters

Find new people by interest, proximity and other custom criteria.

Manage Discovery

Geolocation, distance, age, gender and other settings to manage visibility.

Match Notifications

Get notified in real-time when there is a match and start chatting.

Mutual Friends

Users can view any mutual connections with Facebook integration.

In-App Chat

Users can initiate a real-time chat with people they are matched.

Media Sharing

Support for image, video and gif sharing for rich conversations.

Block Users

Flag inappropriate content, report spam and block other users.


Get a top-level view of app usage, key metrics, active users, etc.

Manage Users

Know the number of registered users, view profiles, activity, etc.

Verify or Block

Issue a verified badge to approved users and block undesired ones.

Discovery Settings

Set discovery filter options like distance, age, interests, and others.

More Settings

Set superlike limit, data fields for user profile creation and more.

Remove Spam

Review any flagged or inappropriate content and ensure moderation.

Reporting & Analytics

Know more about the number of matches, app engagement and more.

Custom Matching Algorithm

We can add custom matching criteria to support your unique app idea.

Web Profile

Users can set up a web profile and share a link with others.

Snapchat Like Chat

Add self-destructing, time-based chat features to the in-app chat.

In-App purchases

Allow users to access premium app features by paying when needed.

Connect More Social Profiles

Bring LInkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and other social platforms to your app.

Boost Profile

Users can pay to get more visibility on their profile and increase matching chances.


Provide users the ability to review skipped profiles if they get interested later.

Change Location

Allow users to swipe from a different location like when they are traveling.

Want To Launch A Tinder Clone Or A Tinder Like Swiping App?

Just like there are Uber for X apps, there are also Tinder like apps. Tinder has made online dating extremely popular with its unique swipe based gestures and the same gestures are being used as an effective way to provide selection UI in other apps & services.

Why Swipe Right On Mobisoft

We have created a tailored process for Tinder clone or Tinder like app development

White Label & Customizable

Get the best of the Tinder app and add your unique design, customizations, features, and integrations on top.

Time & Cost Efficient

We have created a base solution for a dating app like Tinder which will help you save valuable time and money.

Tinder Gestures

We keep the fun intact with the flagship swipe gestures implementation with card animations.

Built To Scale

The entire solution will work on a robust cloud infrastructure and is tested to handle high user growth.

Third Party Integrations

From integrating the social network of your choice to adding in-app payments, we support powerful integrations.

Custom Matching Logic

Let us know your idea for matching and we will fully handle its technological implementation.

App Monetisation

We support in-app payments, running third-party ad networks and premium feature tier to bring more value.

Amazing UI/UX

Our UX team has built around the swipe gestures to make your app fun, engaging and interactive to use.

Your Success

We ensure that your app idea is brought to reality with a dedicated team throughout the app building process.

Technology & Solution Architecture

We use a robust technology stack to add Tinder app style features like swipe gestures, geo location, matching algorithm and more.

Explore Our Other App Solutions

We have a range of pre-built mobility solutions for different verticals that are tailored to your specific business requirements.

Want To Make Matching More Fun?

We are excited about bringing the Tinder like swiping experience to new app ideas and services with a tailored Tinder for X app development solution.

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The cost of building a dating app like Tinder would depend on a number of factors, from the platforms you want to target to the features you want to have. It would also vary with the number of customizations you want to have. We encourage you talk to our customer success executives to get a detailed walkthrough of all the fixed and recurring cost involved and help plan your project better.

Tinder like apps make money in a number of ways.

  • Charging a monthly subscription to use the app.
  • Running ads using third-party networks like interstitial ads in between two profile swipes.
  • Making in-app purchases for stickers, coins, credits, etc.
  • Paying to unlock premium features like profile boost, more superlikes, etc.

Absolutely. We will help you decide from a range of options and let you pick the one you find right for your app.