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Pump Up For On-Demand Fuel Delivery Apps

The transport industry is no stranger to the surge of on-demand apps and services. In fact, companies like Lyft and Uber propelled the booming trend...

Bike Taxi Apps – A List of Popular Uber for Bikes

Taxi booking and ride-sharing apps have completely revolutionized the way we use a cab to move from point A to point B. Now we can...

Mobile App Maintenance: A Critical Element In Any App’s Success

Have a mobile app for your business? How do you handle a major OS update like Android Oreo 8.0 or iOS 11? How do you...
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Update Your 32-Bits Apps To Support 64-Bits Runtime Environment

At the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017, Apple urged all the developers to move their applications to 64-bit apps. iOS 11 has dropped the support for...

H264 Encode And Decode Using VideoToolBox

Introduction to the topic If you want to broadcast your video which is being captured by iOS device camera to web or mobile devices, in...

A Swift tutorial to integrate

What is CARD.IO ? The provides friendly API’s and methods ready to use. With, you can scan the credit card details like card...
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Free Facebook Apple Watch PSD

Mdesign Music App Icon

Buckasur: Price Tracking Mobile Application

MobiToon IoT, Tech Toons and more

Mobitoon: More than watch

Internet of things – Smart fridge

Internet of Things – Smart Bulb

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