Process of Creating Product Blueprint

Discovery is the perfect way to place your mobile app idea in the right perspective! The quicker you shape your ideas the higher are the chances of a successful app launch.


How does it Work?

Essential process to increase success ratio

Discovery is the connecting bridge between the generation of the idea and the launch of the app as it provides the critical information that exists or which still requires further research.

Thus we guarantee

  • Systematic project planning
  • Creating frameworks
  • Chalking out the deliverables in black and white
  • Cost factor and time required from ideation to deployment

Right before you jump into the development process of your app, discovery provides a central point which helps you know where exactly you stand and the right process to attain your app objectives, all within your planned budget and a minimum time period!


1Understanding the objective

These are a few questions our discovery team asks the client before we go further. Once these set of questions are ticked off our checklist, we move on to the next step with total clarity of the app idea being on the right track.

  • 1. What is main purpose of developing this app?
  • 2. What is the desired impact after the launch of the app?
  • 3. What purpose is it being developed for? Business/ Recreation/ Productivity etc
  • 4. What kind of competition is my product going to face?
  • 5. What kind of technical limitations would my app face?
  • 6. Would it be profitable in context to my production costs?
  • 7. Can my target audience provide feedback on my idea?
Understanding Objective


A main part of the discovery process includes how to make your mobile app stand out! The discovery team puts their heads together, brainstorms on the entire ideation of the app and how the process should go about right from design, development, quality assurance and testing to deployment, support and maintenance.

The benefit? A combination of great ideas and creativity, and everyone is on the same page on how to go about the mobile app development process!


3Learning from your competitors

Conducting a thorough scrutiny of familiar app concepts, app development companies behind the reason for their success (or failure), what made the app click, app launch timings, market analysis, user study and an overall study of the clients’ potential competitors helps us deepen the understanding of the ‘why’ behind the app.

Competitors Analysis

4Mind mapping

A great way to quickly jot down all your ideas, a mapped out strategy highlighting the process, issues to be investigated, problem areas, designing app logo, and everything in between! This step is vital in developing all your ideas visually as well as systematically.

It’s a clear indicator of the functional scope of work required to develop the app and also highlights the features which are an absolute must-have, which are okay to go ahead with and some features which may not be needed too.

At the end of this step, the discovery team would be ready with a business requirement document which would be the go-to reference document for the next steps.

Mind Mapping

5Decide on technical feasibility

Paying attention to the details of the app such as technical limitations and possibilities plays an important role as the development team would be clear on what is required and what can be ruled out while developing the app. Also, the risk factors involved with every technical specification added is considered within this step.

Technical Feasibility

6Monetization Strategy

Revenue generation is vital to accommodate ongoing expenses which are essential for the smooth functioning of mobile app development. Taking this factor into consideration the discovery team plans out a strategy which includes:

  • ‘How to’ of in-app purchase
  • Generating advertising revenue
  • Planning an effective subscription model
  • Building a strong user base and crafting a revenue model to meet your goals
Monetization Strategy


Keeping all user experience guidelines and rules in mind, the discovery team conceptualizes an interactive visualization of the app in the form of prototypes. The discovery team crafts wireframes (with high focus on usability) that demonstrates major scenarios and how the user interacts with the app.


8High Level Architecture and Data Flow

The innovation discovery sessions include possible features, assumptions, a tentative app structure and also high level architecture depicting the data flow and simulated navigation within the App. By this phase a functional specifications document would be ready containing a documentation of features, user flow and alert functions.


9Technology and Platform selection

Technology decisions which are taken during the discovery process can directly affect app functionality. Depending on client requirements, the discovery team decides which technology to use and how to go about the development process.

For example, if your goal is to reach out to as many users as possible across all platforms, opt for an HTML framework which requires very little hardware integration.

If the requirement is to provide deep hardware integration for augmented reality technology, opt for a native application.


10Discovery Process Deliverables

Discovery Process Deliverables

Functional requirements Document
Contains high-level details of the project which includes project vision and scope, user functionality, detailed case scenarios or details of expected user tasks. May also include non-functional requirements and work-flows.

Final Project Plan
Includes a clear understanding of the complexity and entire process of designing and developing the custom application and this detailed project plan includes tentative timelines for delivery and activity milestone dates.

Cost Projection and Timeline
The final step of the discovery phase, the discovery team should have all the required information to provide the client with an accurate cost proposal for design, development, deployment and support of the application along with the approximate timeline required for completion of the project.

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