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Comprehensive solutions to manage golf tournament of any sizes

Striker Golf GPS is the most interactive and socially engaging Golf App in the market. Striker Golf GPS offers a wide range of advanced features that will make every golf game more enjoyable and rewarding. With integrated live scoring, GPS, and statistics, golfers can take their game to the next level. The Striker Golf GPS app integrates with the Striker Golf website where golfers can set up their next golf tournament or outing, print reports of stats and scores, and challenge their friends to an upcoming golf game. (Striker Golf GPS is currently available for U.S. golf courses only.)

The MOGIC (Mobisoft Logic)

Our Approach

There was no comprehensive database available for Golf Course listing as well as their internal GPS mapping. We helped identify 2 data sources related to Golf Courses. One provided the list of all US Golf Courses and the other had the internal GPS mapping of holes related to each database. We merged the 2 databases to form a combined source for locating Golf Courses and implementing rangefinder for them using the GPS coordinates for the holes. There were many discrepancies in the GPS data which were resolved to include the holes which were unaccounted for.


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Design Process

The app is simple and user-focused. User experience and engagement ruled our design philosophy. Enhancements with animation and effects served to augment user engagement.

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Final Product

Mobile App

Features of mobile app subtitle

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GPS warm up

We perform GPS warm up to get better accuracy before a user opens the map screen for the first time. This enables us to use accurate data right from the start.


Optimize the usage pattern: we identified the device usage pattern of golfers, and we regularly switched off the GPS when users do not require GPS location.

vital statistics

Striker Golf GPS allows players to easily maintain their vital statistics to improve their game. Maintaining statistics is made easy with our efficient tracker.

Web App

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Live Scoring For College Golf

Striker Golf GPS offers live scoring for College Golf Practice Rounds and Tournaments using iPhone and Android Mobile App and Web-Based Leaderboards. Volunteers or individual players can enter scores directly onto the mobile app or onto the web. Coaches, fans, friends, family and tournament administrators can follow the team and individual on the Live Leaderboards with ease, hole by hole, from either the golf course, home, or directly on their mobile app. If you have a large screen television in the clubhouse, you may easily connect a computer, iPhone, or iPad to the television and share the experience.

Charity Golf Tournaments

For the first time, charity golfers will be able to interact and network before, during, AND after a tournament round. How many of us have played in a tournament where we don’t know anyone, where we don’t have the opportunity to network with anyone except for the 3 other members of your foursome, and never interact with any of the other charity members you have a membership with until possibly the following year. Charity members can now stay in touch and network throughout the year and possibly during another tournament.

Ideal for Coaches and Instructors

Striker Golf provides a variable statistics tracking feature designed to meet the needs of every golfer, from novice to pro. It will effortlessly adjust to the level of detail you want to track. Principle statistical variables include your average score, numbers of putts per round, percentage of Greens in Regulation, percentage of par saves, percentage of drives that drift left, right, or right on, and much more.

Tournament Creation

The app is a break-through concept that can help create and manage a tournament, bring people with the same likes and interest together and also work on all the criteria that aids in accomplishing a successful tournament.