Product Discovery

An important step to create a product blueprint

Create a Robust Blueprint For Successful Product Launch

Bringing a successful product into the market depends solely on data-driven discovery. We at Mobisoft, focus on building a solid foundation to achieve product-market fit while unlocking an additional source of business value. We remove the ambiguity, identify gaps, capitalize on advanced tools, assemble and align teams to develop a robust product blueprint.

Product Discovery: Problem vs. Solution

Product Discovery: Problem vs. Solution

Problem space

Understand what the problem is, whether it exists for users, why it is worth solving, and validate it

Solution space

Understand what the right solution is, why it is worth pursuing, and validate it

We Manage

Our team has a decade of experience working on the different product requirements as well as challenges you face at various product life cycle stages. We conceptualize your vision from a holistic perspective and bring a face to it by crafting a feasible product blueprint.

Striking needs or user problems

When you want to solve a problem with a digital product

We understand the issues you or your end customers face and assist you in discovering the right products. We aim to reduce the uncertainties associated with the development and build a future-proof product development plan.

Create customized automation solutions
Automate business tasks

Unique ideas

When you want to build a unique and complex product

We understand your raw idea thoroughly and employ tools to collect required information related to the target audience, market, and competitors. Checking the feasibility of your idea, we create a comprehensive product blueprint that helps you build the right product.

Automate business tasks

General requirements

When you want to build a new product for the first time

We understand your product development requirements and help you prepare a perfect product blueprint that includes product scope, direction, solution architecture, wireframe, team, etc., to make your product successful.

Higher return on investment
Transformed & more strategic use of workforce

Existing Products

When you want to improve an existing product

We help you enhance your existing product and rejuvenate the look and feel, considering the market trends and evolving end-user experience. Our product team will engage in assessing the pain points of your current product and always endeavor to upgrade it with the latest technologies, architecture, frameworks, user interface, user experience, and much more.

Transformed & more strategic use of workforce

Product Discovery Process We Follow

Our team works closely with you to understand your business objectives and partner to deliver the value around your product from scratch or drive the existing one to the next level.

Step 1


  • Define the profile of your target audience and the problem space.
  • Discover product development opportunities.
  • Brainstorm & finalize the user personas and key areas of user engagement.

Product canvas

Step 2


  • Identify the target audience and understand their requirements, pain points, goals, motivations, or challenges.
  • Explore divergent perspectives and mindsets, who would potentially use the product.
  • Perform competitive analysis, user-centered research, empathy sessions, and brainstorming workshops.

Document of solution scope

Step 3


  • Compose a team of technical and business domain experts.
  • Confront ideas with team & brainstorm plausible scenarios from users' perspectives.
  • Establish business processes and user flows.

High level & Low-level processes for As-Is & To-Be models, User flows & User stories

Step 4


  • Visualize the product and develop user-centric designs of all the processes and workflows.
  • Shape the idea into a bespoke technology solution, emphasizing intelligence over artistry.

Customer journey maps, user stories, wireframes & UX-UI designs

Step 5


  • Validate the assumptions or your ideas.
  • Finalize priority pipeline and create the product development roadmap tailored to users' specific needs.

Product requirement documents

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business Idea Through Product Discovery

Mobisoft helps achieve your digital aspirations by combining a set of capabilities - digital strategy, market research & analysis, project planning, design, digital capabilities, building a product roadmap and governance model.

Understand the persona of the intended users and determine solution space to cure the pain-points

Identify challenges at an early stage and reduce uncertainty with our agile approach

Define clear goals and a multidirectional roadmap to develop a value-based product

Early assessments to harness optimal process efficacies by promoting active participation of the intended end-users

Build Innovative Digital Solutions That Drive Business Growth with Product Discovery

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