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Real Time Chat Solution

Custom real time chat app solution for startups & businesses.

Want to build your own instant messaging application like WhatsApp / Snapchat / Viber? Need to message your colleagues? Want your messages to be read quickly? Want to make sure your messages are actually read? You’ll probably want to avoid sending emails or leaving voice mails. Did you know that 97% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery? Versus 22% of emails? Text messaging is a highly effective and faster way to read messages. It’s become an essential social & business communication tool.

Mobisoft can help you build custom, hosted & scalable instant messaging app solution across iOS, Android & Web.

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Architecture of Chat Application

Mobisoft has developed a scalable chat server based on WebSocket Protocol which uses the technology from, Amazon Cloud and Mongo DB. This can scale to many millions of users as long as you are willing to pay for the server costs.

WebSocket is a modern general purpose real-time data access protocol which is supported on iOS, Android and Web Browsers too. So, chat applications made with WebSockets protocol can support all types of clients.

WebChat app for web
Chat app architecture

Tailor-Made Instant Messaging Solution

We offer to simplify real-time communication for iOS, Android & Web

One-on-One Chat

For those deep insightful conversations professionally or personally, users can now chat one on one.

Share Photos, Audios, Videos & Locations in Chat

Easily exchange multimedia files such as images, videos and audios to liven up the chats. And users can share any number of multimedia files with their contacts.

Profile Privacy Settings

Users can choose who can see their profile photo, status, last seen.


Get accurate subscription details, payment details and you can delete your account too.

Backup / Archive Chat History

Allows users to save all memories as they can backup/ archive chats and data on cloud.

Sent, Delivered, Read Receipt

Get instantly notified! Track chat messages easily with the Sent, Delivered & Read markers.

Group Chat (Chatrooms)

Group chat solution certainly adds vibrant to your unexciting chat conversations.You can create groups and have official or recreational conversations.

Smileys / Emoji Support

Collection of smileys to express better and keep the fun going.

Block / Unblock Users / Contact

Stop a contact from messaging or invading your personal space by blocking them.

Social Integrations

Signing up and Signing in via social accounts will help in improving user convenience and contribute towards more enrollments.

Clear Conversation

Clear the chat history with a click of a button.

Sync & Store

This solution is perfectly synchronized. Irrespective of the number of devices your user makes use of to stay signed in into your chat application, every minor user activity will be displayed concurrently across all devices.

Make Audio Calls

Bridge the distance with free voice calls to another user regardless of country and network carrier.

Broadcast Messages - Text, Image, Audio, Video

The Broadcast Message Module lets user send text message to all or selected users just at a push of button.

Push Notifications

Get notifications even when application is not running.

Is Typing

Keep the chat responsive & clutter free, users can now see a 'typing...' message when someone is typing a response on chat.

Invite Phone Contacts via SMS

Spread the joy and invite your phone contacts to join the app via SMS.


No hackers guaranteed! This instant messaging solution is developed with HMAC encryption means no third party snooping, account spoofing and DDOS attacks.

Make Video Calls

Best quality one to one video calls with no interruptions.

Record Voice & Send

Whisper, sing or shout. Let your users leave personalized messages in their own voice.

Push Notification Control

Are notifications disturbing you in an important meeting? Choose to get notified using sound and/or vibration or not get notified at all.

Last Seen

Users can keep track of when their friends were last active on a chat window, down to the minute with the Last Seen feature.

Offline Support

Stay in touch offline too! This instant messaging app development solutions offline messaging support extends the ability to keep in touch by making sure that a user is able to convey information even if the recipient is offline.

Report Conversation

Report any inappropriate conversation to the administrator.

Ready to Customize

Our full-service team will join you in your quest for success and will handleall your technological needs.

Some of Our Interesting Implementations

ulocal chat group chat video call


Location based social network platform that turns an outsider into a local

  • Ulocal is all about connecting with locals to find the best food, fun and culture in any city you visit!
  • Key features include free in-app messaging and calling worldwide, discovering real-time events and much more!


A location-based dating app for individuals to get hitched!

  • UCrush is a dating app that gives way to strangers in the same city, college or university to kick off a chat.
  • Features include realtime chat, location tracking, exciting look and feel, and cool themes that change with time.
My Gamer Tags


Live Interactive Gamer Buddy

  • View when friends are online on both Xbox Live and The Playstation Network.
  • View what games friends are currently playing and ability to message in real time.
  • Key features include search gamertag, live alerts, sms messaging, etc.

We AreReady To Build Chat& IM Solutions.

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