One of the major FMCG retailers in Latin America, which enjoys an eminent presence through its thousands of stores spread across 6 countries, planned to get an Omni-channel makeover. The objective was to increase the brand’s online presence, keep customers engaged and satisfied, and take on the competition from online and offline retailers.

The company adopted a Digital Commerce strategy to provide a seamless and unified shopping experience to its customers across its multiple retail outlets and dark stores. The company has partnered with Mobisoft Infotech and we laid down a phased approach with a dedicated annual budget towards the overhaul of technology, strengthening the digital supply chain, and optimizing digital commerce and operations.

Challenges and Potential

Latin American FMCG Market Analysis

With the advent of digital disruptions, the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds continue to blur — with profound implications for the way retailers function. Virtually every retailer is impacted by this ongoing digital transformation, whether from its initiatives or due to pressure from competitors.

Key Challenges

  • Difficulty in adapting to rapidly evolving consumer preferences without having the right digital commerce solution.
  • The rise of digital commerce giants and online marketplaces posed a great threat to the market share and increased the competition across online and offline platforms.
  • An urgent need to elevate customer experience and brand loyalty through mobile and website applications across retail stores.
  • Developing an intuitive shopping experience to differentiate from other FMCG competitors in the market and bridging the last-mile delivery gaps.
  • Seamless integration with existing IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Existing customer data migration and streamlined adoption of new applications.
technological integration with eCommerce services

The Solution

We consulted and built a complete platform that enables a streamlined online and offline workflow bridges the gaps in last-mile delivery and helps in personalizing consumer requirements with Digital Commerce Solution.

implementing quick commerce solution

Our Approach

Conducting Existing Business and Gap Analysis

We conducted existing business and gap analysis to identify and evaluate the areas of improvement to implement tailored Quick Commerce solution.

Evaluating Existing System Analysis

Evaluation of the existing technological infrastructure both hardware and software included, and analyzing integration capabilities helped strategize a suitable Quick Commerce solution.

Analyzing Integration Capabilities

We assessed the areas of improvement with the existing system to integrate payment gateways, inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment to ensure a seamless data flow between the systems.

Third-Party Integrations and Vendor Evaluation

We assessed third-party logistics providers to gauge their capabilities for streamlining third-party integrations organizing delivery speed, last-mile delivery process, and customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Platform Integrations

The effective implementation of streamlined platforms across the system included inventory management, third-party logistics, and payment gateways to gauge mobile and web app performance.

Bespoke Platform Implementation

To create a cohesive ecosystem, we strategically merged the solution to the existing infrastructure for seamless data flow and real-time inventory updates through a unified operation methodology.

Design and Workflow Alignment

The meticulous implementation process crafted an intuitive shopping experience with a mobile-first approach, design, and workflow alignment to optimize efficiency, reduce friction points, and deliver a customer-centric solution.

Beta Rollout Implementation

Limited users and beta testers offered necessary feedback to identify potential concerns before the platform launch, controlled testing helped in further adjustments, and ensure maximum platform stability and user experience.

Security and Load Testing

Conducting security and load testing to ensure safe transactions and customer data protection to identify performance bottlenecks under high-traffic situations, handle peak loads, and validate eCommerce abilities to perform optimally during peak time.

Result - Delivering a Robust Digital Commerce Solution

  • Elevating Customer Experiences

    With intuitive and user-friendly mobile and web applications, customers of the multicountry retail store chain can now easily navigate across online and offline shopping channels.

  • Improvements in Order Fulfillments

    By integrating an inventory management workflow, we achieved the ability to view live inventory stock levels and optimize the process of order fulfillment.

  • Increase in Sales and Revenue Generation

    Having an algorithm that personalizes recommendations and offers for customers, positively impacted the platform’s performance, resulting in increased sales and revenue generation.

  • Outpacing the Competition

    The implementation enabled the company to become an eCommerce giant and outpace the marketplace by maximizing ROI, adopting cutting-edge technology, and offering exceptional customer-centric services.

  • Efficiency in Last-mile Delivery

    An established on-demand service improved with last-mile delivery efficiency with optimized route algorithms, logistical advancements, 60-minute express delivery, and minimized delivery cost.

  • Capability to Make Data-driven Decisions

    The platform established an integrated reporting and analytical feature to drive operational efficiencies and offer data insights to assist the client in making data-driven decisions.

Triumphant Outcome

Our successful implementation of the Digital Commerce platform assisted one of the largest retail store chains in Latin America to outpace the dynamic and expanding retail market. The company’s successful adoption of the seamlessly integrated Digital Commerce platform propelled the retail store chain towards a new era of customer-centricity, sustainable growth, and digital innovation, firmly establishing them as retail frontrunners across the FMCG industry.

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