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Uber Freight Clone App Development for On-demand Trucking

Uber clone app solution for global startups by Mobisoft Infotech

Logistics Startups and Aggregators

Build Your Own Aggregator Platform

The Uber freight clone solution helps you build a platform for aggregators similar to Convoy, Cargomatic and uShip.

trucking and freight businesses by Mobisoft Infotech

Trucking and Freight Businesses

Seamlessly Connect Shippers and Drivers

Launch your own branded aggregator mobile app to bridge the gap between shippers and drivers.

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Delivery Businesses

Streamline the Shipment Delivery Process

Uber Freight Like Apps for delivery businesses that ensure a much better shipment delivery experience.

shipper application Mobisoft Infotech

Reducing the Manual Efforts

Provide your shipping customers with a branded shipper app to book, track and easily pay for the shipments.

Easy Registration and Login

Shippers can easily get started with mobile-number and email login options.

Browse Trucks

Option to browse through different truck types (PTL, FTL) in real-time on a map.

Book Shipments

Shippers can simply book loads by providing pickup, drop location, shipment schedule and load details.

Manage Shipments

Shippers can view and manage all their ongoing, upcoming and past shipment requests.

Track Shipments

Shippers can track all their bookings in real-time and stay updated with the status.

Schedule Bookings

Shippers can schedule a load/cargo pickup for later.

Booking History

A dedicated section to manage all past, ongoing and upcoming booking requests.

Help & Support

Shippers can refer in-app FAQs and contact service help desk when needed.

Notification & Alerts

Shippers will receive important updates throughout the Shipment via email, SMS, push notifications, etc.

Hassle-free Payments

Shippers can opt for secure in-app payments using one of many payment choices.

Ratings & Feedback:

Shippers can share their feedback and provide ratings to the driver post the shipment is completed.

driver app mobisoft infotech

Get Real-time Requests

The Trucker app helps truck drivers to get new load requests, update shipment status and improve communication.

Simple Registration

Admins can register drivers and provide them the login details for the trucker app.

Requests Acceptance

Drivers can accept the real-time request or furnish their assigned shipment requests.

Upload Documents

Drivers can upload documents such as gate pass, delivery confirmation and upload images for the toll.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can change their availability status and go offline when they don’t want to receive requests.

Shipment Details

Drivers will get complete details on pickup and drop location, freight weight, type, etc.

Request History

Drivers can find all their past, upcoming, and ongoing jobs in a single place.

Driver Dashboard

Dedicated screen for drivers to view upcoming jobs, earnings, and other valuable data.

Track Earnings

Drivers can manage their account details, get integrated report on earnings and more.

Built-in Navigation

A feature to help drivers find the exact location to save time and fuel.

SOS Alerts

Drivers can add an emergency and inform the transporters and shippers about any delays or attention.

Fare Calculation

The fare will be automatically calculated once the shipment is completed and driver ends the trip.

Notifications & Support

Drivers will receive important updates throughout their shipment process.

Help & Support

Drivers can refer in-app FAQs and contact service help desk when needed.

Uber clone solution admin panel by Mobisoft Infotech

Freight Management Made Easy

Our white label Freight management software provides you a comprehensive admin panel to manage complete platform..

Admin Dashboard

A customizable screen to view the most useful information in one place.

Manage Requests

Shipments requested will be routed to the transporters and they will assign their nearby available driver to complete the request.

Manage Drivers

Add, Update driver information, view activity and performance, settle payments and more from the driver panel.

Manage Trucks

Add, Update all your trucks and freight vehicles, track them, view usage, maintenance updates and more.

Manage Carriers

Add, Update all your transporters, view respective bookings, legal documents and more.

Manage Shippers

Option to add, Update all the shippers, provide support for each booking and more.


Get useful insights, stats, and key metrics to make data-driven decisions and grow your business.


Manage all truck types, supported goods types, supported regions/ routes, taxes, pricing and more.

Manage Tariffs

Set shipping rates based on distance, loading/unloading charges and taxes.

Manage Notifications

Configure notification settings and messages for both shippers and drivers.

Booking History

Keep track of all past, ongoing and upcoming bookings from a central place.

Manage Bills

View, manage, generate bills and invoices and track their payment status..

Manage Refunds

Keep shippers happy by handling their refund requests efficiently.

Manage Services

Add and manage vehicle types, freight types, supported routes and more.

Uber clone solution admin panel by Mobisoft Infotech

Manage And Dispatch Shipments

Our comprehensive solution provides you a feature-packed web panel to manage your drivers and vehicles in a hassle-free manner

Manage Bookings

Transporters will route the requested shipments to their nearby available driver to complete the request.

Manage call

Option to add, Update driver information, view activity and performance, settle payments and more from the driver panel.

Manage Trucks

Option to add, update all the trucks and freight vehicles, track them, view usage, maintenance updates and more.


Carriers can get useful insights, stats, and key metrics to make data-driven decisions and grow business with a custom-built solution


Transporters can manage all the trucks and supported goods types, supported regions/routes, and view taxes and pricing.

View Truck Report

Transporters can check the reports such as, driver performance, truck mileage, shipper feedback, transaction and more.

Notifications & Support

Transporters will receive important updates throughout their shipment process.

Help & Support

Transporters can refer in-app FAQs and contact service help desk when needed.

Want to Build Your Own Long Haul Freight & Trucking Aggregator Platform?

Get started with Uber for trucks and logistics App development to achieve higher operational efficiency, quality service, and happier customers.

“Uber for Trucks Clone” App And Dispatch Solution

We want to bring the on-demand technology benefits to all trucking businesses along with some key benefits

White Label & Customizable

Our Uber for shipments solution is fully branded for you and open to new features, improvements, and integrations.

Pre-built Solution

A ready to deploy truck dispatch solution for a faster implementation, saving valuable time and money.

On-Premise Deployment

We will host the entire platform on your private cloud instance to give you full data ownership and control.

Robust and Scalable

The enterprise-grade technology stack is rigorously developed for high reliability and option to upgrade as per your needs.

Global Solution

Our comprehensive solution supports multi-currency and languages, and can be customized to support different countries.

Hassle-Free Payments

Our integrated solution supports multiple payment gateways and easy addition of new one as per your preference.


The entire system is thoughtfully designed to offer an intuitive experience for both carriers and shippers.

Onboarding Support

We will provide you an end-to-end support to ensure a seamless deployment and launch of your truck aggregator platform.

Implementation And Launch

We will work closely with you to consult and customize the solution specifically for you.

  • Understanding Your Needs

    Our trucking solution sales team gathers the complete requirement.

  • Payments Integration

    We will assist you in integrating your preferred payment gateways.

  • Notifications Integration

    We will fully integrate SMS, push notifications, and email alerts into your solution

  • Analytics Integration

    Become data-driven and leverage the benefits of built-in analytics features.

  • Server Setup And Backup

    Our trucking app developers will set up a private server for your solution deployment.

  • Security Compliance

    Full data security audit to meet the necessary compliance standards.

  • Publishing Your Apps

    We will successfully launch your app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We will always be there to help and ensure smooth operations of your business.

truck app solution implementation by mobisoft infotech
Uber clone app development by Mobisoft Infotech

Uber Truck Apps Are The Game Changers

On-demand freight startups like Uber Freight, Convoy, Cargomatic, uShip, Truxapp, QuickLoad, Doft, and Porter are successful global platforms to organize trucking business. These trucking marketplace platforms have effectively streamlined existing trucking operations and eliminated the intermediaries between truck drivers and shippers. It has also helped in lowering freight cost, improving businesses and truck occupancy.

We offer Uber for trucks and logistics app development solution to logistics & transportation businesses and startups. We will help you launch your own trucking aggregator platform by providing value-added consultation, technology, and continuous support. Our solution offers user-friendly interfaces, native apps, built-in enterprise grade technology, scalable architecture and can be customized as per your specific requirements.

Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust enterprise-grade technology stack used by our in-house taxi app development team to power your branded Uber like app.

Uber For Moving Solution For Your Unique Idea

Our Uber for Trucks Clone solution can be put to use for new and interesting use cases for moving stuff around. Below are a few ideas to start with.

Uber for Truck Solution mobisoft infotech

Tow Trucks

Provide towing and roadside services on-demand for people in need on the push of a button.

Rideshare app by Mobisoft Infotech

Courier Services

Launch an on-demand courier app for customers to conveniently request package pickup and delivery online.

Rideshare app by Mobisoft Infotech

Local Delivery

Businesses/retailers can provide doorstep delivery to buyers using their transportation resources.

Rideshare app by Mobisoft Infotech

Garbage Collection

Municipalities can manage their workers and garbage vans through an online system tailored to their needs.

Rideshare app by Mobisoft Infotech

Moving On-Demand

If you have an idea for moving anything on-demand, we welcome you to try out our dispatch solution.


Yes, our Uber for trucking solution, Truck Pulse, is a fully white label and branded for your business. From the shipper and driver apps to the admin dashboard, everything will have your business branding. The best thing about the solution is the level of customization we offer. Our truck app developers team can add more features, integrations, and enhancements as per your business requirements.

By adopting Uber for trucks solution, Logistics and transportation companies can bring much higher operational efficiency by automating the existing process with the help of technology through centralized and paperless operations, real-time tracking and data-analytics. Also, businesses can save money and increase revenue by choosing an automated system to manage and dispatch shipments requests from their customers.

Every business whether it is small or big needs custom software to fulfill their specific business requirements. You need technically advanced solutions to obtain a competitive advantage. We understand that every business has its own working methodology, processes, and conditions. Hence, We are open to serve all customization and integration requirements.

As it is a pre-built solution, we can definitely implement and launch it in a few weeks. However, an implementation schedule may vary based on the actual customizations and integrations requirements if any. Our solution cost is really competitive, and it may vary based on the modules, customizations, support SLA etc. On detailed analysis, our experts could give you precise pricing.

Truck Pulse uses a highly scalable technology stack to power on-demand logistics and transportation businesses. It is cloud-hosted solution can autoscale vertically and horizontally to support millions of transactions.

Once the solution goes live, we will assist you with the preventive maintenance and support services such as, App and server monitoring, Upgradation, bug, fixing, tech support, etc.

We offer both on-premise and cloud deployment options. Our most of the deployments are with AWS. However, we can also deploy the solution on your preferred cloud instance.

Yes. Truck Pulse caters to trucking businesses worldwide in their native languages including RTL, LTL and DBCS languages. The solution works globally with built-in support provision for multiple currencies and choice of payment gateways to start accepting payments anywhere seamlessly.