The enterprise mobile app for production floor sign-in process improvement

Most production facilities the world over work with manual employee sign-in sheets even today. This could be attributed to the fact that shop floor workers do not possess the qualification or the resources to use personal devices like Smartphones or digital sign-ins such as access cards or QR codes. Handling tons of manual sheets and maintaining valuable administration data poses a huge problem that is getting difficult to handle every passing day. The move from manual to digital sign-ins was long awaited on the production floor. PALTM, a process improvement app developed by, has made this move feasible and easy.

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic)

Our Approach


The strategy was to hone the app idea to build a reliable, work horse kind of app that would function without breakdowns to enable speedy, decisive action. The focus was to build simple yet extreme backend logic.


PAL Activation and GPS

Once we crossed that bridge, the challenge was the PAL Activation and GPS feature-enablement

The Chat Server

SaaS platform based app

The app was designed as a SaaS based platform.

The Chat Server

Mature, complex backend

The breakthrough was developing the backend, which comprised a web server and a mobile app. Our team worked on developing a highly mature backend logic with dynamic user roles and access rights.



Design Process

We stress on convenience and ease of use to form important features of the design system. It thus goes without saying that the front end is also founded on ease of use, convenience and strong visual hook. Mobisoft Infotech delivers end-to-end design in a said flow of sequence, i.e., Mockups, Wireframes, PSD designing, Cropping. Clint approval assumes importance after every phase of the design process.

Final Product

App Features

  • The app has two modes - Check-in Mode (a common mode for many people) and a Personal Mode if the app is being used on a personal device.
  • PAL Activation

    This feature enables PAL Activation, which means once PAL is activated; all people who are supposed to be in that specified area (facility, sites within the facility, building or department) would receive a push and email notification that PAL has been activated on XYZ site.
  • The app facilitates 'tracking' of these people through the GPS feature that maps people in the area on the screen thus ensuring a high level of personal accountability and safety in demanding situations.
  • The admin through a web or mobile interface can also communicate with these people to check if they are ‘okay’.
  • The ‘unaccounted’ people then need to be tracked.
  • The GPS feature also shows you how you are moving on your phone. It will send a ‘sign-in’ alert if you have forgotten to sign and are close to the entrance. Besides, it will also alert you if you have forgotten to sign-out once you have moved at least a mile away from the entrance.

The App at a Glance

The app is a mobile and web app. The end user, that is the worker working on the shop floor, can sign in through a common iPad at the entrance of the facility by keying in his username and password or can also sign in by way of a QR code scan with the iPad. Senior level managers can sign in using their personal handhelds and devices so as to avoid the serpentine queues at the entrance. The app also has another key “PAL Activation” feature that locates everybody who is supposed to be on the defined site in case of a situation that demands quick alerts and action.