There's a noticeable increase in individuals seeking affordable homes through multiple government housing schemes. As demand rises, managing house allotments becomes a cumbersome task. Handling documents, overseeing payments, and tracking the status of each application posed a substantial challenge for one of our valued clients. Upon gaining insights into the key processes and functions, they identified areas of inefficiencies that needed immediate attention. This realization prompted them to prioritize the modernization and enhancement of the house application process. They envisaged developing a user-centric mobile application in order to automate the entire process and enrich the applicant experience.


To foster an efficient, transparent, and secure application journey for those seeking government houses, there were a few requirements to -

Revamp the UI of their existing platform.

Streamline the application process for end users.

Offer a range of payment options, including online and offline methods.

Create a system to track the status of their applications in real-time.

Integrate a robust Know Your Customer (KYC) verification system to validate the authenticity of applicant data and documents.

Implement notification functionality to enhance user engagement.


Our client embraced mobile technologies to offer citizens a more accessible and efficient means of applying for affordable houses available through government schemes. A mobile application was developed to enhance transparency across the entire allotment process. The primary motive behind the custom mobile app development was to create a simple and hassle-free government house allotment process backed by automation at every stage. The mobile app design was tailored keeping in mind the essentials of applicants. Using this app, applicants can -

Digital registration portal to initiate the process

Easily update and maintain their profiles

Easily update and maintain their profiles

Fill in the required information for their housing application

Verify KYC for secure and authentic applications

Access to comprehensive government housing programs

View the list of offline centers for in-person assistance

Dynamic eligibility checks for schemes to save time

Make the online and offline payment

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements from the government

Monitor the application status in real-time

Key Features

The modernization of the government housing scheme application process involved the development of a comprehensive, user-friendly mobile app with the following key features:

Quick and easy user onboarding process

Revamped UI for improved interactions

Simplified government housing project application form

Flexible payment integration

KYC verification system

Timely and instant notifications

Process to Apply for Government Housing Scheme

Fill out an Application

Log in, and provide the required information.

Upload Documents

Review and upload necessary documents.

Make Payment

Use flexible payment options, online or offline, and download receipt.

Select Flat Claim House

Get your allotment letter, and officially claim your house.


Adopting a customer-centric, mobile first approach helped the client offer a centralized platform for government housing schemes and the application allotment process. The simplified user onboarding process ensured a seamless registration experience, eliminating unnecessary complexities. They could fill out revamped application forms and make payments for their preferred housing projects directly from their smartphones. It fostered a more accessible and efficient application journey. Moreover, integrated notifications ensured timely updates on the status of their applications and announcements of crucial government housing projects. With the custom mobile app, applicants could access and monitor the application process anytime, anywhere. As a result, this optimized system transformed a previously cumbersome and inefficient method into a user-friendly, efficient, and transparent digital experience, benefitting both the end users and the client.

Embrace Mobile-first Digital Transformation and Redefine User Experience.

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