Golden Artist

A newly revamped website to build a global community of artists

Golden Artist Colors, GAC, is a manufacturing company which ranks among the world's top 3 color makers. It focuses almost entirely on paints used in the fine arts, decoration, and crafts, and produces the largest line of acrylic colors that is currently available to artists, which also includes recreations of historic pigments. A highly established and old company, GAC wanted to overhaul its website for better UX and to engage the huge and diverse global artist community.

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic) – Our Approach

Research and Discovery


We have created a layout that is modern, mobile friendly and convenient. Easy navigation was thus one among the list to ensure ease of access to information on products, explore colors and more. Besides, it is backed with an admin panel for easy editing and saving of data. Multiple language support is another add-on that smoothly transforms content and design giving the same user experience on multiple platforms. A few highlights include custom CMS integration, the incorporation of event calendar and video library.


The design psychology was to engage the current users and attract potential clients. The design was user friendly, and it focused more on rich content that provided extremely useful information, imparted the latest knowledge as well as contained historical data about paints. The design uses new technology and a fluid layout. It helps the old artist community to easily migrate to the new website while bringing them on the same page as the new-world artists. The design approach could not be anything but a palette full of colors. Colors were used for category recall. The shape of a circle or a filled dot, which is a common shape used in the paint industry was used in the website. This proved to be an instant identifier for the visiting artist as soon as he/she hit the website.


To work on a finely defined UX that would achieve a balance between working with 3 sets of artists – the traditional, highly experienced painters who do portraits/landscapes; the experimental painters who love to play with ideas and want quick results, and those who do a lot of work on the table (as against the first set who do a lot of work on canvas); and part time painters, like middle-aged women.


Color Explorer online

Color Explorer tool

An artist usually likes to see how a particular color looks on a black background and a white background. This helps them sort out things when they are in a dilemma about the finer hues and shades. This tool was specially created to help artists decide on the precise color, when he is unsure about it.

Color Explorer online

Color swatches

Mobisoft Infotech also introduced color swatches that are touch friendly. This helps artists to have an in-depth knowledge of a particular color, its origin, its history, etc.

Color Explorer online

Dynamic, powerful search model

The site boasts of a dynamic search model that helps an artist to swiftly glide through the site's 3000 odd pages and locate the color or page they are looking for.

Color Explorer online

Easy store locator

Google map integration for easy directions

Color Explorer online

Live help area

This helps create instant engagement with the artists while adding a personal touch to the website.

Color Explorer online

Multipurpose visual stories area

This covers product carousel, news, community flavors, artist in action and top consumed/referred items

Color Explorer online

Event Calendar

Free lectures and demonstration for budding and established artists!

Color Explorer online

Video Gallery

Displays new product launches and demonstrates innovative tools for artists.

Color Explorer online

Easy, well-defined navigation

This and the layout that overcomes the earlier website's problem areas

The website at a Glance

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