• Swept: is a mobile system for cleaning companies that offers more than just back office solutions; we improve the way your company interacts with your team and your clients using innovative mobile features. Managing your business will never be easier and your clients will never be more satisfied.

Challenge RX

  • World's first crossfit platform that builds competition and a sense of passion to be one up among your workout circle, which further tests your limits and brings out the best in you.


Initiate a talk with the guy/girl you secretly admire

  • UCrush is a dating app that gives way to strangers in the same city, college or university to kick off a chat.
  • Features include realtime chat, location tracking, exciting look and feel, and cool themes that change with time.

Tube Alert

Never miss your favorite YouTube videos

  • Tube Alert is the world's first to notify users on their mobile device when their favorite YouTubers upload a video!
  • Key Features include favorite YouTubers list, search, like / dislike videos, view channel statistics, multiple language support and more!

Board  Brief

Revolutionizing Boardroom Discussions and Decisions

  • Board Brief is a new approach to engage customers and provide them with real-time, customized industry insights and financial information.
  • Board members get access to articles, insights, benchmarks, and category news specifically tailored to their company.
  • Key Features include offline access to documents, secure encrypted login, stock ticker and more!

Striker Golf GPS

Social Mobile Platform for Golfers to Interact

  • Striker Golf GPS provides GPS tracking, scoreboards, tournament creation, rangefinders, and social features at one location.
  • Key features include Live Scoring, Automated Golf Scoring, Leaderboards and much more!

Savi Tablet

Senior-Friendly Tablet from Mobisoft Infotech and SEI-TEK

  • Tablet designed specifically for seniors that incorporate applications they would use, health monitoring and security solutions.
  • Tablet has a larger screen and fewer but larger icons for the apps, a high-contrast color scheme and easy-to-use interface. Apps include email, calendar, camera, pictures, games, movies, texting, and more!


Perfect Companion for Shooters

  • App for long range shooters, competitive shooters and people looking for an interactive and entertaining shooting experience.
  • Key features include shot recognition, multiple users, multiple cameras, social sharing, click snapshots / record and much more!

People Power

Mobile Energy Management

  • People Power app helps people save power and is the easiest way to start managing energy to save money while cutting energy waste.
  • Users can connect the app with devices that allow them to monitor and control their electricity spend by being eco-friendly.
  • Users can view their energy usage on the energy dashboards.

Receipt Royalty

Price Protection for Customers

  • Customer Loyalty Program includes a price protection feature! If an item purchased goes on sale within the return period, money is refunded back to user's account.
  • Users keep track of their purchase receipts through the phone's camera or by integrating directly with the POS systems.
  • Users can view earned refunds and redeem them through standard store systems.


Locate Parties and Meet Friends

  • With PartyBuzz, one can search for a party anywhere in the world, check the attendees, set calendar alerts, and get directions using an internal GPS system.
  • Other key features include create and manage parties, upload photos, chat with people at the party, and much more!


Smart Way to Manage Salons and Spas

  • Virtual iTouch Salon and Spa is a simple and innovative approach for managing and running salons or spas.
  • Key features include stylist management, inventory management, appointments, billing, credit card reader integration, payroll, training classes, reporting, etc.

Pocket DACA

DACA Information at Young Immigrants' Fingertips

  • Pocket DACA provides information, resources and tools to help individuals understand and apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
  • Key features include interactive screening tool, latest news, local legal help, polls and much more!
  • Developed by the Immigration Advocates Network, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and American Immigration Council.


Live Interactive Gamer Buddy

  • View when friends are online on both Xbox Live and The Playstation Network.
  • View what games friends are currently playing and ability to message in real time.
  • Key features include search gamertag, live alerts, sms messaging, etc.

Scene Tap

Where should we Party tonight?

  • View how many people are at a venue, the male to female ratio, the average age of everyone inside, along with bar specials, events, social commentary, etc.
  • Key features include ratings, real time notifications, social forums and much more!

Jury Star

Jury Selection app featured in American Lawyer magazine

  • Nominated as a 2012 & 2013 Best Trial Prep iPad App by The National Law Journal.
  • JuryStar offers a total replacement to the traditional juror assessment system, making it far easier to manage the jury selection process and to make the best possible strike decisions.


Experience New Cities like a Local

  • Ulocal is all about connecting with locals to find the best food, fun and culture in any city you visit!
  • Key features include free in-app messaging and calling worldwide, discovering real-time events and much more!


Location based Social Media App

  • coubiq helps people connect better with other local people, places and things and everybody to local businesses.
  • coubiq motivates people to experience more around them by rewarding both the shopper and retailer.
  • Key features include real time chat, music streaming, buy / sell items and much more!


Health and Fitness Social Networking for Pets

  • Petmobi helps owners set their pet's weight loss or maintenance goals, track daily calorie intake from thousands of pet foods, record exercise and track progress over time.
  • Social network for pets as pet owners can share what their pets are up to, connect with friends, and more.

Share Your Fit

Referral Marketing System

  • Cutting edge referral marketing system which can be integrated with gyms.
  • Enables gyms generate steady flow of qualified leads.


Organize your digital photo clutter

  • PhotoGurus custom designs stunning digital photo stories with literally zero effort from users.
  • With this solution, no more sorting or selecting photos and no more complicated software for organizing your photos.

Home Cooks

Home Cooks Application is the first homemade dishes social app where cooks can showcase images of various food offerings they are capable of preparing themselves for commercial return.

  • Features include: Share your cooking skills, Sell your dishes,Social with friend,Authentic homemade dishes,Search dishes nearby,Filter desired dishes,Notification center


World’s first all-in-one organizer application

  • Becoming Your Best is the world’s first all-in-one organizer that includes, calendar, to-do list, notes, planner, and goal tracker. The motto of the app, “Get More Out of Life” is quite apt as it helps people manage their time and be organized in their professional as well as personal lives. It helps and aids them do the things that has been on their wish list for long, making them happier and more accomplished as an individual.

Fluid Service Technologies

Introducing TechTool, the best new mobile app to monitor fluids!

  • With TechTool, you can easily monitor critical fluids and enhance the fluid performance as well as extend the fluid life. It helps technicians and customers optimize their machining processes by enabling users to manage data from anywhere in the facility by simply using an iPhone or iPad.