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How Can Uber Freight Like Apps Benefit The Trucking Industry?

Let’s accept this painful fact that managing a trucking company is messy and inefficient. Most trucking owners still manage their operations using multiple phone calls...

Virtual Captives: An Emerging Outsourcing Model

Traditionally, businesses looking to outsource IT work have had two primary options to choose from. Either they work with a third-party service provider and have...

iPhone UIButton tutorial: Radio Buttons

Radio buttons is a set of buttons out of which only one can be set at a time. For example: Selecting the time format out...
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H264 Encode And Decode Using VideoToolBox

Introduction to the topic If you want to broadcast your video which is being captured by iOS device camera to web or mobile devices, in...

A Swift tutorial to integrate

What is CARD.IO ? The provides friendly API’s and methods ready to use. With, you can scan the credit card details like card...

iOS 10 Rich Notifications Tutorial

iOS 10 has added two new notification extensions: Service and Content. Service extensions let you change notification payloads and Content extensions gives you a way...
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Free Facebook Apple Watch PSD

Mdesign Music App Icon

Buckasur: Price Tracking Mobile Application

MobiToon IoT, Tech Toons and more

Mobitoon: More than watch

Internet of things – Smart fridge

Internet of Things – Smart Bulb

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