BNC linx

A Smart Construction Business Intelligence App for Middle East Countries

Business Intelligence is a prerequisite for attaining a thorough know-how of your trade, make informed decisions and get an edge over your competitors. BNC linx mobile app is the best example of business intelligence in the construction realm for Middle East countries.

The app Intelligence

The app accesses the latest news in the construction business, and keeps track of all the construction projects spread across Middle East and North Africa (Mena) geographies. It leverages the depth and breadth of construction data right from its concept to project completion. Linx offers new project announcements, tender information, contracts awards, project progress analysis and the likes. Industry insiders are all set to stay informed through this wonder at all times.

Save time through news from the industry

Save time and money through relevant and timely news from the industry, anytime, anywhere

contract awards and tender announcements

Get updates on contract awards and tender announcements

updates and latest feeds

Get updates and latest feeds on key projects, products and companies

Track the project’s progress

Track the project's progress

Identify sales leads

Identify sales leads

Analyze market trends

Analyze market trends

Trace closing orders

Trace closing orders that in addition gives access to the names and contact details of the property developers, contractors, consultants, and supplies of each project.

Project Souvenir

The value of getting the right information at the right time is immeasurable. With investigations and reports of over 150 projects everyday in the Middle East, the app is not only project intelligence, but also a souvenir for the service and value it adds to construction news.

It is estimated that Linx has access to 23092 live construction projects worth USD 3091 billion. Besides, the research team alerts new projects through updates and publish.

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