This is an educational transportation solution connecting all the campuses of a well-known university in the USA with intercampus shuttle services. This solution provides convenient transportation at affordable rates for the students, staff, and faculties.


The client is an acclaimed university in the USA, with their institutional network spread across different cities of the country. Their faculties, staff members, students, and guests travel frequently between these campuses for various business and non-business purposes. Though the university already had its in-house shuttles for transportation, the fleet management system earlier was completely manual. This made it inconvenient and complicated for the passengers to book and track their trip. Moreover, the shuttle department of the university was facing difficulties in keeping track of trip bookings and allotting sufficient shuttles. Along with this, the availability and tracking of parking slots for the vehicles was also a challenge.

To overcome these obstacles and provide a simple booking system, the client required a solution that can serve passengers with hassle-free transportation.

  • In-depth study of similar solutions to provide a simple and fluid user interface.
  • Technical research on an efficient way of using GPS to avoid excessive battery consumption.
  • To integrate with their in-house data of passengers and drivers.
  • To build a solution with user-friendly UI design providing greater usability and minimal booking steps.
  • Testing the GPS system by simulating the scenarios in real-time.
  • To build an interactive admin panel, monitoring the end-to-end operations of the educational transport solution.
  • To implement in-depth analytics providing logs with passengers and trip insights.
  • To show automatic fare calculation.

Educational Transportation Management System that transforms the way passengers book their intercampus shuttle ride.


We followed a logical approach to understand the customized solution requirement of the client. We configured their in-house passenger and driver data with this educational transportation software. Our team provided the client with an end-to-end development solution, right from analyzing the technical requirements to the final deployment of the product. We provided a solution that helps passengers with a simple procedure to book their shuttle and track the progress of their trip. GPS technology was effectively configured in the app, which optimized battery usage as well.

We kept the client in the loop at every stage of the development life cycle to deploy a top-notch and well-designed product. To make this solution robust and performance-oriented we used a native app development platform rather than using cross-platform development.

Passenger App

The passenger app provides a simple way for the daily commuters to select the travel locations and book their trip. With this cross-platform passenger app, users can check the seat layout and book their desired available seats. They can also get the other details like duration of the journey, fare estimation, previous trip details, and parking slot availability. App also comes up with an SOS alarm option in case of emergencies.

Driver App

With the use of the driver app, shuttle drivers can access the reservation chart, get route details and passenger’s check-in and check-out locations. The online maps feature helps them find the shortest path and route directions. In case of a bus running late or having route changes, drivers can manually update and inform the status to the passengers.

Admin Panel

We implemented a reliable web-based admin panel for the client’s transportation management system, which plays a vital role in monitoring the system operations. Admin panel provides the automated statistical and chart reports which help the transportation system to improve their services. The interactive web-based dashboard comes up with various management features like a bus route, driver, passengers, transaction and report management. This educational transportation management system assists the admin person to create or add shuttle rides on rush hours. It also lets them track shuttle bookings and make the necessary changes in the schedule.


Dashboard & KPI

A receptive web-based dashboard allows admin to monitor the trips and make the changes in real-time.

Real-time Tracking

The real-time location of a shuttle can be tracked by the passenger as well as admin.

Advanced Booking and Payments

Options of making advanced bookings and payments to avoid last-minute waits and delays.

Ride Log

Automated reports help the admin person to improve the system management & monitor the entire work process.

Automatic Fare Calculator

Passengers get the fare estimate in advance before booking the ride.

Online Payment Gateway

Allows several payment methods like a credit card, university T-Card, or CFOAP.

Standard WCAG 2.0 Applicable Software

The applications are accessibility compatible and we have made sure that apps are following accessibility standard WCAG 2.0.

Ride Notifications

Passengers get notifications of their ride details.


This solution is successfully deployed and being used instantly by faculty, staff, students from all three campuses of the university. The solution has received an enormous response and a large number of bookings are being reported right from the first month of its deployment. This education transportation management solution has connected all the campuses with extensive shuttle services providing an affordable, efficient, and convenient mode of transportation.

Educational Transportation Management System

Build an Educational Transport Management Solution to Make Institutional Transportation Easy with Improved Operational Efficiency.

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