Convert your digital photos into beautiful photo stories

People take pictures to tell stories, but with so many gadgets to click photos from we have become a trigger- it's a happy generation that clicks photos at the drop of a hat. We shoot from our computers, point-n-shoot cameras, camera phones and tablets; we go ‘click, click, click’ for birthdays, parties, skiing trips, kids soccer games and uneventful events too. The photos thus form an unmanageable digital clutter instead of a great photostory

The PhotoGurus App solves this problem – forever

How it works?

The Photogurus do all the work

Have lots of Images?

mobisoft Photogurus digital photos

You have lots of digital photos that you’d like to organize and tell stories with

mobisoft Photogurus time

You don’t have the time or patience to sit and do this all by yourself

mobisoft Photogurus professional person

You'd rather have a professional do it all for you

What you do

Just upload them ALL - from your computer and or mobile devices.

The Photogurus do all the work

With the best hand-picked photos we’ll handcraft each page of your photo story and create something beautiful and organized for you to cherish forever. No more digital clutter.

What you get

Hand crafted stories told from your best photos from an event. All your photo stories organized in one place easily accessible from anywhere - HDTV, computer, phone or tablet.

Photo Story App maker

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic)

Our Approach


To create an app that uses a combination approach by leveraging current technology and those aspects of human judgment that technology cannot replicate, to create a photo story.


We created a native android application for superior intelligence and functionality. The back-end was built to work smoothly silently uploading/downloading images in the background, without disturbing Internet connections of other applications using it. Integrating the app with social networks for sharing photo stories was another key development success. This app was built using the Agile method of development based on iterative and incremental development.


We performed various tests for large size and concurrent uploads, large downloads in the background, checking the limit of heap size of the app and switching between Internet connections while the upload was on.

App Features

mobisoft photoguru app features
  • Easy uploading in multiple scenarios: Enabling uploading images to the server considering all possible scenarios (Internet failure, device switched off etc)
  • Easy user access from anywhere: All photo stories organized in one place easily accessible to users from anywhere - HDTV, computer, phone or tablet.
  • Album caching: Allowing users to view new albums in quick time by caching all albums retrieved from APIs
  • Swipe to select images: This overrides the limitations of the ‘list’ and makes the app user friendly
  • Secure storage: All photo stories in a private archive on Amazon’s secure cloud forever
  • Easy sharing: Users can share their photo stories privately or on social media and can download them on to a computer or mobile device

The App at a Glance

The PhotoGurus app allows users to get stunning, custom designed photo stories of all their important and memorable photo events. It allows them to just upload photos without sorting, organizing or editing, all through a mobile app. This app is a medium to fetch photos from end users.

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