TeamFunded is an innovative mobile-first digital solution engineered to revolutionize fundraising for sports teams of high schools and colleges. It streamlines the fundraising process, obviating the need for physical cash transactions or product sales. The online fundraising platform emerges as a valuable tool for institutions seeking financial support for their various sports endeavors.

This case study delves into the successful development and implementation of a cutting-edge mobile-first digital fundraising platform designed for our esteemed client in the USA. They identified the need to modernize the approach to sports fundraising. Seeking to enhance the overall experience for supporters and athletes alike, they envisioned an intuitive, secure, and engaging platform that would facilitate easy and dynamic participation in online fundraising campaigns.

The Need for Change

Educational institutions in the USA encounter challenges in raising funds or soliciting donations for their sports programs due to outdated, cumbersome manual processes and inefficient fundraising approaches. Additionally, they struggle to engage with donors as well as their wider audience effectively. Their lack of adaptability to the evolving digital sphere makes it difficult to track the progress of their fundraising efforts. Recognizing these concerns, the emergence of TeamFunded was a response to the need for a modern, accessible, and mobile-first digital solution. There is a pressing need for:


To streamline fundraising methods and adapt to digital preferences for tech-savvy users.

Engagement Enhancement

To bridge the gap between institutions and their communities for increased involvement.

Data-Driven Approach

To obtain insights for informed decision-making and strategy refinement.

Solution: The Power of TeamFunded

Our team collaborated closely with the client to conceptualize, design, develop, and launch an innovative custom app solution for sports team fundraising online endeavors. It was intended to empower individual sports teams with a user-friendly interface, facilitating streamlined fundraising online campaigns through smartphones. Its key features enable institutions to manage campaigns, track donations, and engage with donors through an easy-to-access interface via web and mobile devices.

sports fundraising app

Mobile App for Athletes

This sports fundraising app allows elementary school students/athletes to participate in fundraising campaigns. They can create their profiles, share donation links, track progress, earn prizes, and view the leaderboard.

sports fundraising app

Web App for Coaches

This mobile-responsive interface helps coaches manage fundraising campaigns for their teams. They can create and manage campaigns, add participants, track progress, and view analytics and reports.

sports fundraising app

Web and Mobile App for Donors

This interface enables donors to make secure donations to fundraising campaigns. They can view details of a campaign shared by students, make donations using various payment methods, and share on social media.

sports fundraising app

Web App for Admin

This interface helps administrators manage the entire sports fundraising program. They can manage user accounts (institution, coach, students), create new campaigns, edit prize tiers, monitor performance metrics, generate reports, and manage payments and refunds.

Key Features Redefining the Fundraising Experience

Mobile-Centric Accessibility

On-the-go fundraising is accessible anytime, anywhere for participants across devices.

Gamification Elements

Rewards for different milestones to make the fundraising experience interactive.

Direct Donation Management

Focused solely on securing direct digital donations.

Multi-Platform Streamlined Sharing /Easy Fundraising

Participants can send donation links through easy sharing options via emails, texts, and social media platforms.

Track Progress with Analytics

Admin can gain insights into fundraising progress and donations received by each participant.

Reward System / Exciting Prizes

A range of prizes for participants to choose from to make their fundraising experience rewarding.

Key Technical Implementations

The web app and mobile app development process of TeamFunded involved a few technical aspects as listed below for a seamless user experience across the touchpoints.

Secure Payment Gateways

Robust security measures for safe digital transactions.

Custom Analytics Implementation

Implementation of robust data analytics to track fundraising metrics.

Gamified Rewards Setup

Incentivizing engagement through a structured rewards system.


TeamFunded App successfully transformed sports fundraising processes for our client, driving engagement among athletes, coaches, alumni, and supporters. The app's seamless accessibility, convenience, and functionality to communicate via texts, emails, and social media led to a surge in digital donations, surpassing previous fundraising milestones. Moreover, centralized tracking provided a comprehensive view of fundraising progress and donor engagement. As a result, the mobile-first digital transformation empowered our client to make informed decisions for future sports fundraising campaigns more effectively.

Embrace the Mobile-First Approach and Deliver Immersive, Impactful, and User-centric Experiences!

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