MotoGari is one of the leading transport solution providers based in Kenya. Founded as an enterprise rental car company, MotoGari has expanded its car rental services from car hire to corporate taxi service, staff transport, VIP transport services, airport transport service, tours, and safari for small, medium, and corporate enterprises. Its unique value proposition is set by providing reliable, cost-effective, and consistent transportation services, designed to meet the specific needs of customers.


MotoGari was operating the car rental business manually, which required a lot of paperwork. They were managing their daily business operations through traditional ways - manual paper processing for all the bookings. Enterprise fleet management, car rental agreements, invoices, booking process, payment handling, customer relationships, and others were needed to be printed, copied, and stored in the facility. This document management process was time-consuming and costing the company in terms of various monetary expenses and slowing down the business operations. Hence, they wanted a solution that could automate the entire booking process, starting from registration to payment. They needed to enhance their functioning system by eliminating the offline process. The Mobisoft team helped the client to digitize their entire business operation of renting a car and worked together to develop an outstanding corporate car rental solution.

Our Solution

MotoGari turned to Mobisoft for automating the car rental process in 2016. Our engagement started first, with understanding the client’s needs and the entire business process so as to modernize it with digital solutions - car rental business software and enterprise car rental app. Mobisoft’s development team started working from scratch - understanding the business concept, analyzing market trends, business needs, and then prepared the development strategy for further planning and launching the client’s car rental solution.

We used simple components to design and develop a mobile app and web portal to simplify the process of booking for both - customers and drivers. We worked closely with the client to ensure the smooth integration of the system. With the online car reservation system in place, the booking process became more efficient. We developed the following user panels to simplify the experience:

Passenger App

With passenger app, users can easily book transportation services as per their requirements. They can view the transportation packages for each service and select the package as per their needs. As MotoGari is providing multiple transportation services, this unique car rental app allows the user to select vehicles and drivers. Other features of the app like schedule a booking, calculating a fare, payment receipt, and real-time tracking helps to improve user experience.

Driver App

Drivers can receive the booking requests either automatically or manually. They can track the real-time location of a passenger on the map. They can collect payment through online mode, receive a digital receipt, and check their booking history. Other features like adding toll, on-duty expenses, reimbursement, view emergency requests, contacts, and providing customer feedback help to simplify driver experience.

Admin Panel

With this admin panel, the admin can easily monitor and control the entire business operations. The interactive dashboard displays total vehicles, bookings, drivers, and other transport services related information of respective month and year. They can add, edit, and manage the information of vehicles, passengers, dispatchers, drivers, staff transport, hotels, and corporates from the panel. Admin can also change the transportation packages, routes, vehicle type, promo codes, and time settings from the panel. This functionality can help to simplify the transport operations of MotoGari.


The new functionality provided the real-time visibility of the entire business operations to MotoGari:

In-House server setup with full back up support

Integration of booking reservation system

Multiple payment gateway system integration

Integration of notifications of SMS, alerts, and email services

Build-in analytics tools to monitor the activities


Mobile technology has enabled MotoGari to offer car rental services anytime, anywhere, from smartphones. They can maintain real-time booking information, vehicle, and driver information. Customers can easily select their transportation services and pay through a secure digital payment gateway system. The car rental management software solution has enhanced customer satisfaction and driver experience. Thanks to the new procedure, the client is getting more business from enterprises and providing transportation services smoothly. The following specialties have added value to the services after digitizing the process:

  • Faster and seamless booking process
  • Streamlined operational workflow
  • Efficient and cost-effective documentation
  • Lesser printing-related expenses
  • Safer and secure digital payment system
  • Improved customer and driver satisfaction
  • Better visibility in the market
  • Saves time and money
  • Monitoring of all the vehicles
 MotoGari - Providing Corporate Car Rental Services

Run a Successful Car Rental Business with Rental Management Software

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