The enterprise app that helps your team build discipline to succeed

Behavioral science has established that discipline builds successful professionals. It has also been established that if one repeats an activity/discipline for 21 days without a break, it develops into a habit, a discipline. Based on this proven scientific approach, ZS Associates, a global leader in sales and marketing consulting, outsourcing, technology and software

came with the idea of the Me2B app. This app would help enterprises build discipline into their sales team and other teams. The app could also be used by an individual to build certain disciplines for professional success.

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic) – Our Approach

Research and Discovery

Our team understood the main idea, its logic and its intended functioning. The wireframes developed by ZS were studied and understood. The app scope was initially too huge and out of focus. Our mobility excellence team had to drastically narrow down the focus to ensure that the app developed well and performed better.


wireframes for iPad

User persona development, information architecture, user experience planning, conception and creation of the user interface design of the iPad and web.

dynamic backend

We built iPad application and scalable dynamic backend and CMS interface to support multiple users and hierarchies.

notifications and multiple scenarios

Bulk notification implementation for multiple scenarios and workflows.

Design Process

Convenience and ease of use being the pivotal features of the system design, the front end also had to be founded on convenience, ease of use and a powerful visual hook. Mobisoft Infotech delivered end-to-end design in a sequence: Mockups --- Wireframes --- PSD designing --- Cropping. After each phase in the design process, client approval assumed importance.


How the Me2B App works?

The enterprise can choose one or more hierarchies. The app creates up to a maximum of 9 hierarchies/libraries for a particular team. Once the hierarchy or the library is chosen, the user can select a maximum of 3 disciplines to build. He has to then send a 'Discipline Mastery Request' communicating his choice of disciplines to the 'master' (approver/a higher-up in the hierarchy). Once the request is approved, the app starts working and

makes the user work. The discipline-building task starts rolling. The user has a choice between going for a daily or a weekly feed. If the user chooses 'daily', he is expected to visit the app and mark his presence there daily for 21 days without a break. The 'weekly' users are required to engage in this activity for 12 weeks and visit the app once every week. Diligent working with the app is a pre-requisite to build discipline.

enterprise discipline app

Web application interface

professional discipline

Building discipline is hard, but ZS Associates and Me2B build the ecosystem to make it possible with pre-configured libraries, reminders, competitions, manager support, personal choice and focus.