OPAL Mobile

The app that enhances Precision Door's garage door servicing


Precision Door is an organization in the business of overhead garage doors. The organization operated its servicing business through traditional telephone calls and toll free number route for long. To enhance the efficiency and promptness of its servicing team, it went in for a custom built app. The Mobisoft Infotech team helped the transition from the conventional system to the tablet. This app would be useful for both, preventive maintenance (for the sales team) and reactive maintenance.


  • Our mobility and business experts studied the organization's servicing business and the workflow in-depth. The discovery was a long, detailed process that revealed deep insights on how to make the app work best.

  • Our team had to study the entire workflow and map it with all use cases on the tablet.

  • Offline caching and ‘synching back to the server' were challenges that were addressed well

How the App Works

The app is a web-based application for the customers to log in their complaints. For Precision Door's service team, it is an Android Tablet app. Each service team member has a tablet and a separate log-in identity. As he logs-in, he receives notifications on his tablet about the day's service tasks and the schedule with details like the name, address and task details of the customer who has logged in his complaint. The service professional visits the customers, solves the problem and fixes it as per the organization's ‘same day-fix-door' policy.

Garage Door Repair in Mobile

App Features

  • The servicing professional receives a schedule of the day's tasks. This list has an auto refresh feature which refreshes every 15 minutes. This can be also refreshed manually.
  • The app has a checklist of 25 to 30 points which he has to mark and check
  • He can also track the inventories
  • There is a provision to add ‘Technical Notes' to further elaborate on the complaint logged in
  • There is a standard checklist of components, from which he can select the ones that need to be replaced
  • He can select the service to be rendered, the amount to be paid by the customer, the tax to be paid and can even select the discount amount.
  • He can select the payment option to register that the payment is done in any mode. The customer receives an email as a confirmation of the payment made.
Mobile Garage Door services