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What You Should Know About Backups To Ensure That You Are The Master Of Your Own Destiny!

All of us know that all computing systems eventually fail. Even though computing has become much more reliable, still from time to time, systems suffer...

Everything You Need To Know About The All New Google Home

What would it be like, if you started your morning with your favorite music or got a cab ready, right outside your home when you’re...

The Future Of SEO And Mobile Apps

Have you ever noticed any difference in the search results when you Google something? You must be circulating the keywords back and forth to get...
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H264 Encode And Decode Using VideoToolBox

Introduction to the topic If you want to broadcast your video which is being captured by iOS device camera to web or mobile devices, in...

Setting Up Nginx As Reverse Proxy On Ubuntu 16.04 Server On AWS EC2

To setup nginx as reverse proxy, we are going to use Ubuntu 16.04. A reverse proxy is a server that is between a user and...

How To Set Up Apache Tomcat Based JEE Server Using Ubuntu 16.04 On EC2 With Either Open JDK Or Oracle JDK

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an EC2 server on the AWS Cloud and setup Java and Tomcat on that server. Please...
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Free Facebook Apple Watch PSD

Mdesign Music App Icon

Buckasur: Price Tracking Mobile Application

MobiToon IoT, Tech Toons and more

Mobitoon: More than watch

Internet of things – Smart fridge

Internet of Things – Smart Bulb

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