Pocket DACA

An app to educate and help young US immigrants about Deferred Action for childhood arrivals program

Did you understand what 'DACA' meant?

Like you, even we did not, and many more said the same.

Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program provides temporary protection from deportation and work authorization for young Americans who were brought to the U.S. as children, and who had lived there for five years before June 15, 2013. Through DACA, the Department of Homeland Security

(DHS) is granting two-year renewable reprieves from deportation to eligible young immigrants who meet certain criteria. The policy allows approximately 1.6 million undocumented immigrant youth living in the U.S. to apply for a work permit and get a social security number.

Doing it for a cause

Mobisoft Infotech joined forces with

Mobisoft Aila
Mobisoft Imigration Advocate
Mobisoft American immigration council
Mobisoft probono.net

We started with an aim to help the tech savvy generation of immigrants, better understand 'DACA', their requirements, locate legal help and connect with other applicants to learn their experiences and concerns.

It is our proud CSR activity!!

Mobisoft Pocket DACA
Mobisoft Pocket DACA
Mobisoft Pocket DACA


We started with the name 'AILA'. Brainstorming and User Centric knowledge drove us to choose 'Pocket DACA'. As the name suggests, it is an app for 'DACA' in your pocket.

Can it be any simpler?

Mobisoft Pocket DACA Prototype
Mobisoft Pocket DACA Wireframe
Mobisoft Pocket DACA Final Product
Final Product

Design Process

We have kept the app simple and user-focused. User experience and engagement ruled our design philosophy. Enhancements with animation and effects served to augment user engagement.

Pocket Daca Mobile App

App Features

  • DACA Screening: This is one of the most important features of the app. It allows users to conduct a self-screening process to find out whether they meet the DACA criteria
  • Legal Help: Using user location and zip code, users can locate the nearest Help Center and can contact them for further details and clarity
  • DACA News: The latest to-the-minute updates on DACA laws
  • DACA Poll: Users can take the Poll. This is used as feedback to upgrade the app
  • Resources: Links and information on all things important to DACA
DACA mobile application

App at a glance

Pocket DACA is a free mobile app that allows young immigrants to have all important DACA information, updates, a self-screening feature and FAQs at the touch of a finger.

The scales tilt in favor of a native app over a cross-platform app to achieve better cost-design harmony. Robust back-end architecture was created to support multiple workflows and dynamic UI rendering. An API was scripted for this app, which enabled user-interface and new questions to be rendered at run time

Pocket DACA is available in English and Spanish versions


KEANE AWARD for excellence in e-Lawyering

KEANE AWARD for excellence in e-Lawyering recognizes IAN's work using technology to broaden access to justice and reduce barriers faced by vulnerable communities with the help of Pocket DACA.