Hillshire Farm Sausage App

An app to spruce-up your Sausage taste buds

This beautiful app is a delight to have on your smart devices. It is aesthetically a very rich device that is inherently created to make people aware of the best combinations of sausages and beverages to go with, to make a perfect meal. It offers out of class menu ideas as per the events or kind of foods. Sausage variety and pairing with its description, features, benefits, specifications, servings and nutritional value are the app add-on. Over and above it lists special menus and offers to grab when it comes to the sausage delicacy. The app furthermore offers sausage news, a flavor profile that rates sweetness, bitterness and alcohol measurement data on everything on the menu. What’s more? You may share recipes on social networking platforms or via emails to create some stunning and outstanding signature recipes.

Hillshire Farm Sausage App

Why an app?

Deciding the menu at a food joint can be tough for many as we most often end up with outrageous or shocking food combination or more so opt for mismatched drinks that can go completely wrong with the main course. The outcome not only leaves a bad taste in the mouth but might also prove risky to the tummy in certain circumstances.

Besides, it is rather shoddier if you are hosting a lavish spread for friends and acquaintances and are completely unaware of the typical food choices that go best in a blend. Coming up with the perfect arrangement of foods and beverages in such instances can turn out to be a fortune ticket to bring contentment and happiness for your guests.

The basic idea behind the creation of this app was to know how we can get the best out of a predominant food, especially that of sausages. Owing to the popularity of the food, it was a unanimous choice to pick sausage among bacon, ham, franks, sandwiches and the likes. The app is a pleasure to watch and a must-have among food lovers.

The all-time favorite – Sausage

Hunger can strike at any moment, in any place. But with the right foods, you can forge a healthy and blissful partnership between your body and your busy schedule. We are not here to sell you the eateries in town or to deliver you food. We are here to talk about one of the finest foods, one that we know you crave each time you sit down to the table -- Sausages. The popularity of this staple food is growing more and more each day with people of all ages, and they are digging into it, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since 1934, millions across the globe have been enticed by the nutritional value, level of satisfaction and, of course, the great taste of Hillshire Farms Sausage.

Sausage & its Nutritional Value

Sausages are the preferred choice of food to add to any meal because they are easy to prepare, delightfully filling, and affordable. Not to mention their massive popularity at sporting events, musical concerts and amusement parks too! Sausage belongs to the protein food group, and they provide essential nutrients that are vital for good health. Backed with a host of vitamins, minerals and protein content, they make the best meals. Nevertheless the type of sausage you pick, i.e., beef, pork, turkey, chicken and the way it is prepared and cooked, the nutritional level may differ. The food is classified as a protein food by the US Department of Agriculture.


Hillshire Farm Sausage App Branding
Hillshire Farm Sausage App Branding

App Features

hillshire farms application
  • With the numerous challenges coming our way while on the making of the app, we survived to witness another marvellous creation. The app has certainly turned out to become a brilliant and a sophisticated gizmo.

  • It is pixel perfect polished and thereby a user’s delight with aesthetically rich features. UI Implementation was a challenge.

  • It works on a structured CMS web interface which allows to manage the app across all platforms be it iOS, Android or Windows, and also make it device specific. The team has strived hard to bring uniformity in design and content on all platforms and widgets.

  • The content is managed by a dynamic database, which is in sync with the server.

The App at a Glance

Customer delight is one of the reasons for "branding" and creating an app for Hillshire Farms. On the other hand, it is also a trusted tool that can educate customers and save on time. If the customers are educated they take better decisions and make more informed purchases without the need of a lot of assistance. The work of the sales team is reduced in the process making it a win-win situation with customer satisfaction rising to its peak!

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