Board Brief

Business intelligence dashboards solution to revolutionize boardroom performance

Enlight Research is a company that provides its customers the latest economic, industry and financial trends and studies. These customized reports enable the board of directors to stay on top of industry and company news and deliver incremental value to their shareholders. Enlight Research wanted to furnish their customers with an iPad app for real-time in order to get access to the latest information. Board Brief was thus born.

Our Challenges

In-depth study of traditional business model

A detailed study and analysis to understand how Enlight’s traditional business model works

Flexible back end and dynamic UI

Keeping a flexible and dynamic back end, while rendering a dynamic UI

Complex and large data storage

Working on the complexity in storing data, since data was sourced from about 50,000 sources daily

Building Middleware and CMS

Building complex middleware and custom role based CMS interface.

Access management configuration from the web

Working on the complexity in storing data, since data was sourced from about 50,000 sources daily

Stock ticker

Building the stock ticker was a challenge as it was to be a real time feature

Multiple API challenge

There were multiple APIs, one for every module. Working with all of these together posed a challenge.

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic)

Our Approach


To port current solution available on email or current legacy software on smart software like tablets, which the C-Suite uses.


Develop an in-built filtering mechanism

This would intelligently filter out the unimportant and irrelevant information, passing only information that is relevant to the executives

Information sourcing and parsing

The middleware enabled information sourcing and parsing by keywords and tags for effective information assimilation and distribution from 50,000 sources. Every midnight, a crone job was scheduled to accomplish the same.

Algorithm development

We built an algorithm to extract information from this huge mass of data, based on what the C suite is looking for

Intelligent middleware for server

We built a middleware with business intelligence for the server that would synch with their current legacy software

Robust Architecture

The back-end supported a robust, scalable architecture for data collection to import excel sheet

Information edit interface

We built a special purpose interface to edit the information based on dynamic up scaling of parameters.

Automated and manual interface for every module

There is an interface each, for Strategic Economic Data, Board Governance News and Industry Metric Comparisons.



Design Process

Our UX studies revealed that the app needed both – a table and a grid view. Unlike most other iOS apps, we gave users a grid view. We also added scrolling both ways- horizontal and vertical, another uncommon feature. Information had to be identified as high, medium and low priority, which was then structured into the UI.

Mobisoft codehappy app wireframe
Mobisoft codehappy app Final Product
Final Product

App Features

Boardroom performance app
  • Interfaces for Admin, Super Admin, Company and End user.
  • Access to latest economic data, relevant to the business, in real-time based on Strategic Economic Data, Board Governance News, Industry Metric Comparisons, Industry Segment Analysis, Competitive Benchmarks & Stock Performance and Industry & New Product News Articles
  • Track company’s performance compared to industry average performance
  • Comparative analysis of companies in a peer group of 100+ benchmarks, updated daily
  • Store and share proprietary information in a safe and secure way
  • Offline caching - Easy, offline access to Board documents
  • Stock ticker
  • Secure, encrypted login criteria
  • Data encryption / decryption in offline storage (on the iPad)
  • Read-only support for PDF files

The App at a Glance

Board Brief is an enterprise level iPad app developed for Enlight Research to provide the C-Suite that forms its customer base with real-time customized industry insights and financial information so they can make smarter, more focused decisions in quick time.

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