FastMovers is a company located in Oman, where shippers and transporters can connect with each other easily. It is a custom-built solution that provides convenient and safe transport while delivering shipment and also helps bolster employment in the transport sector. Not limited to this, but the main focus of FastMovers is to provide an online marketplace for the oil and gas logistics industry by taking all the safety factors into consideration.


FastMovers has encountered various challenges like product distribution, product shipment, demurrage control, and volatile market rates. It partnered with us to develop an online transport marketplace that quickly connects the transporters and the shippers within seconds.

While transporting goods, it is very important to assess the shipping orders and get a suitable transport solution to deliver the products, just in time. Compliance mapping of goods and transporters is very essential. This will increase the efficiency of transport solutions as well as maintain good’s safety. With the help of a digital freight matching platform, all the transporters and shippers can come together on one platform and optimize their productivity. FastMovers decided to automate the process of shipping with vital features -

  • Automated updates on freight shipping
  • Real-time chat
  • Automated billings
  • Electronic documentation
  • Compliance check
  • Language support
  • Real-time notifications
  • Real-time GPS tracking of shipment
  • Immediate proof of freight delivery
  • User-friendly interface

FastMovers is a simple yet effective solution designed using cutting-edge technology that flawlessly connects transporters and shippers within a second.


Considering the primary objective, we worked closely with the FastMovers team to develop a custom solution that helps increase the competency of transport services. This platform plays a significant role in streamlining the process of controlling different tasks and provides visibility throughout the supply chain of freight transportation. This solution helps automate the process of compliance mapping and eliminates the process of manual tracking. It also helps increase the efficiency of goods delivery and improve customer satisfaction by using comprehensive technology. It consists of three operation panels:

Shipper Panel

A shipper can place the requests for upcoming loads, receive the best freight quotes and get appropriate freight bidding from transporters. The shipper panel helps choose customized rates from several carriers and upload price packages using the online logistics marketplace. It helps allot suitable carriers for the load. This panel helps the shipper to get real-time notifications about freight delivery and track the location of shipments. While uploading the load information on the portal, shippers have to fill the compliance check form, mentioning the characteristics of the load.

Transporter Panel

As requirement regarding the loads starts to appear on the panel, the transporter can put freight suggestions which can be loaded in the truck. They also display the best prices for the shippers on the panel using the online freight bidding system. While transporting oil and gas, it is very important for the transporter to gather all the requirements from shippers as per the compliance checklist and provide trucks considering the safety factors. The transporter gets his payment and notification immediately after the delivery of freight. Transporters can also choose the loads as per their availability, location, and date.

Driver Panel

After the transporter gathers all the requirements from the shipper, drivers are assigned accordingly to transport the particular load. Before accepting the assignment, drivers have to fill an agreement for compliance form. There are two types of compliance checks: one is as per the company’s requirement and the other is related to the driver’s safety. Drivers can upload the images of the document. Apart from this, they can also notify the shippers and the carriers, if any kind of emergency occurs during the transit.


Compliance Check

Enables transporters and drivers to verify certification and safety requirements.

Freight Load Boards

Allow shippers and carriers to bid, approve, add, and supply the freight.

Live Chat

Helps with real-time chat option, with drivers regarding documentation, journey, and roadside assistance.

Bill of Loading

Generate bills through the app after the load is delivered and verified as complete.

Real-time Notification

Provides necessary information regarding the scheduling of transportation from pick-up to drop location.

Real-time GPS tracking

Tracks the location of freight, driver, and vehicle easily.

On-Board Diagnostics Integration

Updates on the parameters like driver location, speed, vehicle performance and more.

Payment Modes

Payment can be done in cash for individual shippers and in cash or credit for corporate shippers, once the delivery reaches the destination.


An elaborate dashboard to monitor and control mileage reports, delivery notes, and operations.


FastMovers is a safe and secure online logistics marketplace. It is a freight matching platform where real-time updates and various tracking tools simplifies the cargo-shipping. We have implemented a solution that helps the client to increase business productivity and make the transportation system efficient. Considering the security point of view, the procedure of compliance check of loads, trucks and drivers is automated to conduct safe management and movement of goods from one point to another.

FastMovers - Freight Matching Platform

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