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  • With release of iOS5 new concept of SSO came. Now what is this SSO? Why we should use it? “Single Sign On” process is known as SSO. SSO let’s user sign into app only once on a device. That means if user is already sign in to app then they do not need to enter […]

  • Key inputs to avoid Apple’s iOS app rejection

    By Shailendra Sinhasane | In Apple - Mac, iPhone - iPad | on April 17, 2011

    An app idea or product app takes much of time and money investment to get into app world existence. The major hurdle to it’s success could be Apple’s review process. There can be numerous reasons for Apple’s rejections for your app. With our superior knowledge of iOS apps development since the day Apple launched their […]

  • What is Regex ? Regex stands for Regular Expressions. It consists of constants and operators that denote sets of strings and operations over these sets, respectively. The definition is as follows : Given a finite alphabet S, the following constants are defined: Notation in Regular Expressions Meaning of the Notation Ø Empty Set e Empty […]

  • iPhone FBConnect: Facebook Connect Tutorial

    By Sourabh Shroff | In iPhone - iPad | on February 20, 2010

    Update (27 June 2012) : You can find the latest updated facebook integration tutorial on our blog at: Facebook iOS SDK Tutorial : iPhone App Facebook integration with SSO (Single Sign On) Please note that this tutorial is now obsolete. Please use facebook’s official tutorial Now a days social networking websites like facebook are becoming […]

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