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What You Need to Know About Event Transport Solution?

How Enterprise Mobility Management is Shaping the Modern Healthcare Industry?

Value-based HealthCare – How It Is Transforming Healthcare Industry?

How Big Data is Changing the Healthcare Industry?

How Healthcare Providers are Using QR Codes to Enhance Patient Outcomes?

How QR Codes Can Facilitate Diverse Industry Business?

Part 2: What Web Accessibility Means and How It Applies to Web Development?

What are Progressive Web App Features, Benefits & Capabilities?

Part 1: What is Accessibility and Why Inclusiveness is Our Moral Obligation?

How to publish an Android App on Google Play Store?

What Is Health Information System (HIS) & Its Importance?

Top 25 Apps That Everybody Needs on Their Apple Watch

Voice Search: The Future of Search Marketing

Top 15 Promising AI Applications in Healthcare

How Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are Revolutionizing Healthcare?

What to Choose Between Native App & Hybrid App – An Overview

What Is Interoperability and Why Is It Important in Healthcare?

Top 10 EHR Implementation Challenges and How to Overcome Them

IoT and Healthcare: The Perfect Combination to Overcome Challenges

Revolutionary Impact of Cloud Solutions on Healthcare

Connecting with A Doctor Made Easy: The Top 17 Telemedicine Apps that You’ll Love

Healthcare Payer Services Market Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018-2023

Fee-For-Value Over Fee-For-Service: Transition from Cost to Care

How Does the Future of Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries Look Like?

An In-Depth Analysis of IT Support Levels – Level 0 to Level 4

Physician Engagement: What is it and how to get it right?

Electric Vehicles: Advancing the Automobile Industry from the East to the West

A List of Popular Food Delivery Apps in India (2019)

IoT in Automotive Industry: Driving the Connected Car Revolution

How Can Mobile Technology Bridge the ED-EMS Communication Gap?

10 Popular Bus Booking Apps in India Changing the Way We Plan Travel

14 Potential Use Cases of Data Science in Healthcare

HITECH Compliance Checklist: Ensure That You Comply With Them

7 Benefits of Health Information Exchange (HIE) With Potential Challenges?

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD)?

13 Ways How a Field Sales App Can Transform Your Workforce?

Everything You Need to Know About Non-functional Testing in One Comprehensive Guide

12 Ways Electronic Health Records Can Improve Patient Care

14 Rideshare Apps Driving On-demand Shared Mobility Forward

Important Gotchas and Limitations About Azure Database for PostgreSQL

A Comprehensive Guide to Agile Software Development

Uber for Trucks: A list of popular on-demand trucking startups across the globe

Beauty Salons Could Be the next Big Thing in the On-demand Service Industry

Mobile GPS Tracking: A Cost-effective Alternative to GPS Tracking Hardware

How Can APIs Bring Digital Healthcare Transformation?

A Step by Step Tutorial to set up a Create React App Project with Ant Design and Less Support

EHR App Stores: Accelerating Innovation in Mobile EHR Space

The Ghost Restaurant Model: A Paradigm Shift in Food Delivery Business

Drone Delivery Services: The Future of Transportation & Logistics?

Uber Business Model Explained: From Start to Finish

How Does Instacart Work? Let’s Take a Deep Dive

On-Demand Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: Revolutionizing Patient Mobility

Mobile App Development Process – How Does an Idea Become an App?

Warehouse Management System – Role and Functions in Logistics Chain

Remote Patient Monitoring: Benefits, Challenges, and Applications

17 Popular Grocery Apps in India to Order Your Daily Needs On-demand

How Has On-demand Business Model Become a Successful Strategy for Entrepreneurs?

How to Build a Successful HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Mobile App?

Patient Centricity FAQs: From What Patient Centricity Is to What It Can Be

React vs Angular: Which Is More Popular Among Developers?

What Is Patient Engagement and Why Does It Matter in Healthcare?

Driverless Cars – A Futuristic Technology to Reshape the Cities

All about On-demand Economy and the Industries Being Disrupted by It

Hyperlocal On-demand Delivery Model Decoded: Its Disruptive Effects and Benefits

Top 15 Tools That Can Make Mobile App Design More Effective

Is Google Surprising You Through Their Innovation?

On-demand Economy – The Perfect Remedy for Startups

SMART on FHIR: A Standard-based, Interoperable Apps Platform to Secure EHR Records

22 Augmented Reality Examples That You Can Draw Inspiration From

EHR Integrations: Survival of the Integrated

On-demand Home Services: The Next Big Trend

The Periodic Table of On-demand Startups: An Overview of Key Players

20+ Pitch Deck Examples for On-Demand Startups

Fleet Management: Drive Your Fleet Smartly via Mobile App

Startup Success Stories That Boost the Courage of Entrepreneurs

Compliance Training for Employees: How Mobile Learning Solutions are Changing the Rules

Technologically Advanced Freight Marketplaces: The Future of Logistics Industry

A Beginner’s Guide to On-Demand Delivery App Development

How Can Route Optimization Boost the Efficiency of Your Logistics Business?

From Benefits to Types- Everything You Need to Know about Telemedicine

Vital Tips to Make Mobile Apps HIPAA Compliant

Potential of E-pharmacy to Transform the Indian Pharma Sector

11 Tips to Ensure That You Don’t Get Charged a Bomb While Using Google Maps APIs

How Can an AI Powered Taxi Dispatch System Do Wonders for Your Business?

Understanding How Pharmacist Interventions Improve Medication Adherence

All You Need To Know About Smart Contracts And Their Applications In Logistics Industry

A Comprehensive GDPR Compliance Checklist For Mobile App Developers

Understanding the Barriers to Telehealth Adoption

4 Major IT Challenges Healthcare Organizations Are Facing Today

Connected Patients: Changing the Grounds of Ownership in the Healthcare Industry

Uber for Maids: Getting Help for House Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

Top 10 Apps to Order Medicine Online in India

What Makes Telemedicine A Key To Improved Patient Engagement

A List of Bike Rental Startups That Are Making It Big in India

10 Popular On-Demand Home Services Startups in India

The Role of Internet of Things in the Healthcare Industry

Industry Specific Benefits of Visitor Management System for Manufacturing Facilities

7 Practical Reasons to Use a Headache Diary or Migraine Tracking App

e-health: Its Implications and How It Is Going to Change Healthcare

Why Is Field Management Services (FMS) a Competitive Differentiator for Your Sales Team?

How Can Blockchain Revolutionize Healthcare?

4 Best Practices For Improving Patient-Provider Communication

Roadmap to Build an App Like Uber – Features, Technology, Cost?

Online Appointment Scheduling: Take Your Medical Practice to a New Level

10 Reasons Small Businesses Should Invest in Delivery Management Software

8 Key Benefits of Mobile Devices in Healthcare

4 Major Freight Management Challenges Faced by the Trucking Industry

Health and Fitness App Development: A Blessing In Healthcare Industry

6 Ways Cloud Computing Is Becoming the Cornerstone in Digital Health Tech

Medical Diagnosis Apps – A Game Changer in the World of On-demand Healthcare

Why Healthcare Facilities Need a Reliable Visitor Management System?

How Can mHealth Add Value to Patient Care and Provider Workflows?

The Role of Visitor Management System in Schools

How Will Digital Freight Matching Revolutionize The Trucking Industry?

Why Is HIPAA Important to the Healthcare Industry?

How Digital Technology Can Make an Impact on Primary Care?

Google’s New Algorithm Research: Tests Direct Question / Answer in SERP

Wearable Technology: The Coming Revolution in Digital Health

Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer: Introduction to the Permissioned Blockchain Framework

AWS WAF – A Cost-effective Web Application Firewall for Your SaaS Application

Understanding DB Connection Pools: Essential Knowledge for Web Developers

EHR vs EMR: Are They the Same Thing?

List of Top On-Demand Food Delivery Startups Across the Globe

What is PHI and What is Not PHI?

How to Protect Resource Hungry APIs?

Boost Your Office Security With a Visitor Management System

How Apple’s Research Kit Is Revolutionizing Medical Research and Clinical Trials?

Serverless Computing: Deploy Applications Without Fiddling With Servers

HIPAA Compliant Messaging Solution: Key Requirements and Benefits

Shared Nothing Architecture: The Key to Scale Your App to Millions of Users!

MigrnX™ (Case Study): Transforming Migraine Management With Mobile Health Technology

.health Domain: The Online Home for the Healthcare Industry

List of Top On-demand Delivery Startups in India Transforming Logistics

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Usability Testing?

Mobisoft: Your Healthcare Technology Development Partner

Dog Walking Apps: Get a Dog Walker at the Push of a Button

Get Over Keywords: Voice Search Is Going To Change Your SEO Game

CES 2018: All the Main Highlights From World’s Biggest Tech Show

Uber for Babysitters: Trusted Child Care Now Available On-Demand

Implementing HIPAA on AWS: A Web Application Developer’s Guide

On Demand Dockless Bike Sharing Apps – Start Pedaling Now!!

Uber For Tow Trucks App – Get Roadside Assistance On Demand

Bike Taxi App Development: Everything You Need To Know

Driver Dispatch App: A Critical Component Of Every Taxi Solution

Logistics Apps: Potential To Mobilize The Entire Industry

Android Instant Apps: A Native App Experience Without The Installation

Pump Up For On-demand Fuel Delivery Apps

List of Top Uber Bike Taxi Apps Across the World

Mobile App Maintenance: A Critical Element In Any App’s Success

6 Good Reasons To Offer An Employee Shuttle Service

Mobile App Development Client Questionnaire

“Ok Google” – Show Me Highlights From The Pixel 2 Event

Why Your Office Needs An Electronic Visitor Management System?

Microsoft Ignite 2017: 10 Biggest Announcements At Company’s Annual Conference

The Current State Of Car Rental Industry In India

Highlights From Apple’s Keynote Event 2017: iPhone X, iPhone 8 And More

Salon Appointment App - Give A Facelift To Your Hair & Spa Business

Why Should Taxi Businesses Invest in Branded Taxi App Development?

How Can Supermarkets Stay Competitive With A Grocery Shopping App Strategy?

How The Face of Transport Sector Of Côte D’Ivoire Is Going To Change?

Taking User Engagement To The Next Level With Chatbots

Everything You Need To Update On The Product Page Of All-New App Store

How Can Social Media Change The Way Brands Interact With Customers?

How Infographics Play An Important Role In SEO Strategy

Apple’s WWDC 2017: Everything You Need To Know About The Big Announcements

Xamarin: Emerging Winner Among Cross-platform App Development Platforms

How Can Uber Freight Like Apps Benefit The Trucking Industry?

Virtual Captives: An Emerging Outsourcing Model

iPhone UIButton tutorial: Radio Buttons

jQuery Datatable Ajax Tutorial With Example Project

When Is The Right Time For Your Organization To Start Inbound Marketing? The Answer is “NOW”

Why iOS 10.3 Is Gaining Popularity among the Users?

How To Build A Dating App That Meets User Expectations?

Ecommerce Mobile App Development: How to Build a Successful One?

Seven SEO Steps To Improve SERPs Ranking And Customer Retention

Game Developers Conference 2017: Witness The New Virtual Reality Games

What You Should Know About Backups To Ensure That You Are The Master Of Your Own Destiny!

Everything You Need To Know About The All New Google Home

The Future Of SEO And Mobile Apps

How To Select A B2B Marketing Automation Platform?

Is Marketing Automation Taking Over Google Analytics?

How To Conduct Clinical Trials Through ResearchKit?

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s CareKit

tvOS Apps Support Direct Linking, Can Now Be Purchased From iOS And Macs

7 Easy Steps For Achieving Investor Relationship At Par

How To Enhance The Impact Value Of IR Communication?

How Effective Are Mobile Apps For IR Management?

Investor Relationship: Its Utility And Functionality In An Organization

What’s The Role Of Social Media In IR Management?

How HTTPS Setting Helps You In Boosting Up Your Search Engine Ranking?

Have An App Idea? What Next?

Divide and Conquer Approach to Quality Assurance

Apple’s Search Ads Is Here. Get $100 Credits Towards Your First Ad Campaign!

Microsoft Ignite 2016 Focuses On Security, Intelligence And The Cloud

Apple Launches iOS 10. What’s New For The Developers!

Deep Linking: An Essential Tool for Mobile App Marketers

Apple’s HealthKit: Centralized Hub for Health Data

iOS 10 Released With More Powerful And Convenient Features

Everything You Want To Know About Apple’s iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Mobile App?

16 Hidden Features Of iOS 10 Which Were Left Unannounced At WWDC 2016

P2P Carsharing: Reshaping the Transportation World

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference: Here’s All you Need to Know!

MWCS-2016: Unleashes new technologies and future plans

How will Virtual Reality change our lives?

E3 2016: Exhibits new games, consoles, VR and more

Apple WWDC 2016 Keynote: Everything You Might Have Missed Out On!

Why to select Custom Mobile App Development for your business?

Minimum Viable Product: First stepping stone towards your startup

Google I/O 2016: Here is what Google has planned for future

Android Instant Apps: Android apps to run instantly without installation

Lesser-Known Challenges of Running an E-Commerce Store

The Making of Uber

Role of Digital Marketing in Startups

Stripe Vs Braintree: Which one will you consider?

9 out of 10 app startups missed the mark: What went wrong?

A Beginner’s Guide to Build the Mobile Architecture for App Development

Migrating From

Android Studio 2.0 Beta release makes Developer’s life simpler

Android Deep Linking for Better Google Search & Visibility

Why every organization must have enterprise apps?

Top 16 networks which best serve App Store Optimization

Mobile App Marketing – How to get better rankings and increase App Downloads?

How to Promote Your Mobile App?

Are You Making These 5 Biggest App Marketing Pitfalls?

Effective UX made easy: Design principles for effective UX design

Virtual Team for Real Startups

3 Simple, Yet Effective Inbound Marketing Tips for Mobile Apps

How much does it cost to build an iPhone App?

Web design trends: Things to expect in 2016

Best Ways To Improve Landing Page For Better Conversion Rate

8 Business Models Of App Monetization

In 2015 the users have spoken. Mobile First is the way to go!

Top 34 Techniques to Get First 100,000 Downloads For Your App

Why Is Cloud The Future Of Enterprise Mobile Apps?

Internet of things (IoT) and project Brillo by Google

6 tips to create loyal users to help your App go viral!

Essential Steps to Measure Enterprise Mobility ROI

Mobile App User Onboarding: First Impressions Count, How to Do it Right

Protecting Your App Startup Idea

The Precise Art of Driving Sales Quickly with Push Notifications

10 Ways to Optimize User Engagement on Mobile Apps

Can Lean-startups Help Entrepreneurs Succeed?

Need of Mobile App Automation Testing

Accepting Apple Pay: 4 Ways it can benefit Small Business

Mobile App Automation Testing Myths

Xamarin – Cost Effective Approach to Enterprise Mobile App Development

Apple’s ResearchKit – Revolutionizing Human Wellness

Apple Watch: Your New Personal Fitness Trainer?

To Automate or Not to Automate Testing for Mobile Apps

Social Media Apps – the North Star for Millions

Retail Shopping Boost with Mobile Technology

Ideal step towards digital governance to establish the Digital Government Mission

Kitkat vs Lollipop: Which Android Version is Better?

Diwali Celebration Galore Came Live @ Mobisoft

Tips to Design Innovative Apps and Digital Products for Senior Citizens

Tips to Design Innovative Apps and Digital Products for Senior Citizens

Intelligent Resource Skill Management and Learning Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Mobility Solution for Remote Workforce Management within Oil & Gas Industry

Digital Oil Field Inspection Solution within Upstream Oil & Gas Industry using Mobility

BYOD: Managing Mobility within the Oil & Gas Industry

Branding Mobile Apps; a new sales pitch

Get an edge via Minimum Viable Product

Mobility Surge Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Mobisoft Infotech Joins AWS Activate

Mobisoft Infotech Forges Official Partnership with SEI-TEK

iBeacons information

Summary of Google Developer Day event at GDC 2014

Apple’s App Volume Purchase Program

Voice Controlled Apps are Changing the Mobile Experience

Sharing photo from Android and iOS application over Instagram

3 ways to implement efficient location tracking in Android applications

Savi™ Tablet Launches on Kickstarter

H-App-y ThanksGiving – Retailers Use Mobile Solutions for Holiday Shopping!

The PostgreSQL Benchmark on 15GB servers on Amazon RDS and Rackspace Cloud with SSD disks

Android fragmentation, Google’s iron grip and why Google is right!

iPhone or Android? And which version to support while creating your first app

The PostgreSQL Benchmark on 15GB servers on Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud

Mobility in oil and gas for field monitoring, measurement and safety.

Mobile Apps involvement with Clinical Trials

Geofencing Solution with Android

Healthcare and Medical Industry towards Mobility

Our review of Oil & gas industry focused Mobile Solution Initiatives.

Development Methodology of converting Flash ELearning Courses to HTML5

What should an ideal App have?

HTML5 Canvas Widget Tutorial using KineticJS

Video Manipulating Tutorial On iPhone

Information Architecture

Html5 Canvas

Jquery Autocomplete With And Without Ajax

Custom Speedometer Control In Android

Android Application Class Example : A Brief Tutorial On Android Application Class

Youtube Data Reading – Android/iphone In Json Format

Win New Apple Device Contest!! (It Might Be iPad mini)

Blogaffair Awards – September 2012

Strategies To Build A Successful Mobile Application

Integration of PayPal with Android Application

Effective Team Building for Successful Organization

Telesocial API – Social Calling made easier

Why some apps fly and other just crawl?

Green IT Clean IT- Mobisoft Infotech Social Activity

App Icon Designing

Web API Performance Testing Using Apache JMeter

Getting started with Maven 2 using Eclipse

Configuring MyBatis 3 With MySQL In Java Projects

Page Transition Effects in Windows Phone 7

Introduction to Selenium IDE

iPhone 5, what to expect in Apple press event on September 12?

Android Gallery Widget Example and Tutorial

Facebook iOS SDK Tutorial : iPhone App Facebook integration with SSO (Single Sign On) FBConnect

Checklist for iOS developer to get details from client before starting of any iOS project

Android EditText : setFilters Example : Numeric Text field Patterns and Length Restriction.

Android UI design tips for Samsung Galaxy Note

How to host a mobile app? Let’s understand web app hosting in detail

Want to a create a successful app? Start with wireframes!

iOS Tutorial: Custom Speedometer Control

55 million opportunities to make new iPad Apps

HTML5 Geolocation Tutorial : HTML5 Geolocation Example

iOS 5 Core Location

Lua Programming Tutorial

Key points UI designers should know when designing for iPad

Alternate App Stores / List of Android App Stores

Pricing Strategies for iOS / Android apps

Key inputs to avoid Apple’s iOS app rejection

Mobisoft Infotech LLC along with Smarty-Ears empowering special kids with speech therapy iOS apps at Macworld 2011.

Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) is coming with NFC technology

iPhone Local Notifications

Smart-phones and mobile commerce (mCommerce) trends

Mobile happenings round the corner

App Idea: Are you working on iPhone/iPad app similar to existing one in Store?

MODx Introduction

Company’s Outing day at Ananda Valley

Company’s Outing day at Ananda Valley

Using Android NDK to Call Native Code from Android Application

Android NDK

Android MapView Generate API key Using JAVA Keytool

Call log deletion in Android

Android Jtwitter : Twitter Connect Tutorial

How to install .apk / non-market application file on Android Phones

iPhone UITableView Tutorial: Grouped Table

Android FBConnect: Facebook Connect Tutorial

iPhone TabBar: UITabBarController Tutorial

iPhone UIButton tutorial : Custom Checkboxes

Avatar : The Mobisoft Version

iPhone Regular Expression Tutorial: RegexKitLite Framework

iPhone FBConnect: Facebook Connect Tutorial

iPhone UITextField Tutorial: Handling Keyboard Interactions

iPhone Programming Tutorial: Event Handling

iPhone Switch Control: UISwitch Control Tutorial

iPhone Slider Control: UISlider Control Tutorial

iPhone Segmented Control:UISegmentedControl Tutorial

UITableView Tutorial : Introduction to iPhone TableView

Install version control system Git on Snow Leopard – Mac OS X 10.6

Installing APK Files on Android Device Emulator

How to run 2 versions of Xcode on MacOS now that you have SDK 3.2 Beta?

iPad – Is it a business plan changer? yes, it is indeed, in some cases!

Say No to SPAM!

iPhone Open Source Applications

iPhone Open Source libraries

iPhone: View Based Application from scratch

Overview of Samsung BADA Mobile OS

Android Project structure

Android 2.0.1, Release

The Building Blocks of Android Application

Android is Open Source

Getting Started to the START!!


Corona , SDK in Making..

iPhone Si(E)mulator!!

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